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Max and Abejita, the two curators.

TheCWCvilleLibrary was a YouTube account that began as the final project of the now-retired Arjen Van Dierten when Chris's antics drove Arjen to Valhalla.

The Library was last run by The Curators, led by head curator Abejita Cortez (a frantic Guatemalan), after the first head curator, Max Milvania, found himself in trouble with authorities back in the former Soviet state of Georgia for his involvement with Georgia's breakaway Republic of Molvanîa; he was since re-instated as a Curator that handled uploading things when the head curator was out.

The confines of the Library contained everything Arjen (and now The Curators) has ever archived of Christian from the latest and not-so-greatest to a few rare gems.

In December 2015, TheCWCvilleLibrary was unexpectedly terminated, leaving thousands of Chris videos being taken down for good, including many that haven't been reuploaded. However, it appears to been resurrected in June 2016, leaking out Stephanie Bustcakes.


Arjen's modest CWC video mirror channel would become the ultimate repository for all Chris-related videos.

Initially, Chris blocked comments and ratings on his entries and deleted his videos at whim, forcing the patriotic Arjen to post mirrors of deleted CWC videos on YouTube with annotations for our lulz. At some point around the end of 2008, Chris allowed comments, but he continued deleting his videos with little or no warning. Ironically, he kept that gay-bashing video, just to show everyone his apology for making it was insincere.


On 14 June 2009, Arjen's final project, TheCWCvilleLibrary, received the last (at that point) 69 videos from his solo account. When Chris uploaded two new videos later that night, they went straight into the Library, bypassing the solo account entirely. Arjen then changed his profile to read "The Pool is Closed," and he then explained the existence and purpose of the Library to both ED and /cwc/, lest anyone believe it was yet just another person trying to steal Arjen's thunder.

Two weeks later, AVD posted what would be his final missive[1] to both Chris and the Internet.

After Chris quit the Internet and deleted almost all of his videos on 22 November 2010, TheCWCvilleLibrary remained the only online source for earlier Chris-Chan videos that haven't been mirrored to death by other users, and from 27 July 2011 the only source for Liquid videos as well.

Although Chris returned to the internet again in August 2011, some of Chris's videos were flagged and taken down for hate speech. These videos were only available on TheCWCvilleLibrary.


In December 2015, TheCWCvilleLibrary was unexpectedly terminated on YouTube. It is unknown why this is the case but some suspect this was likely the work of weens flagging some of the channel's videos. Luckily, the mirror on the Internet Archive remains online, available to all who are curious about the manchild.

The channel also has a spiritual successor, The CWCville Auditorium, which is currently archiving all of Chris's videos on YouTube.[2]

TheCWCvilleLibrary appears to have been resuscitated in June 2016 bringing us Stephanie Bustcakes.


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