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(More Ben Saint canon edits)
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{{quotebox|Phantom Horn and Strawberry Milk are OCs of @ItsAllSoUgly
{{quotebox|Phantom Horn and Strawberry Milk are OCs of @ItsAllSoUgly
{{quotebox|Phantom Horn and Strawberry Milk are OCs of @ItsAllSoUgly
{{quotebox|Phantom Horn and Strawberry Milk are OCs of @ItsAllSoUgly
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==Magi-Chan writes what happens with the medallion==
==Magi-Chan writes what happens with the medallion==
4 October
4 October

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The things described in this article are still happening, so it may be subject to frequent change.

This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during October 2019. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments are included and color-coded for reference.

Barb's birthday

1 October

A very Happy and Safe Birthday to my mother, Barbara Chandler, who is now 78 years young.



Chris begins to rewrite Ben Saint's canon

1 October

Phantom Horn and Strawberry Milk are OCs of @ItsAllSoUgly.

His strips have some catching up to do to get to this point, as this literally happened before Last Wednesday. Where he’s at now, it was about September 15 when the two of them got hit and then !revived.


Bonus: we have one of our #TSSSF Expansion Packs completed.
Oh, and in case anyone was wondering or had forgotten the reference from @ItsAllSoUgly’s comic strip.


More Ben Saint canon changes

3 October

Phantom Horn and Strawberry Milk are the OCs of @ItsAllSoUgly


Phantom Horn and Strawberry Milk are the OCs of @ItsAllSoUgly


DM'ing Ben Saint to demand $300

3 October, Magi-Chan's DM to Ben Saint[1]

Hello, Benjamin. As you are aware, Christine and I have fatefully followed in clearing up the chaos of the slime in Arizona. At the present, I will personally inform you: C197's Arizona, and it's inhabitants, are all fully cleansed; not a speck of slime remains, and everyone is freed of its influences. Your darker self-counterpart, CopKiller, has been properly dealt with for his crimes. Also, the KND had endured the trials, were cleansed and rescued. The Endless War is at an end.

With that, I now also address you of the matter of the greed from gaming clout using our names, individuals and whatnot in these strips for the benefits of such personal gains to up the ego of your own self to counter the insecurities.

For one thing, it remains more beneficial for one to address their insecurities directly, offer themselves positive affirmations true to themselves, also meditation, mind-clearing and deep breathing is most helpful as well.

When one begins to achieve for themselves without having to shoulder on others, that is a great show of inner strength and durability that is most appealing and inspiring to others around.

Obviously, spreading gossip and rumors in the result of hurting others is simply wrong, so I need not go "After-School Special" on you about that.

Anyway, Now. The printing of the Arizona Slime Expansion Pack that is on its way to you is on us; comes in a lovely box, too. Turned out to be a bit pricy. So, this is where you, in return, will help us for using our name and individuals for the greedy gains accrued.

You will off us a generous fund amount to print a few copies of our Secret Shipfic Sonichu Deck and remaining Expansions (you will be entitled to one of each, obviously). But, quite so, this will be seeded, generously, with at least three-hundred dollars in a direct donation from you to Christine's PayPal, if you would kindly, please.

The cleanup job was a lot of Tough and Hard work not on Christine, herself, but all of the Superheroes, Military CPUs and other on-Earth Deities and Deity-Types. That Grand Canyon became Half-Full of the slime. It is all dissolved now.

Collecting as much slime as possible, relocating it, gathering the bicarbonate soda and sugar, creating the Very Large Thunderstorm, seeding it, and locating it all over Arizona.

We shall expect the large donation in Christine's PayPal from you within the couple of weeks' time; Sooner is highly recommended, please.

[Chris linked to his Paypal.me]

Thank you, Ben. Have a good and safe day.

More Ben Saint canon edits

3 October

Phantom Horn and Strawberry Milk are OCs of @ItsAllSoUgly


Phantom Horn and Strawberry Milk are OCs of @ItsAllSoUgly

The storm is coming; to hit the state on the Second of October, 2019. 💜⚡️ ⚡️💙⚡️


And the 24-Hour treated Thunderstorm cleanses all of Arizona of any traces of the slime. (Photo order: Before, Cleansing Rains, then After).

ChrisSlimeComicT12.jpgChrisSlimeComicP12-1.jpgChrisSlimeComic12-2.jpgChrisSlimeComic12-3.jpg }} Oh, and everyone will love this: @ItsAllSoUgly is going to contribute, financially, for the initial prints and start-up of the #TSSSF Sonichu Deck and Expansion Packs (distribution of which will be planned with Convention vendors soon enough; we will be in contact with them).

ChrisSlimeComicT13.jpgChrisSlime22.jpgChrisSlime23.jpg }} [AN: It is unclear if this is actually the case.]

Thank you, @ItsAllSoUgly, for your awesomeness, despite the rumor and gossip-spreading spiel that you will be cleared of. 😊


Magi-Chan writes what happens with the medallion

4 October

Good Evening, Everyone. I come tonight to share something I feel is of utmost importance in the present moment; talking about the original functional Sonichu/Rosechu Medallions/Accessories.
For the record, only the one wielder of the respective functional Medallion or accessory that transforms them, and their descendants, are able to access the magic within, respectively.

This follows for any and all functioning Sonichu/Rosechu transforming accessories.

If the accessory is attempted to be used by someone else, if their intentions are good, they get blessed. If their intentions are bad or malicious, the accessory will backfire on the wielder attempting to use it. The reverse is applied for the bad-intention types,...
...such as the Black Sonichu and Licrichu Medallions. There is more power, usually, in the good accessories, as they contain Light Power in them. The opposing Dark Power can be quite powerful too.

If one of these functional accessories is attempted to energize a weapon,...

...though energy and success happens the first few times, it will eventually backfire and destroy the weapon and the individual(s) piloting or nearby the weapon. The accessory remains fully in tact and functional.
This is always the case, regardless of timeline, Dimension or Alt-Dimension. Varying details may apply.

These accessories are filled with Chaos Emerald Energy and Power. And the later stone-types that they get exposed to, the accessories and individuals tend to...

...adapt to them, such as the Sol Stones. So, these wielded accessories are always leveling-up with their respective owners.
And the accessories’ powers, not even Christine’s, do not have powers of undoing or creation by themselves. So, No: simply wielding the Medallion will not undo the cleansing rains or bring back or create the slime at all. This is the will of the deities
That is all. 💜⚡️