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The following are a series of posts by Chris on Facebook in July 2014.


  • As in the previous month, many of his Facebook posts linked to his eBay account, as most of his focus was on selling stuff.
  • 1 July - Chris announces that someone has finally purchased his "Original Sonichu and Rosechu Drawing."
  • 1 July - Chris announces that he is taking commissions, and that he is selling autographed photos of himself.
  • 3 July - Chris announces shipping delays.
  • 6 July - Chris makes a joke about telegraphs.
  • 8 July - Chris relists his commissions offer.
  • 13 July - Chris criticizes the Jerkops.
  • 14-19 July - Chris makes a failed attempt to sell a recording of his father broadcasting jazz records. Much rage ensues.
  • 15 July - Chris announces special deals on his eBay merchandise.
  • 18 July - Chris reiterates that he was an honor roll student in high school.
  • 21 July - Chris has problems tracking eBay information.
  • 24 July - Chris wants people to buy things from him because his mother has dental problems.
  • 24 July - Chris unveils a new default autographed photo.
  • 25-28 July - Chris continues to encourage his customers.
  • 29 July - Chris needs people to buy from him to feed his mother's hoarding addiction.

Posts by Chris

First Drawing Sold

1 July 2014

The case has been resolved, and THE First Drawing STILL has Not Been Sold Yet. And now it is as low as I am willing to let it go.

This was quickly followed up by:

FINALLY! I sold the first drawing I listed on eBay. The buyer paid up front.

More Drawings and Autographed Photos

The original default photo.
Main articles: Commissions and Autographed Photos
1 July 2014

Other Commission Options are available in the separate listings; please read their matching descriptions. The prices are non-negotiable.

1 July 2014

The least expensive option I am able to offer is an autographed photograph. Price is non-negotiable.

2 July 2014

Attention everyone.

Everyone who shopped on eBay today, I want to state that I am astounded with the amount of interest in my handwriting at least. But seriously, a Lot of autograph requests and a few drawing commissions have been made yesterday, the first.

Rest assured, I will honor all of the requests and business. But with the number, I have to sort it all out on a spreadsheet first, and I have to make the photographs on 8X10 Glossy and autograph them. And, of course, draw up the commissions.

I will dedicate the next couple to few days to all of that, and everything finished will be shipped as I have specified the next day. Everyone will get their respective tracking numbers right after sending out their goods. My goal is to have all of the autographs shipped out on about Thursday, and the drawings either on Friday or the following Monday.

Your contributions are a real big help to me and my family. Please have faith and patience. Thank you all so much. And a big Thank you as well to all future customers as well (in advance).

Y'all have a good day.

2 July 2014

At most certainly the Beat Bang for your dollar, a Commission WITH ALL OF THE WORKS!

LEGO Minifig

2 July 2014
Facebook 2 July B.png

I like this face; misaligned eyes and a clown nose. Silly cute.


3 July 2014

Attention everyone who purchased an autographed photo on my eBay. I need to get some rest now; I have filled every order, an I still have more to do, including the cutting of the padding for the photos. And it has come to my attention of a flash flood watch in my local area.

In a nutshell, I may be delayed in sending out the photos by one day, and then Independence Day is on Friday (legal holiday). I will end up sending the photos out as late as Saturday. And I am still open for all incoming order during this time. All respective requests will be honored and accomplished as swiftly as possible, and all tracking numbers will be relayed respectively shortly after shipment.

I thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Y'all have a good day and a Happy Birthday to America.

Telegraph Joke

6 July 2014

Any Computer is a modern day Telegraph.

Think a bit about it, it is true and funny.

To which Kim Wilson replied:

6 July 2014

I don't think I get the joke. Computers with network connections are a device for transmitting messages without sending physical representations of the messages. They are literally telegraphs.


8 July 2014

Just relisted: "Original Commissions From Sonichu And Rosechu's Creator."

WTJU Jazz Marathon CD sets for sale

14 July 2014
WTJU Jazz MARATHON omot.jpg

I am now offering my daddy's voice and tuneful blasts from the past.


