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| A ween pretending to be in C-197
| A ween pretending to be in C-197
| C-197
| C-197
| N/A
| Cheval
| Unknown
| A fire-electric type Sonichu with possible PTSD that lives a lonely life, due to the amount of unintended damage he causes around him.
| Unknown
| N/A
| N/A
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|Shadow Elijah
|[[The End Games]] friend
|A friend from Chris's Pokemon club requested Chris draw him as a shadow Pokemon. Chris then believed that since he drew it, Shadow Elijah was therefore real in C-197. Chris also believed or was told by the Idea Guys that Shadow Elijah is a villain<ref name=GD></ref>.
| C-197
| N/A
|[[File:Scarlet Commodore CPU.jpg|100px|center]]
|[[File:Scarlet Commodore CPU.jpg|100px|center]]
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| A drawn representation of the Youtuber Soundspllicer.  
| A drawn representation of the Youtuber Soundspllicer.  
| 1218
| 1218
| N/A
|Shadow Elijah
|[[The End Games]] friend
|A friend from Chris's Pokemon club requested Chris draw him as a shadow Pokemon. Chris then believed that since he drew it, Shadow Elijah was therefore real in C-197. Chris also believed or was told by the Idea Guys that Shadow Elijah is a villain<ref name=GD></ref>.
| C-197
| N/A
| N/A

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I recall that there was a Mythos about me online: myself, Chris Chan, I; I was an OC in my own stories; was I Real in this “Reality” that is Dimension 1218? And then I was confirmed in late 2007 with that blurry photograph of me in a moment of great shock and stress.
Chris claiming himself as an original character
This is going to be a massive and lovely OC party!

An OC (short for original character) is a character in a fanwork that didn't previously exist in the source material. In Chris' fantasy world however, it is a term which refers to any newly created residents he himself created in dimension C-197, regardless of their original creator. Chris has also used this term to refer to himself as a goddess, solely because he believes to be the creator of said OC's. Before this, Chris has already created a huge multitude of characters of other franchises, primarily ones for the Sonic the Hedgehog canon. Sometime before transitioning into a Tomgirl, Chris had started to believe the possibility that all fictional characters may actually exist in an entirely separate dimension. However, this would later transition into him actually believing that the universe is one big cartoon, where every living thing is actually a character of said cartoon. With this somewhat demented mindset, people started to take advantage of Chris' detachment from reality, and started convincing him that he was actually the goddess of other dimensions, therefore convincing him that he can actually create any new beings as he pleases.

This page will attempt to list and describe all of the Sonichu characters either Chris had made under outside influences such as the Idea Guys, Jacob Sockness, and many others, or fan characters created by the true and loyal fanbase that showed up in the comic's canon in some shape or form.

List of OC's


In some shape or form, Chris actually believes all of these characters, including patently fictional ones, really exist and are alive and well in another Reality Cartoon.
485-CWCsF.JPG Chris's recent failings have helped CWCki gather more information for this article.
Be a winner by adding this information in.
