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Da Update


It is currently April 2019.

For all current updates about Chris, visit the Kiwi Farms.

Presently, the CWCki lacks enough editors to maintain all of its updates, leading to "Da Update" being discontinued on 11 October 2018. Articles are still updated when possible by the remaining editors. Unfortunately, registration for new users has been disabled since 21 August 2018, due to abuse from spambots.

Quote of the Now

Oh, Sure, this is the theme song for the show that aired in Cwcville in Dimension N-641 that #opuscon987 forced our SNT to travel to, and the rest of us to temporarily merge with; that was a nightmare version. I have mentioned that I am sick of all of you misterpreting us. ⚡⚡⚡
Chris, "possessed" by Sonichu, commenting on the intro to The Chris-Chan Show.

Begging Counter

Do not donate or buy anything from Chris: he lies about needing money and habitually neglects his customers and supporters (and worse). It has been…
days since Chris last begged for money.
days since Chris last uploaded pages to meet his paid obligations to the Sonichu comic.
days since Chris last applied for a job.

Etsy 3 years complaint.png

An Etsy customer gambled that Chris would deliver and lost, still bitter over it three years later.

Article of the Now


Christian Weston Chandler (born Christopher Weston Chandler on 24 February 1982) is a high-functioning autistic virgin, Honest, Cool and Honest Dude, and creator of Sonichu, a brilliant character, starring in his own self-titled online comic book.

His adult life has been largely defined by his goal of most Normal Human Beings; Finding their Meaning of Existence, Their True Love, Their own Self-Character. No One should ever interfere or ever make a mockery of such a tride and true quest to finding HIS own Happiness with his WOMAN who is to be his Wife.

Yes, friends, it gets far sweeter.

This Day Marks the Tenth Anniversary of Chris's edits to the Cwcki.

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Did You Know

This Day in Christory

Yet another failure.

Today in Christory, in 2008, Chris developed a crush on a waitress named Caitlin. He described the incident to PandaHalo.


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