15 July 2014

I'm having specials for one week only on my works and items! Expire Next Tuesday the 22nd. ONLY on eBay.

15 July 2014

And to ALL REPEAT CUSTOMERS for ANY TIME; no expiration date: if you have previously purchased at least an Autographed Photo, you will be eligible for a ONE TIME Complimentary Upgrade on a commission.

If you buy a B&W commission, it will be colored in at no additional charge.

15 July 2014

And to ALL REPEAT CUSTOMERS for ANY TIME; no expiration date: if you have previously purchased at least an Autographed Photo, you will be eligible for a ONE TIME Complimentary Upgrade on a commission.

OR (in addition to the below post about B&W to colored), If you buy a Colored Commission, you will get it Laminated And receive a Hand-Written Certificate of Authenticity at no additional charge (NO FRAME INCLUDED).

15 July 2014

And to Everyone who buys the Works, you will get your choice of an Autographed Photo, OR a copy of the 1990 WTJU Jazz Marathon 6 CD Set (see their individual listings for other details; No additional purchases required, and should you choose the CD Set, $10 of that sale will be donated to WTJU as well).

15 July 2014

Also, if you buy any of my already created pieces (currently, the "Zapping Boom" or "Playing A Round" pieces), you will get your choice of an Autographed Photo, OR a copy of the 1990 WTJU Jazz Marathon 6 CD Set (see their individual listings for other details; No additional purchases required, and should you choose the CD Set, $10 of that sale will be donated to WTJU as well).

Rage about the legality of the Jazz CD set

17 July 2014


When you buy the CD Set, Not only will $10 from each sale be given to WTJU, but this week only: you also get your choice of one Free Autographed Photo of myself (see its listing for other details; no other action than buying the CD set required), or $20 Off a B&W Commission from me (see its listing for other details; on the offer, you will need to purchase both the CD And a B&W Commission from their listings; $20 will be refunded to you through PayPal after the transaction; I do no know how to program the thing on eBay).

17 July 2014


Honor Roll

18 July 2014

I have had a stressful week, with the disc set issue, which has been settled. And the rumor on my grades, which I WAS ON HONOR ROLL THROUGHOUT PROVIDENCE MIDDLE AND MANCHESTER HIGH. If you want confirmation, you may contact the Manchester High office and inquire, and ignore the ones spreading the rumor.

A Facebook user named Jon Theoneeyedguy Webber wrote two comments in response:

How's that possible when you barely passed Mrs. Dorazio's class?
Remember? I was in that class with you...you don't have to lie to be cool

Chris's report card for Mrs. Dorazio's English class had been leaked the previous month, so Jon may have been lying about having been in Chris's class.

I'm working on it!

18 July 2014

Anyway, I became delayed in making more photos and the more recent commissions. I will do what I am able from how I am feeling, and should the money I got from my PayPal make it to my currently low account tomorrow or Monday. Monday will be the latest I will be able to ship.

Thank you for your patience.

eBay trolls Chris

19 July 2014

Right! The CDs have been removed by eBay. I am unable to issue refunds to both people who bought, but I will offer them each a Colored Commission and an Autographed Photo to make up for this. And, complimentary, a cd set will be burned for them anyway. Again, the MAIN PURCHASE FOR THE TWO BUYERS ARE THE COMMISSIONS AND PHOTOS.

My most sincere apologies. I am sorry.

Stressful Week!!!!!!!

Shortly afterwards, Chris wrote another post on the subject:

19 July 2014

Just noticed the two cd sets sold removed from my sold feed. Did eBay refund the two buyers? I don't understand.

Damn you Trolls!!!!!!!!!!

Kim replied to him with the following post:

Oh, that was probably taken down because of your piracy, Chris. You might want to be more careful about which things you try to bootleg for profit. It can be kind of tricky sometimes.

(Still working on your okcupid messages, just got work to go to sometimes!)

