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Quote of the Now

The day before Patches died the engine in the Focus crapped out. Something in the range of 4k to fix so he's sending it to auction hoping his fame will bring about more money than what it's worth (scrap) to pay off the rest [of] the loan.


The Captain, on Chris's car trouble.

Begging Counter

If you are considering donating to Chris, please keep in mind that he lies about needing money.

For example, in October 2018, he claimed that his mother and pets would starve if no one donated, and then bought several video games.

Two weeks later, he claimed that he couldn't afford cat medicine, so a fan organized a fundraising effort to ship medicine directly to Chris, over Chris protesting that he would prefer money, only to find out from Chris's vet that Chris already had the medicine in his possession.

Chris is currently being sued for debt by Second Round Sub LLC (hearing date on 14 November) and Midland Funding LLC (hearing on 19 December).
  • It has been 1 days since Chris begged for money.
  • It has been 101 days since Chris uploaded pages to meet his paid obligations to the Sonichu comic.

Article of the Now

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In October 2018, Chris took three wild kittens into his home. The lot of them had conjunctivitis, for which he went to a vet and acquired medicine. Chris then decided to scam his audience by claiming the cats need medical attention and that he can't afford to pay, inciting a controversy which led to people repeatedly calling Animal Control to visit him, and a fan to donate pet medication. It was later found that Chris had lied about the financial emergency.


This Day in Christory

One of Chris's first pretend Animal Crossing E-reader cards

Today in Christory;

In 2003, Chris begins keeping his (apparently short-lived) Animal Crossing diary.


In 2007, Chris adds even more information to his Encyclopedia Dramatica page about Megan and Officer Nasty.


In 2009, Chris uploaded a video showing his copyright registration of Sonichu.


Did You Know...

Da Update


CWCki News

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Notice: Stop putting conjecture or theories into main pages. Stop outright insulting Chris; he's terrible, we know.

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