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Funny, a Shiny Sonichu is White.
-Chris on Twitter[1]
Sonichu character
Date of birth Late December 2017 (in universe)

No later than 26 January 2018 (IRL)

Gender Female (Implied to be Trans)
Species Shiny Sonichu (Electric Hedgehog Pokémon)
Length 5'4" (163 cm) [?]
Weight 120 lbs (54 kg) [?]
Type Electric[2]
Evolves from Sonee
Evolves into ?

Perceptor is a shiny, female (born as a male Sonichu before being forcibly turned into a transwoman by a Nazi scientist), asexual Sonichu that was probably created by the Idea Guys to use as another RP character to convince Chris that Nazis were invading CWCville, although the extent of their involvement is uncertain. She is also another lazy recolor whose personality boils down to "smart' and nothing else that Chris make up the lore on spot. She was initially believed to be a new member of the Chaotic Combo, but Chris implied that this wasn't the case in Discord Q&A 5.


Perceptor Sonichu's egg was created in 2003 and sent through time by the Chaotic Rainbow to 2017. She appeared in front of Mewtwo and Magi-Chan, and was raised by them. Somehow, through their psychic powers, they taught Perceptor all conceivable knowledge. After completing her education, Preceptor made it her mission to teach her knowledge to dumb people worldwide. This, of course, excludes Chris' enemies and all that seek to troll him. She also hunts Nazis that have invaded CWCville, and had her body experimented on at some point by the Idea Guys.


Perceptor has the totally achievable IQ of 500, which is even higher than the 300 IQ of Eggman in Sonichu Canon. She holds immunity to any mental or emotional manipulation, as well as deceptions and trickery. The irony of this was lost on Chris. Also, she has the power to disable any Nazi Technology and defeat any superhuman Nazi. As previously mentioned, this relates to issue #13 of Sonichu, or The Awakening of a CPU, where they invade CWCville and threaten to blow it up with a laser on the moon. Perceptor, while not seen in the Sonichu comics, can combat the Nazis with her power.

Transcription of Backstory Page

Perceptor Sonichu

(Shiny, Female Sonichu)

Type: Electric

Ability: Inner Focus

"Reason, Emotion, and Sound Intelligence" by Mewtwo and Magi-Chan Sonichu

January 13, 2018

Christine W. Chandler

The Egg appearing, From The Chaotic Rainbow of 2003, late December, 2017, in front of Magi-Chan and Mewtwo, the two of them Fully, Swiftly, and Effectively, raise Miss Perceptor Sonichu to be the most intelligent of Everyone Else of the Sonichu and Rosechu kind. After learning everything there is to know from her psychic mentors, Perceptor's Mission is to Inspire, Teach and encourage Sound Reason and Thinking in Everyone who is dumb, Except Any and All of our Enemies. And, by my Powers, Miss Perceptor Sonichu will help wiht Great Thought and Reasoning, Take out Every Single Nazi in the worlds, as well as open Every Good Person and Individual's Eyes to the Nazi's Deceptions and Manipulations, Remotely, with Magi-Chan's, Mewtwo's, and my personal help and aid. Perceptor also will be able to work around All Lightning Rods, and Best Disable Every Single Piece of Nazi Technology, Equipment, and Every Single Superhuman Nazi as well. Perceptor is also Self-Conscious, Very Well-Educated by Magi-Chan and Mewtwo, and blessed to be immune to all mental and emotional manipulations and deceptions and trickery. And, Miss Perceptor Sonichu is Not Interested Whatsoever to Sex and impulses of the flesh and hormones. Perceptor NEVER EVER Fells Horny.