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Welcome to the CWCipedia
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Every Sunday, an article will be featured - either a newly written article, an updated article, or a throwback article.
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Barbara Anne Weston Chandler (born 1 October 1941) is the widow of Bob Chandler and the mother of Christian Weston Chandler and Cole Smithey. The sole recognition for her motherly qualities is the Mother of the Year 2000 Award Chris created for her. She has not won the award since.


Christian Says

Hey, everyone: I have a word of the day for you all: “Freshappl” (fre, shap, pul).

It means a sudden change in the present universe, dimension, and/or timeline. example: “I went to the store and bought a bag of apples, and on the way home, it became a bag of oranges. I went through a freshappl as I distinctively and actively remember buying apples and not oranges.”

Chris making up a new word.

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