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YouTube's official (and very appropriate) response to many of Chris's videos
Chris's original YouTube channel, after it was hacked.

YouTube is the primary arena in the online world of Christian Weston Chandler, who has occasionally called it "the YouTube". Although his website may get hacked and Encyclopedia Dramatica might crash and 110mb will suck balls, is always up and operational, and, up until his "final departure from the Internet" in 2010, Chris was always producing new Captain's Log videos and reacting to the videos of his friends and enemies.

For Chris, YouTube is not merely a way to post videos dedicated to his alleged adoring fanbase and issue broad condemnations of trolling; it is also a communication channel. Chris has posted several videos on his YouTube channel that he apparently believes will be only viewed by the people he addressed the videos to – and that they'll view the video even when they haven't been made aware of Chris's channel. He has addressed individual trolls, individual alleged fans, sweethearts and especially former sweethearts, journalists[1] and TV shows[2][3], local business managers[4] and other people within driving distance of his house. As of 2009, Chris is wary of email and other text-based forms of communication, having been burned by alleged sweethearts who turned out to have pickles. In order to satisfy his ever-inflating ego, he searches videos labeled "Chris-chan".

There's a certain beauty to the way Chris's videos are displayed to the world: The videos he wants the world to see end up on YouTube. The videos he reconsiders and deletes also end up on YouTube. The videos he sends privately to trusted gal pals end up on YouTube. The videos he makes depicting himself in the nude usually get taken down from YouTube, but that's what SlutLoad is for. A high priority among the internet bullies is to archive every video Chris has ever made, which is fairly challenging since Chris will often DELETE ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING when he thinks he's embarrassed himself or left himself open to attack.

Luckily, Arjen Van Dierten archived them on his YouTube account for prosperity of future lulz. As he has retired from this duty, TheCWCvilleLibrary (and several unrelated YouTubers) save Chris's videos for future generations.

Video quality (or lack thereof)

Main article: Chris and cinematography
C'mon! You can TOTALLY see his face!

When viewing one of Chris's videos, one of the first things the viewer will notice is the excruciatingly poor quality of his video. One of his major flaws as a cameraman is lighting; any amateur cinematographer would know that if he's recording a video indoors, he would turn the lights on, but Chris doesn't adhere to this basic rule. As a result, almost all videos recorded indoors have a sickly greenish-yellow tinge to them. Also, due to this, almost every video suffers from blurriness thanks to the lack of proper lighting.

Whenever Chris is recording, he seems to fail to grasp the basic object of "focus"; to make sure that the camera is appropriately trained on whatever it is he is trying to film. As such, whenever he is filming, he is often way out of center. It also doesn't help that he often adjusts the camera angle without regards to what his audience will see, which means that you can't even see what it is he's filming. For a very good example, when Chris was gloating about the picture of Clyde Cash he had found online, he was holding it far too close to the camera's lens, so that you never really do get to look at the picture as a whole.

Chris also seems to lack any basic video editing skills, be it pre- or post-production. Whenever he needs to put text in a video, he chooses to write it down on a piece of paper and record it with his camera. Almost any basic video editing software, even Windows Movie Maker, has an option to display computer-generated text within the video and in the occasions that he needs to insert a TV clip, he instead opts to record directly from the TV screen, even though it would be far more prudent to insert the clips in via editing.[5]

What makes this all pathetic is that Chris chooses to blame these flaws on his equipment, when anyone as devoted to video blogging as himself would choose a far superior and more devoted option than the PSEye camera, and buy the basic essentials such as a tripod, as well as some decent video editing software such as Sony Vegas. But that would leave him without money to spend on other things.

Chris's YouTube accounts

Sonichu (May 2007 - September 2008)

Chris's ORIGINAL and OFFICIAL YouTube account was Sonichu, created on 08 May 2007. The account originally served to host the trailer for his DVD, his Future Message, and the clips of himself on the evening news.

