Sonichu 17

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This comic is currently in-progress and/or online in draft form only. Pages may be uncolored or missing.
Ohhh! There will be retcons!
Comic Chris, cover page
Sonichu #17
Sonichu - Issue 17, Cover.jpg
Cover Date: 1 April 2018
Page Count: ?
Sonichu Comics
Sonichu #16

Sonichu #17 is an unreleased issue of the Sonichu comic series. To date, only the cover has been released. The cover art date suggests the book was conceptualized during the Idea Guys saga, and the cover artwork features the polyamorous marriage which they brainwashed into Chris.

In a chat with the Idea Guys, Chris said, "Sonichu insulted my Chronicler Laws I wrote last night and earlier today. I had written 15 Unbreakable Laws. And they’re part of Sonichu 17. [...] [Sonichu], Magi-Chan and I were going to time-travel and make the past details right for our Nation, in mutual decisions between the three of us."[1]

Due to Chris's recent legal troubles, it's pretty clear that this issue will not be completed anytime soon.