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Quote of the Now

I do not feel I would be mentally suited for an application-required, long waits to be contacted or not contacted, "am I hired yet", under "The Man", Freaking job!!! Stop Telling me to "Get a Job". Gawd!!!


Chris, after his friends on Facebook refused to entertain his nonsense excuses for not having a job.

Begging Counter

  • It has been 10 days since Chris begged for money.
  • It has been 550 days since Chris worked on his paid obligations to make new Sonichu content.

Article of the Now

Fashion passes. Style is forever.

Christian Weston Chandler has a somewhat peculiar taste in fashion. Although he is willing to spend thousands of dollars on video games, toys, and sex dolls, Chris is very stingy when it comes to shopping for his clothes, which are usually purchased secondhand at thrift stores like The Salvation Army and Goodwill.

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This Day in Christory


Today in Christory, in 2009, the Miscreants publish the Giant Penis Comic.


Also in 2011, Surfshack Tito leaks several pictures of Chris as "Tomgirl." Bricks were shat all over the Internet.


Did You Know...

Da Update

  • 27 April - Chris uploads Live Game Stream - C-Log 04272017.
  • 21 April - The Sonic Totem buyer leaves positive feedback, saying, "The item arrived safely," resolving the dispute and releasing the funds to Chris. Later, he posts several photos on 4Chan of the Totem in its new home.
  • 19 April - Chris, his account in the red by over $1,450, searches the hoard for more of his stuff to sell. He lists six Sonichu drawings, from 2014, at $2,000 for the lot.
    He then digs through 10 to 20 bags of wet, moldy clothes, left over from the Destruction Of Chris's House three years before, and finds The Classic shirt. He lists it on eBay for $12,000 (or a Buy It Now price of $20,000).
    Later, he records Live Game Stream - C-Log 04192017 - The Shirt to promote the listing. He also reveals that he had failed to ship the Sonic Totem; as a result, the buyer filed a dispute and eBay or Paypal placed a temporary hold on the $1,500, which left his account in the red.
  • 14 April - Barb begs for money to pay an overdue power bill in EMERGENCY HOME UPDATE, while wearing the $400 necklace Chris had bought her a week before. Six hours later, Chris uploads Live Game Stream - C-Log 04142017, a 23-minute video of him playing with expensive toys.
  • 10 April - Not content with the astounding luck of selling his middle school crafts project for $1,500, Chris uploads By the book, Buy the book plus update, imploring people to buy his $1,000 stamp album, because he had already spent the money from selling the totem on frivolities.
  • 7 April - Chris releases Sonic Totem and More, offering to sell his Sonic Totem for a ludicrous $1,500. It is sold 4 hours later. One hour after the sale, he blows $400 on a gold necklace for Barb.

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Picture of the Now

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Video of the Now

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