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Welcome to the CWCki!
The encyclopedia about Christian Weston Chandler .
We currently have 1,918 articles...and counting!
*Any names, or persons, discussed in this wiki,
that may seem similar to anyone in real life,
are purely coincidental, or otherwise parodic.*

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Da Update


It is currently January 2019.

For all current updates about Chris, visit the Kiwi Farms.

Presently, the CWCki lacks enough editors to maintain all of its updates, leading to "Da Update" being discontinued on 11 October 2018. Articles are still updated when possible by the remaining editors. Unfortunately, registration for new users has been disabled since 21 August 2018, due to abuse from spambots.

Quote of the Now

I had a difficult time finding a sharp quality photo of me from 2009, but I managed. Seriously; this is like an Apples to Oranges Comparison! I was soo geeky, and naive (as much as I loathe that word), back then. #2009vs2019challenge


—Chris in 2009 compared to Chris today

Begging Counter

If you are considering donating to Chris, please keep in mind that he lies about needing money.

For example, in October 2018, he claimed that his mother and pets would starve if no one donated, and then bought several video games.

Two weeks later, he claimed that he couldn't afford cat medicine, so a fan organized a fundraising effort to ship medicine directly to Chris, over Chris protesting that he would prefer money, only to find out from Chris's vet that Chris already had the medicine in his possession.

Chris was sued for debt by Second Round Sub LLC and owes $2,476.63. He was also sued by Midland Funding for the same reason, and owes $2,777.90 to them.
  • It has been 14 days since Chris begged for money.
  • It has been 170 days since Chris uploaded pages to meet his paid obligations to the Sonichu comic.

Article of the Now

Cwc brony babe.jpg

#BronyBabes is a Twitter hashtag campaign which began trending in early January 2019 with the objective of the participants, many of whom being members of the brony community, losing weight and adopting healthy lifestyle choices.


Did You Know

  • ...that Chris has no idea what Naive means?

This Day in Christory


Today in Christory;

In 2008, Chris vandalizes his Encyclopedia Dramatica article again under the name of Clyde. Here, he coins the term Kick the autistic.


In 2009, Chris released a video announcing that has been hacked and promised his fans that he would restore his true website soon.


Picture of the Now

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Video of the Now