September 2019 social media posts

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The things described in this article are still happening, so it may be subject to frequent change.

This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during September 2019. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments are included and color-coded for reference.

Sonichu Pages

Magi-Chan is a Taylor Swift fan

2 September

I have checked enjoyed @taylorswift13’s new album, “Lover”; it is quite a delightful set of tracks. I particularly found irony and goodness in her track, “I Forgot That You Existed”
If you pair @taylorswift13’s “Shake It Off” with “I Forgot That You Existed”, you have a perfect Anti-Cyberbully campaign in the making.
Christine had put behind her and long forgotten the cyberbullies names from her physical memory, prior to 2014. She had really turned her life around that year. Yet they’re not totally forgotten; the emotional and mental scars remain. She tried to not remember the bad times,...
...but, at this time, it is not possible, as her memories needed refreshing with the past uploaded media to remind and remotivate her. She continues to remain as kind and good as she has been, but she is indeed getting more intelligent, powerful and able.

Chris indulges Sockness

2 September

[In response to a bunch of Sockness' garbage.]

I and Christine have been feeling the interdimensional powers and energies from the progression of the Merge as it continues. The psychic and senses in her body are strenuous but increasingly tolerable.

More crowdfunding garbage

2 September

More Sonichu TCG

2 September

Everything continues to progress very well and better. I took Christine’s drawing of our Anchuent Prophecy wall and made a basic #TSSSF Ship card, with more explanation of its history.




3 September

It looks like some one took a diarrhea dump on a bathroom wall with Sonichu scribbles on it lmao
I’m sorry; do you want to repeat that? I had already shook it off and forgot that your hatred existed. You have just been #TaylorSwifted. 💜⚡️

Chris is a dead motherfucker if he gets mugged

3 September

In response to a joke about dialogue between a person and an armed robber entering their home:

I’ll bite.

Me, hiding under the bed:

Armed Robber: ...

Me: *using my psychic powers to read their mind for their intentions and look into the likely outcomes.*

Armed Robber: “I see you, shortie.”

Me: I set up a barrier and tell them,...

...“You will not find much financial recovery here. What you seek will come in the morning daylight; read your Horoscope and let the events that follow be your guide.” 💜⚡️
Morrow from this: Clear and Calm your mind as best as you can, and even in the most critical of moments, you can find your foe’s motivation and reroute their direction for the better. 💜⚡️

Chris is a master engineer

I remember when @CPU_CWCSonichu helped out these mechanical experts a few years ago with a few simple and kind drawings. They are progressing well in their technology. 💜⚡️

Robots! Everywhere! via @YouTube @SmallRobotArmy

Chris supports playing with whatever toys you want

5 September

In response to a comic talking about gendered toys and media:

I agree, and I enjoyed this comic. Christine had her share of male and female heroes to look up to growing up, in the media she enjoyed a bunch of both, albeit mostly slice-of-life shows like the Jetsons and Smurfs, but she did enjoy G1 My Little Pony when it first aired,... well as the Care Bears, and even Unico. Her first hero, albeit not portrayed well enough, was the American Rabbit (of the one movie featuring his adventures from California to New York with his friends). She would not get to know Sonic the Hedgehog until 1990 when...
...the @SEGA Genesis originally came out, and he became her better hero to look up to.

Anyway, female heroes were not as popular back then, yet Christine managed to find and enjoy watching their heroics. Actually, Come to think of it, Christine Did have a proper female hero...

...that she did look up to, but again, not until after she turned Eight years old did she begin to get to know her, in comics and in the Saturday Morning Show; Christine did look up to Princess Sally Acorn.

Regardless of age or gender, no one should be judged on who they...

...look up to from the “Reality” of Dimension 1218, or in any of the media that depict them from C-197 or any alt timeline/dimension.

I admit biased, myself, since I was mentored by Mewtwo, but he had exposed me to the most able and powerful and justice-wielding heroes of...

...both genders. So, I was educated for the better on the topic.

The Morrow remains: Look up to whoever and whatever you like as your childhood hero like no one else is watching you; remain proud with your choice and preference. 💜⚡️

Thank you.

[AN: One of Magi-Chan's typing quirks is that he replaces "moral" with "morrow." Morrow is an archaic term for the following day.]

Van's in bad shape+Sockness RP

6 September

Everyone, Barbara has just had the van checked while having the turn signal light bulb replaced: the Brakes and Exhaust systems will need replacing; that is going to run us $1,000. Please donate to @Too_Sexy4CWC’s @gofundme page; the money shall be sent straight to us. Thank you
I was attempting to flow donation traffic into the backup fund after the issues with the van were sorted out (thin metal on the Brakes and a hole in the Exhaust; $1,000 bill from the garage to replace both); that remains a present necessity to restore. But I see the GFM’s low.

RP With Sockness

I would ask “What would it take to convince all of you to donate to @Too_Sexy4CWC’s GFM in our backup fundings?” But, I already know the answer to such a question is indeed a greater truth.
Also, and this is crucial to me: I refer to Christine as my Honey; I do feel mildly bothered that the word was misinterpreted as “hubby”. The two words do sound similar, and channeling and telepathy is a tough skill and an art to master.

Magi-Chan reassures everyone that Sockness is not a con artist

8 September

I personally verify and assure everyone that @Too_Sexy4CWC will indubitably make good on his word and promises to dedicate all donations to his @gofundme page towards the vehicle repairs, and possibly even better ability to replace the Ford Focus as well.


Jerkop and Janekop cards

8 September

Good Evening, Everyone. I have just finished a lovely endeavor of an art piece, the majority of it having been originally drawn by @CPU_CWCSonichu in moments past, between “Sonichu” Book #9 and her set of custom Amiibo figures.
There will be a total of three Jerkops and three Janekops, one of each colour, and one Robot Jerkop, in our set of #TSSSF cards. She worked really hard with the hand-drawn bunch of them for the Amiibo figure cards; 36 of them in all.
Six Jerkops; three white and three black. Six Janekops; three white and three black. The three clothing colours of white, brown and red. Have a count for yourselves:


And this is the Goal card featuring this collage; Soo Many of them. If I was a neuro-typical mind, as opposed to overpowered psychic, I’d have gotten dizzy.


Longing to revive the Teen Troon Saga

Chris sends his best birthday wishes to a ween.
Greetings, everyone. I am feeling well enough; Christine is channeling fresh energy and power here from California, here on the 1218 side of the curtain, fully. This body is having to rest and readjust to it. But, we are progressing even further.
On a side note, Christine has missed Lukas, Devil and Eva since the last time she has heard from them. I feel her on that as well; the three of them are very kind Sonichus and Rosechu. Also, today is Lukas' Birthday, and I wish to wish him a most happy and safe day.
Soon enough, you three, Christine, and I shall get together once again. Until then, I pray you three are free of the influences of Arfoire and anyone who may be demonic.