Hasbro! MLP G4 Must Continue; NO MLP G5

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This is an official command from your CPU Blue Heart
Chris, addressing Hasbro.
The Reboot will ONLY just Kill the timeline of ours that will simply stifle the originals’ growth, as well as throw Both of or dimensions into a chaos that must never ever take place, @Hasbro.
Chris on Twitter

On 13 August 2018, Chris uploaded Hasbro! MLP G4 Must Continue; NO MLP G5. Here, he addresses Earth 1218 (what he believes to be the designation of our universe),[1] stating that he has divined the future, and is highly concerned about its prospects. He says his fears have been confirmed by conversing with several cartoon characters.

In reality, Chris is probably just disheartened about rumors[2] he's heard about a possible new incarnation of the My Little Pony show. Remember, Chris believes cartoons are real. So to him, any story changes would mean real-world consequences for beings he believe to exist in other realities; and the discontinuation of a cartoon series would result in the perpetual stagnation of its world, or possibly its demise.


Hasbro! MLP G4 Must Continue; NO MLP G5!
Stardate 13 August 2018
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Chris Chan Boasting About Celebrity Status


Heed Our Warning, Hasbro! Applejack MUST become an Alicorn Princess, and Twilight must NEVER become an Earth Pony!


Hey there everybody this is Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again. People of Earth 1218 heed my warning! Spoiler alert, I have seen the future and I had to prevent it!

Princess Twilight Sparkle was about to upgrade Applejack to alicorn status by-c-by order of Princess Celestia. Because a-Applejack is gonna come upon her own magic in a few days. But it backfires and instead of Applejack becoming alicorn, period, Twilight's Wings get put onto Pinkie Pie and Twilight's horn gets onto Fluttershy and it's just no GOOOOOOD, and that's how we end up with that FRICKIN' G5!

We must prevent this! This is not gonna work out and I have foreseen this. This is very, very bad. So I had just confirmed with Twilight and Princess Celestia as well and... Celestia and I are in agreement as she has seen the future as well... We must prevent this G5 mistake from ever happening. And yes, G4 will continue... Applejack is the next alicorn princess and she must become that without flaw. And so Celestia will take it upon herself to... upgrade Applejack as well.

But anyway. Heed my word, Hasbro! And everybody on the MLP show! Generation 5 must NEVER HAPPEN! And G4 must have at least 5 more seasons. And Applejack will become an Alicorn princess...

Heed this! Heed our warning! This is an official command from your CPU Blue Heart in agreement with Princess Celestia of Equestria all of which in our sister dimension.

[nods, pauses]

Thank you.


Prior to making the video, Chris began his rant on Twitter:

Everyone of Earth 1218! I have an announcement!

I have seen a future that we must prevent: My Little Pony Generation Five.

Spoiler Alert: Princess Twilight Sparkle was prompted to promote Applejack to become an Alicorn Princess, but in doing so, the spell backfires and then we end up with... THIS!

Twilight becoming an Earth Pony (SIMPLY UNFORGIVABLE!), and the horns and wings being lost and swapped between Twilight, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy.

I just did a reset to prevent that from happening. Celestia will take it upon herself to promote Applejack, because she Will be doing something that brings the magic out of her, like it did Cadence and Twilight. AJ’s Promotion needs to happen; she becomes the next Alicorn Princess by Celestia’s Power; Twilight and the others remain as they are, and G4 continues on. Generation Five Must Not Happen!

Listen up, @Hasbro and @HasbroNews , because I HAVE The Power and Link to our Sister Dimension, and I have seen it too.


CONTINUE My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic for at least Five More Seasons, @Hasbro and @HasbroNews !

Our Matching Futures are at Stake Here! I, your CPU Blue Heart Commands it so as well, in agreement with Princess Celestia.

Please, Heed Our Warning!

Thank You.

A fan asked:

What allows you to enter into these sister dimensions? And can you only enter them?

Chris answered:

Psychic Links. Everyone in this world has at minimum a .01% Power that links y’all, respectively, with at least your counterpart in our sister dimension; the Power is stronger in artists, authors and creators. But mine is Stonger amongst the Very Few of us here.

A fan said:

1st. Remember hwo you don't wanna reboot Sonichu? This is a reboot, not a sequel 2nd. Why 5 seasons? there's already been a lot. and no show with inifnite seasons ever gets good after the first 3-5 ones

Chris answered:

You do not understand our sister dimension, as well as the inhabitants that occupy it and thereabouts. Reboots HURT the original very bad. Reboots stunts Growth of the Original.

And why at least five seasons? Because there is not only a lot more to Equestria than meets the eye, and, the rest of the Mane Six are destined to join Princess Twilight and the soon-to-be Princess of Honesty, Applejack, as Alicorns, themselves during that time frame.

Their Stories MUST be told and continued. The Reboot will ONLY just Kill the timeline of ours that will simply stifle the originals’ growth, as well as throw Both of or dimensions into a chaos that must never ever take place, @Hasbro.

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