Picture Name Influence(s) Description Dimension of Origin Comic Debut
Aiko-Chris's New Bird.jpg
Anime characters Idea Guys As a group deemed worthy recipients of prayer in Believe in the OCs and Deities!, without further qualifications. Unknown Sonichu 5
Asperchu Alec Benson Leary Ironically, the character that Chris once sought to destroy is now accepted as a Sonichu OC. Unknown N/A
Astoria pepperxhu An Electric/Water type Rosechu said to live outside of CWCville and does gardening as a hobby. Her gardening is apparently so good, all of the plants shimmer day and night. C-197 N/A
AyyJay Farton ??? A My Little Pony OC. Chris "discovered" him and said he's known for "Apple Juice Farts; really bad, and yet apple juice is his favourite beverage. Pew!" Probably a troll creation. After describing this character, Chris had to deny that he has a fart fetish[1]. Unknown N/A
Battery-Charge Heart intro.jpg
Battery-Charge Heart Idea Guys A god-like warrior of CWCville C-197 Sonichu 14
Boris rps_only A shoddily-drawn Sonichu that draws in enemies with a mysterious gravitational field Unknown N/A
Carrie Krueger Multidimensional White Knights A ween pretending to be in C-197 C-197 N/A
Cheval Unknown A fire-electric type Sonichu with possible PTSD that lives a lonely life, due to the amount of unintended damage he causes around him. Unknown N/A
Chris's deceased pets Chris Reincarnations of Patti and the deceased Chandler Cats[2]. C-197 Sonichu 6
CWCspread cropped.jpg
Christian Weston Chandler Chris Yes, Chris has proclaimed himself a goddess, and believes that the majority of men living on this planet should bow down and serve his will as one. 1218 Sonichu 0
Cindy Zapbud Chris Chris imagined this up out of spite towards Cole Smithey. In the Rosechu's Story's fancomic, Cole is a Pokemon Professor. Chris disapproved of this detail and claimed that Cole was later demoted due to faltering work, and that Cindy Zapbud replaced him. Chris made sure to note that Zapbud is 4'11'' and has D-cup breasts[3] C-197
CPU goddesses Idea Guys As a group, these anime fembots from a video game series were made the object of Chris's adulation under the Idea Guys' influence in late 2017, and together with Chris's own OCs form the nucleus of this mixed bag of a pantheon. Noteable examples found on this list include Scarlet the Commodore Goddess, and Battery-Charge Heart. C-197 Sonichu 14
CWC Psychlight drawing.jpg
CWC Psychlight Chris Chris's biographer[4]. Basically a personification of the CWCki, except one that's favorable to Chris, which would be the former CWCipedia. C-197
Daedalus Cedric Eff A Degu character created by Kiwi Farms user, Cedric Eff. He is a very skilled mechanic that builds jets, armor, and weapons. X686 N/A
Dark Idea Guy Idea Guys Chris believed the Dark Idea Guy was plotting to invade from Alcatraz through a crack in Chris's shower[5]. First mentioned by Chris in October 2018, half a year after the Idea Guys had been removed from power, meaning Chris still referring to old Idea Guy notes. Unknown N/A
Darius, King of Babylon Multidimensional White Knights A C-197 bastardization of Ed Bighead that MWK said was allying with Chris to fight Ben's slime. C-197 N/A
Dr. Wolf.jpg
Dr. Wolf DRWolf The MLP fursona of Brent Wilson, a Youtuber who reviews episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Even though he has garnered a lot of attention from the brony fanbase in 2013, Chris hasn't noticed him until mid-2018, when his experience at the 2018 BronyCon was blogged on his channel. Eventually, when Chris began getting blocked by several Twitter users, Chris decided to use his fursona in both a Lego video and in Sonichu Special 6, where he lectures the characters about the supposed psychological damage inflicted onto Chris, as Chris has reduced this character to being a stock doctor character in his comics. C-197 Sonichu Special 6
Exiled Sonichu TheExiledDraco A black Sonichu that Chris claimed to have attempted assassinating him Unknown N/A
Fate Teen Troon Squad A Pikachu, later evolved to Raichu, that Chris met at Target in October 2018. Likely created by the Teen Troon Squad, as Fate was only mentioned during the timeframe Chris was in contact with them[6]. Fate's purpose was to work with the Squad and Chris on the merge, and was a watchdog tasked with killing nonbelievers, a convenient reason as to why Chris wasn't allowed to give details[7]. C-197
Gabriel SuperCrazyCrash A Sonichu/Schizor hybrid that works as a bartender at a place called the Zany Zapbud. He is believed to be a long lost member of the Chaotic Combo, as he was born from the same rainbow that created them. Unknown N/A
