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The works of Christian Weston Chandler in general, and Sonichu in particular, are like the Voynich manuscript–at once both fascinating and utterly incomprehensible. You look at it casually thinking "Well, how hard could it be to figure it out?" And then you run into something like this and you realize that you will never understand what goes on in Mr. Chandler's brain, and that this is more [than] just some random simpleton on the internet.
The author on the reasons for analyzing Sonichu.[1]

The Annotated Sonichu is a Tumblr blog that provides a page-by-page analysis of Sonichu. The analysis began on the first of December 2011 with Sonichu #0, and ended with the first Sub-Episode of Sonichu #4 on 7 August 2012. An unofficial continuation of this blog can be found here.


The Annotated Sonichu describes Sonichu as a "semi-autobiographical comic". Every page of the comic is transcripted and given a detailed, in-depth description that can range from a single sentence to several paragraphs. A number of them require background knowledge of the events in the author's life, and, as such, have a limited rundown of the real-life events that caused them. Compared to other reviews of Sonichu, such as Vivian's commentary in the Audiobooks, The Annotated Sonichu is relatively unbiased and has one of the most neutral tones in the Sonichu interpretive community.

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