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Quote of the Now

Goood Morning, Everyone in this world of ours! 😃 I have a rather inspirational story to share. I had a dream this morning; it started nightmarish. It opened at a prison yard, with babies; sounded like a PSA for mental and common sense awareness for the mentally challenged. /1

Sadly, it went on to show one infant being suicidal and perished horribly. It continues to show other prisoners of various ages in their similar trials of being rather heavily suicidal, with the strongest amongst them who endured it all to live another day. /2

I was amongst those prisoners, facing amongst the higher series of challenges; there were saw blades, electric shocks, closing doors with metal teeth on the bottom of each of them. I was part of the higher lot who made it all the way to the farthest exit, blanketed with... /3

...jagged, cut sheet metal! And the pepper begins to fall; everyone who was still surviving started sneezing, but I was immune. I forced the small windows in front of me open to air the place out for everyone. And then I forced a door open for myself, made it out,... /4

..avoided the shooting poison darts and actually Earned my way OUT of the Prison Yard, Free to walk the railroads of life onward! I had also seen the pressures of the other inmates; pregnant mothers risking their infants lives to see if they would continue onward. And the.../5

...mothers, themselves, doing the same for themselves, seeing if they were quick enough to get out before the doors would crush them. Most of the infants and mothers made it out alive. It was very heart-wrenching to me to see each of them fighting so tough to live onward, .../6

...and then seeing the few who don’t make it out, but rooting for them, just the same as everyone else who made it out. Anyway, I ran forward along the railroad of life, finding the various obstacles along the way, from avoiding many falling War bombs and missiles to.../7

...buried land mines and incoming fast trains that would have killed me, but I managed to avoid the worst from all of them, and I was able to parkour through levels of various cityscapes, from those made of cardboard boxes, to those made of stacked junk and televisions, .../8

...and those made of wood, followed by cement and stone. And then finding my rise in this world with the help of my Sonichu, and he and I working tough together to continue along with our family and allies along the railroad and building parkour path of life, even.../9

...finding my own powers and leveling myself up further to earn them, as I had done before along my lifetime with all of my past experiences! And we all are still meeting more allies and friends who were high and higher up in that railroad of life with us. I tell you all.../10

...what, when I was a child with my autism and diagnosed, Others had stated that I would not be able to do much with myself, EVEN as simple as hand-writing my own name. But not only am I hand-writing and drawing, but I had graduated High School and Community College with.../11

...great grades and titles; I Worked Hard for all of that! And, sure, my comic book stories have room for improvement, but from humble details of childish-drawn pages, my loves and I have improved and are still learning about each other very much! Maybe not this book or.../12

...the next, but soon enough, I Will be able to fill in all of the plot holes and points with their other life details for everyone to enjoy in this and many, many years to come! 😃⚡️💖⚡️ But I digress. I want to inspire EVERYONE to do their best to LIVE and.../12-9

...Move Forward in your Individual, Respective Selves and Lives. Aim High for yourselves, but keep a grounded expectation for yourselves, so when the positive you wanted happens, you Can feel Content, and when the negative happens, you can still have the optimistic outlook.../14 continue onward time and again, because it happened, and you Have the Power to Do It Again until When you DO Achieve that GOAL for Yourselves! /15

Do For Yourselves! Love Yourselves and Everyone Else around You All! LIVE and Move Onward with your Lives in an Optimistic View! HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELVES AND OTHERS! HAVE HEART! LIVE AS LONG AS YOU ARE ABLE TO! BE HAPPY TOO!⚡️💖⚡️😃

Be YOU and Run Your Lives Awesome!😃⚡️💖⚡️


—Chris trying to explain one of his recent dreams and inspire others.

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  • It has been 9 days since Chris begged for money.

Article of the Now

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The Count Dankula interview with Chris took place in June 2018.


This Day in Christory


Today in Christory, in 2005, Chris resumed his Sweetheart Search at the Target store in Charlottesville. The manajerk called the jerkops and Chris claimed that "I resisted handcuffing and tried to get away, and I screamed for my life while they tortured me. IN COURT, I was Found Innocent, and the charges were dropped."


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