Gary Stu.jpg
Gary Stu Chris A male pony created during the Soft Exile with heavy inspiration from Mad Munchkin's [Mary Sue] character, without realizing that she was originally made to be a joke character for a single video. Much like Mary, he is perfect in every way and always knows the right thing to do. C-197 N/A
Hitlerchu Idea Guys Adolf Hitler transformed into a Sonichu like his entire political party in Monika's defeat, to ruin any claim to pure Aryan blood. 1218 Sonichu 13
Hollyhock Kalie S. Some sort of Electric/Fairy type Rosechu/Cat hybrid that doesn't like to be touched, but is very fast and nimble. She is known to be first is most beauty pageants with her fashion choices. Unknown N/A
Ignignokt and Err Multidimensional White Knights Failed to murder Penny Fitzgerald while working for Moonman. All while causing the events shown on the Local58 youtube channel. C-197 N/A
J-chu Chris The Sonichu fursona Chris drew of The Captain, depicted as what he deems to be a "flying wonder". Unfortunately, The Captain didn't appreciate being shoehorned into Chris' fantasy land, and made a Kiwi Farms post to show his disapproval.[8] C-197 N/A
Jakoba Jacob Sockness An evil god of the Rokats/monstrous representation of Jacob who made his comic debut in Sonichu 14. C-197 Sonichu 14
Jesus Christ God and the Bear Demoted to the same status as everyone else on this list by Chris in Believe in the OCs and Deities. Deemed unworthy of Chris's worship. Unknown Sonichu 10
Johnson Wiles Idea Guys Alias of Idea Guy Joshua Wise[5]. C-197
Kun T’Nyuget Idea Guys A Vietnamese pony who is Night Star's sweetheart that likes to cook and tinker with technology C-197 Sonichu 12-9
Lightning Quartz.jpg
Lightning Quartz Chris An Earth Pony Chris claims to have unconsciously created in the Brazil Area of Equestria while meditating. Occasionally, he will transform into the most powerful alicorn for a short time. C-197 N/A
Lillianna RoseLillichu The head princess of the Temple of Heart, where she teaches those lucky enough to find it about the Anchuent Prophecy. C-197 N/A
Luka Sonichu Teen Troon Squad A Sonichu avatar of Lukas, one member of the TTS 1218 N/A
Magi-Chan Chris The most well-known member of the Chaotic Combo. He is an omnipotent Sonichu with infinite magical powers. Of course, with Chris' current stance on all things occult and supernatural, it was only a matter of time before trolls and weens alike would use this character to exploit his psyche. In mid-2017, by the time Chris became infatuated with the character, the Idea Guys knew this was the perfect opportunity to turn this against him. By this time, they've been making up all kinds of stories of the character in such situations as an incestuous homosexual marriage. Afterward, Chris has finally declared his Love Quest over, having been married to both his creation, as well as to Mewtwo. C-197 Sonichu 3
Mary Sue Mad Munchkin A joke character produced by Mad Munchkin to represent her hatred of Alicorn OC's. She is well-known for her conceited nature and her belief that she is truly the greatest pony. Chris decided to ship this character with his own creation, Gary Stu. C-197 N/A
Mac Tonight Moonman Multidimensional White Knights and Jacob Sockness Claimed to be a multidimensional demon working with Jakoba. Also causing the events in Local58's videos. C-197 N/A
Night Star Chris Chris's My Little Pony self-insert. C-197 Sonichu 12-9
Nightvee MKRNightVee A combination of the Sega character Nights and the Pokemon Eevee. Meghan successfully convinced Chris that her fan character was canon to the Sonichu universe by pretending to be a goddess herself. C-197 N/A
Null Chris The pony avatar of Kiwi Farms owner, Joshua Moon, drawn by Chris. Chris drew him his pony avatar as appreciation for protecting him from the Idea Guys in his Guard-Dog related efforts. Afterward, Chris began to follow the Kiwi Farms Twitter account. However, despite any warnings given to him, Chris still manages to bumble through more people willing to manipulate him with his beliefs. When Chris began to babble his nonsense towards Null, he walked away from Chris, and Chris started to become sworn enemies with him when he refused to entertain his beliefs. 1218 Sonichu 12-9
Pending Doom.jpg
Pending Doom Megan Schroeder Highly inspired by one of Megan's OC's. Unknown N/A
Pepperchu pepperxhu The Sonichu fursona of Twitter user pepperxhu. A gothic book smart Rosechu who is Best Friends with Astoria. She is well-adjusted in self-defense and "quick wits". C-197 N/A
