April 2015 Facebook posts

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Chris's new Facebook cover photo for April.

This page covers Chris's activity on his personal Facebook page in April 2015.


  • 1 April - Chris shares his appreciation for a TV show.
  • 4 April - Chris makes several posts in response to an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  • 6 April - Chris announces new custom Sonichu Amiibo for sale on eBay.
  • 7 April - Chris provides more information about the Amiibo.

Chris's posts

Modernly Tech Savvy

1 April 2015

This show is Modernly Tech Savvy and smart. Hillary Duff looks, and is, still amazing. ‪#‎Younger

Chris Hates Conformity

The premiere episode of the new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" season had a strong influence on Chris.

4 April 2015

I'm watching part two of the ‪#‎MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic‬ season premiere. I had to miss part one, because I went out for breakfast and getting more glue for my projects. UGH!!! I do not like this part two episode, at least the first half. I Hate Conformity!

Chris Hates Conformity, Again

In response to a question posted on the "Equestria GIRLS - MLP" page, "What'd you folks think of the premiere?," Chris wrote:

4 April 2015

Fair; I found Starlight Glimmer to be most creepy in her methods of brainwash, and I feel she was Worse than even Tirak! I Really Hate Conformity!!!

And Again

On his own timeline, Chris shared a photo from the new season and wrote:

4 April 2015

Starlight Glimmer is WORSE than even Tirak!

Custom Amiibo for Sale

Chris announced a new product for sale on eBay.

6 April 2015

Here's something different and good; a Sonichu Figure! And an Amiibo Figure at that! Personally created and Certified and packaged.

**Unfortunately, due to the lowered listing allowance on my eBay, I am unable to list medallions this month. Please Leave Positive Feedback upon receipt after your individual purchases. Ten Figures are immediately available. Thank you, and have a good day.

**I forgot to mention, the Metal Sticker has been removed, so the figure can be read while still in its package. And Sonichu is posed doing a Thunderpunching Sky Uppercut attack (his Up + B Special, if Sonichu was a playable character in Super Smash Bros.).

More on the Amiibo

7 April 2015

My choice of which character goes into the base of my characters are relevant to their individual perspectives and whatnot. some of which are Rare ‪#‎Amiibo‬ characters at the moment as well. ‪#‎Sonichu‬'s choice is Sonic, out of respect. Pikachu is not as strong as ‪#‎Sonic‬ anyway. Tune in next week to hear ‪#‎Rosechu‬'s choice.

Also, on another popular detail, if y'all want to vote for Sonichu to be a DLC character in Super Smash Bros., for future possibilities of More Sonichu and Rosechu Stories directly from me, in addition to potential comic pages, I would appreciate that.

I don't know where the webpage for voting is, so a link in the comments would be good as well. Thank you.

In the included illustration, Sonichu sez:

Hey Y'All! Sonichu here, and we're talkin' Super Smash Brothers! My family, my Electric-Hedgehog Poke'Friends, and I, like beating each other in this game as our favorite Nintendo, etc, characters. Sonic (the Hedgehog) and I have a race in CWCville once a year to raise money per mile, and double donation For which of us wins. Town Hero, everyone bets on me. Past five years, we've been tied, so both of our donations were doubled! Lots of people have healthier lives thanks to us. In SSB, since "Brawl", we fight each other with his character. When I play there are thundershockers in my spin dashes. And in good honor and respect, Sonic is my choice character.

Zappin' Out!


Kenneth Englehardt provided the link to the Nintendo voting page, to which Chris replied:

Thank you.