Following his discovery of the ED page in November 2007, Chris began using the account to post videos arguing against ED's Laughs Under Lucricities, and by August 2008 it had become the base of operations for his war against all of ED. The Sonichu account was hacked during a massive ED counteroffensive on 11 September; Chris deleted the account, apparently hoping to escape from the trolls under a new username.

CChan6789 (September 2008 - March 2009)

Chris created CChan6789 on 18 September 2008, and abandoned it on 30 March 2009. This account saw many of the most famous and classic Chris-chan moments, including him crashing into slumber and raging at Clyde Cash for the first time. Amazingly, CChan6789 remains open with several videos still intact. According to his talks with Jackie, the only reason this account was lost was because Chris lost his password and he didn't realize that there's a password recovery function.

CChanSonichu (April 2009 - July 2009)

Although Chris abandoned CChan6789 with the intent of preventing the trolls from having new footage to mock him with, Chris returned with CChanSonichu on 09 April 2009. This account saw even more classic Chris moments, such as him admitting to drinking his jizz. The account was hacked on 05 June 2009, although Chris subsequently regained access and posted three insulting and threatening videos which caused the account to be suspended on 11 July.

IBAChandler (July 2009 - August 2009)

Rather than attempt to reactivate CChanSonichu or simply reuse CChan6789, Chris immediately created IBAChandler on 11 July 2009. This new username confused many faggots, requiring Chris to slowly explain thousands of times that "IBAChandler" is a pun meaning "I be a Chandler," as in "I, Christian, am one of the Chandlers."

Chris's initial use of the IBAChandler account was to post a video with his new look, claiming he was and had always been a troll posing as an autistic manchild. This resulted in the narrative that the owner of IBAChandler was an impostor named Ian Brandon Anderson, and that CChanSonichuCWC was in fact the TRUE and HONEST Christian Weston Chandler.

ChristianWChandler (August 2009 - present)

To dispel the claims he's Ian Brandon Anderson, Chris made a new account, ChristianWChandler, which makes it clear (or so he believes) that he is Christian Weston Chandler. There is, however, no proof that he ever worked as a sacristan, or any other type of a Christian WC handler.

On 22 November 2010, Chris uploaded a video in which he announces his departure from the Internet again. After uploading this video, Chris removed all his other videos from his ChristianWChandler account, not to update again for little more than 2/3 of a year. However, after a string of blackmail videos, Chris's account was stricken again.

ClydeGreggCashMays (October 2009 - November 2009)

Apparently very vaguely aware that YouTube accounts that are used for blackmailing people tend to get shut down, Chris created ClydeGreggCashMays to post his blackmail videos of Clyde Cash, so that in the unlikely event of YouTube noticing these prohibited activities, his main account won't get shut down. However, due to the fact that Chris's blackmailing scheme lacked any chance of success in the first place, nobody gave a damn. (The first time YouTube actually reacted to Chris's TOS violations happened over year and a half later, during his second blackmail saga - and Chris posted these videos on his bright and shiny and law-abiding ChristianWChandler account.)

CWCvilleProductions (August 2011 - present)

Operated by a third party, CWCvilleProductions emerged in late August 2011 as a result of Chris being banned from Youtube.

CwcvilleGuardian (February 2012 - present)

While CwcvilleGuardian was initally created by Chris to post a comment, it has since primarily been used to favorite My Little Pony videos, Lego related animation, clips from The Simpsons, video games, and his own videos.

Curiously, he has added several videos from TheCWCvilleLibrary in his playlists, ignoring how their titles openly mock him. Even more curiously, he has also added several videos from the PONY.MOV collection, videos he claimed were responsible for killing his inspiration for drawing more Sonichu. He has subscribed to Michael Snyder's YouTube account, ultimately proving that he will never be able to forget his petty, one-sided grudge against this man, even after nearly going to jail over this obsesion.

For almost two years, no videos were uploaded. However, on 5 November 2013, he uploaded his first video under the CWCVilleGuardian username and his first since the end of the Tomgirl Saga: CWC Lego Manchester High School Oct 18 2013. Later, on 4 October 2014, Chris uploaded a video titled I Love You, Catherine, revealing the possible name of his anonymous sweetheart.

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