Phantom Horn.png
Phantom Horn Ben Saint Ben Saint's pony OC. C-197 Sonichu Special 7
Plotted Device.jpg
Plotted Device Unknown A robotic magician with Magi-Chan's soul created in the Skullgirls Dimension, apparently created after it was found that the dimension's conditions were too much for Magi-Chan, so the robot was made in his image. S-642 N/A
Poppy Sonichu4Life A Rosechu who is a soccer fanatic and a player of the CWCville Strikers. Much like other characters on this list, she has powers that cannot be matched, such as super speed and endurance. Unknown N/A
Rei RRosechu A grass based Rosechu with dragon based attacks. Unknown N/A
Robertchu Idea Guys Chris was convinced that his late father's spirit resides in C-197[9] during the Idea Guys saga[10]. Bob's Sonichu form may have been designed by Idea Guy - he is in the form of a beaver, a possible nod to Bob's Internet Lumberjack nickname. Featured in Sonichu 16, in which Bob meets and befriends Ted Bundy. His fur was originally red and black as a draughtboard, though Chris revised this to a solid maroon for being too time-consuming to draw. 1218 Sonichu 13
Romeo MidnightMoonflower A charismatic Sonichu that picks up women with relative ease. Said to be named after his trainer who was a "lovely theater kid". Unknown N/A
Rosechu Original.jpg
Rosechu Chris Mentioned beside Sonichu as an OC especially deserving of worship in Believe in the OCs and Deities! C-197 Sonichu 0
Sarahchu and Stevenchu.jpg
Sarahchu and Stevenchu Sarah and Steve On 6 November 2019, Sarah and Steve planted the idea of Sarahchu and Stevenchu in Chris's head, who then used his "psychic powers" to see them in C-197[11] C-197
Scarlet Commodore CPU.jpg
Scarlet Idea Guys Chris's depiction of himself as CPU Goddess of the Commodore Nation. C-197 Sonichu 14
Scott Soundspllicer Soundspllicer A drawn representation of the Youtuber Soundspllicer. 1218 N/A
Shadow Elijah The End Games friend A friend from Chris's Pokemon club requested Chris draw him as a shadow Pokemon. Chris then believed that since he drew it, Shadow Elijah was therefore real in C-197. Chris also believed or was told by the Idea Guys that Shadow Elijah is a villain[5]. C-197 N/A
Siddharta Gautama Unknown Most commonly known as 'the Buddha', though this is a title rather than an identifying name. He is not usually worshipped by his followers, yet is indicated by Chris in Believe in the OCs and Deities! to be an object of such, among which. Unknown N/A
Slurpchu Unknown A dinky mint-green Sonichu with an incredibly small body, stubby limbs, and a permanent grin. Unknown N/A
Slushi Chris A geeky ferret character that likes to play video games and trolling people. Possibly based on the original creator of the Sonichu Mania Mod. C-197 N/A
Snowchu ChanseyDraws A Rosechu cheerleader obsessed with anything with ears that glows red. Unknown N/A
Sonichu Chris The one who started it all back in 2000. He is known to have entered our dimension as early as Chris's confrontation with Mary Lee Walsh. C-197 Sonichu 0
Strawberry Milk Ben Saint Phantom Horn's perverted dragon friend that tells inappropriate sex jokes. C-197 Sonichu Special 7
Sterbenchu Chris A basic Sonichu that has the appearance of Super Sonic, and has the uncanny ability to clone himself infinitely. C-197 N/A
Ted Bundychu Idea Guys The notorious serial killer and rapist of the 1970s, but as a Sonichu. The Idea Guys convinced Chris that he was among The 69 Destined Sonichus and Rosechus produced beside more familiar characters like Wild Sonichu and Magi-Chan in Sonichu 0. C-197 Sonichu 13
Teddiechu joshuu A Bear-Type Sonichu, and also a shadow, that came to life in the media found in C-197. Don't ask how that makes any sense. C-197 N/A
VHS pepperxhu A retro-theme Sonichu. Unknown N/A
Vivichu vivichu2000 Unknown N/A
Were-chan Roeschu.jpg
Were-chan R_E_P_L_A_Y A Rosechu that is a werehog, has unnaturally red eyeballs, and apparently has a thing for drinking beer. When Chris first shared this OC on Twitter, several people joked about her possible usage of marijuana due to the appearance of her eyes. Unknown N/A
You Chris Yes, you, too, are an OC, according to Chris. As the assortment of characters on this lists shows, though, it is not clear quite what this is meant to entail. Depends on who you are N/A
Zeus ??? King of the ancient pagan gods in Greece and Rome. His worship, extinct since the fourth century AD, is revived by Chris in Believe in the OCs and Deities! Unknown N/A

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