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The things described in this article are still happening, so it may be subject to frequent change.
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This page covers Chris's activity on his personal Facebook page in July 2015.


Chris's Posts

SEGA Shirt

"SEGA Nerds" posted a photo of a hot Japanese chick wearing a low-cut SEGA-themed top. Chris asked:

1 July 2015

Where can I get that shirt?

The Pink Lemonade Shall Rise Again

"LGBT News," mixing two recent controversies, suggested that the Confederate flag be subverted to represent the LGBT community. Chris was skeptical:

1 July 2015

Yeah. Seriously? Swap the red for pink and yellow tye-dye (pink lemonade!), remove the stars, and swap the blue for rainbow stripes, then you may have something.

Pink Lemonade! Yum!!!

Haters to the Left

"Lizzy the Lezzy" posted a boilerplate anti-gay message for her followers to make fun of. Chris joined in:

1 July 2015

Haters to the left, and WAAAAY back.

Miley Confuses Chris

Miley Cyrus uploaded a photo of herself wearing a t-shirt with the slogan, "GENDER IS OVER!" Chris gave a seemingly contradictory answer:

2 July 2015

Yeah! I have been Loving Myself as the Woman that I AM, regardless of this wrong, grateful part I was born with. Gender Identities Will Never 4Ever Be Over!

Dig It!

Chris linked to a GameStop contest called "SummerAtGameStop," along with the message:

2 July 2015

Hey! I just entered this thing as an ironic joke. Dig it! Happened to me more than once!

Oh, Brother!

Ch-Yeah. Good Luck finding ANYONE who has found Actual and True Love with ANYONE they met Online Before Face-to-Face.

Too Many Damn, Fucked-Up Fakes tugging at your heartstrings for Video-Fails from you, and Access to your HeXBox or PSN Account for Disgaea 3 DLC and a full game download of Burnout Paradise.

They Fail You for Their LULZ.

NOT to be a Hater or anything bad like that.

But, you should Verify Any and ALL Entrants: the Actual Identities of both people, And their "Meeting" and Background Stories, to the Fullest of Background Checks!

Guess What, EVERYONE WILL LIE THEIR BURNING PANTS OFF, and your Prize will be left Unclaimed Forever.

I Am Serious!

And that is Exactly what I told them, straight up!

Heart Level in Flux

Chris shared a photo and added:

2 July 2015

Not to mention Soul-Shattered, Beaten, Scarred, Blackmailed, Duped, Deceived, and all that shit the fake exes, Trolls and Cyber-Bullies had done to me.

Happy Magellan Day

Chris found an old photo on the "Occupy Democrats" page and, typically, completely missed the point:

2 July 2015

To be more accurate, it Was Magellan who actually Discovered America after Columbus made his mistake if it being India. The day was made to honor the beginning of America, by discovery. So, to be accurate, I feel it better to rename it #MagellanDay. Then the day can be better celebrated for the History of Discovery.