Tracking woes

21 July 2014

I have just checked the tracking info for one of my non-US customers to better understand the tracking process of eBay's GSP; I feel it to be confusing here and there, but I have found that after sorting it out, I could better understand where it had gone to and when. And it still began with the Tracking number USPS provided me that led to the GSP in Kentucky. Including my recent experience where I found I might have wrote the provided REF # alongside the provided GSP address more than once on two of the photos. I will take more caution and care to pay better attention to that detail in all future shipments, and then should a mix up happen again, I will then ask for the direct address for reshipment.

I am only doing what I am able to like anyone else would do.

After finishing the post, Chris added:

Unlike the lazy Trolls who only use their energy to needlessly bully others for Hatred's reason.

Why must people hate another at all? Good Grief.

Spirit Plumber replied to Chris with the following comment:

Chris, I don't think anyone hates you. It's more like, you've been a source of amusement. Either embrace it, or stop being that.


Then everyone should not hate on the one who amuses them.

Kim soon budged in:

Spirit Plumber is specifically saying they don't hate you.


If they REALLY, TRULY do not Hate Me, then they ALL would take down the Cwcki website and it's forum and quite bitch-mouthing and tormenting me with hurtful content and most visually offensive shit images (including images of shit). I am Truly And Sincerely Serious.

Shipping details

"Sonichu's Zapping Boom"
"Sweethearts Playing a Round"
24 July 2014

Hey, all. My next shipment date is tomorrow, the 25th. Currently, it is a handful of autographed photos and one commission, which I will draw and color today.

If anyone else purchases a photo today, I can guarantee them to be shipped with the rest on the 25th.

OR, y'all can buy one of my two featured framed pieces on their current listings below. THAT would Truly help my mother and the dental work of teeth replacement she really needs right now. The hundreds of dollars will benefit her and would really be appreciated.

So Buy Today for Guaranteed Shipping Tomorrow on Friday the Today. Thank You.

Bonus drawings for autographed photo buyers

24 July 2014

Also, as an extra incentive, ALL who order an autographed Photo within a little over 24 Hours after THIS Post's listing (3:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time), Regardless of country or local, I will include a single character drawing (pen only; no color; character or person may be requested, including celebrity head shots). Just let me know in your message upon or shortly after checkout. Thank You.

New default autographed photo

24 July 2014
Chris with medallion - July 2014.jpg

Also, check out the NEW Default Photo that will be sent out from now on if no photograph request has been made.

After a Facebook user named Jon Theoneeyedguy Webber wrote a two comments insulting Chris, Chris gave him the following reply:

Okay, you ARE A MAJOR CYBER BULLY AND FRIGGING TROLL, Jon. So, you have just sealed yourself, MALE!

The sale is extended

25 July 2014

Good News: I have decided to extend the offer of free character drawings with autograph photos towards the weekend through Monday the 28th; Noon Eastern Standard Time.

But I have reached my current limit; any orders placed for the photos placed between now and Noon on Monday will be guaranteed shipped on Monday. Thank you all for your patronage and support.

My mother and I still need the money

28 July 2014

I have refilled the quantity of available photos on my listing. My mother and I still need the money, so please let me Commission for you all. All photo sales do help me as well. And there will be new Featured Frames Pieces available next month as well.

Barb needed an entertainment center

29 July 2014

drog6961 is the LAST person in the US I will be adding a single character drawing this time around. That Special is Over for this time.

But everyone who purchased recently are still eligible for Free Upgrades on the $50 or $100 Commissions.

And I need more money for another fresh color ink cartridge, as well as shipping ALL TEN (and Counting) recent orders. I have had to buy groceries, a color cartridge and my mother made me buy her impulsive want of an entertainment center furniture at Goodwill.

Good Grief.

Comments by Chris

Corrupted Jerkops

A local news story stated, "Virginia State Troopers are competing with state police agencies across the country to see who has the best looking cruiser." Chris responded:

13 July 2014

The more accurate question is where are there the Most of the Corrupted of Jerkops in the US? The answer: Charlottesville.

But he's young at heart

The Skylanders Game page asked fans how old they were. Chris said:

13 July 2014