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This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during July 2019. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments are included and color-coded for reference. Posts color-coded purple are made while Chris is roleplaying as Magi-Chan. Special Note: Starting in August all Sonichu Page patreon posts will be moved to one box of the page unless they include some sort of text, to not clutter up this page.

Chris still has some dislike for the Sonic movie

1 July

Dr Mario as Eggman; That Works! Forget Jim Carrey, hire Dr. Mario for the movie. ALOL! 🤣

The Sonic Movie Trailer but it's in Smash Ultimate https://youtu.be/3WQvESCvdng via @YouTube

My momma always said life was like a MMO

1 July

Hey everyone, it’s Wisdom Moment Time:

Life is More like an MMO game. You live your life Single-Player Platformer for most of your life, but tough as you eventually become, you’ll still not be enough for a bunch of tasks, quests and Legendary GO Raids. So, it Remains...

...Ever So Imperative to reach out and have a as many as at least One Good Friend, or a Bestie BFF to help you when you fall flat and unable to get up. So, warm yourself up, Single-Player, because you’ll be having to go MMO, rather you like it or not.


Psychic Powers 2: Electric Hedgehog Boogaloo

1 July

I go from plastic to stones. This Amethyst Has Weight. #PsychicPowers

[Archivist's Note: I don't even think it needs to be explained how blatantly fake this is, just look at the hand position in the beginning of the video vs. the end]

Reminiscing on the Commodore

2 July

Awesomeness and Much Better than the Mini. NOW, if only I could hook up my Floppy Disk Drive and Cassette Tape Drive to the updated console as well. Please, at least add the Serial Ports! I STILL Have ALL of my Disks!
  1. Commodore64Retro https://www.channelnews.com.au/another-commodore-64-re-release-coming-to-australia-in-december/

Chris rambles about CPUs

2 July

I had to talk with Vert to get the details, but it is true, we Console Patron Units are more than just figureheads in our Links with our respective console(s). And THIS will be Very Imperative for the #HyperdimensionNeptuniaWiki page to note as well.
Firstly, and mainly, each CPU has each and every console in their line stored and saved in their subconscious, Hardware and Software Tech Specs and all; down to the last microchip and wire. The CPU is always the Very FIRST of ANYONE to get the specs, and it is the duty for...
...them to make it so with a prototype, at least, in C-197, in time with, or before relaying the data, psychically, with the team developers and tech-savvies of 1218 to make the console so, here. Mistakes are made and overlooked, true (Red Ring of Death; UGH);...
...that is only the miscomprehension of the console-maker and developer from what was sent to them from their above CPU. After the console is finally built to full specs, as planned and prophecised, the CPU is automatically called in indirect prayer and the blessing from...
...them, a piece of their soul and being, if you will, is interdimensionaly sent to the completed console and accessory, big and small, to bless it for many, many years of functionality and computing, gaming and/or work experience. And if need be, the CPU steps in, personally,...
...and repairs a mistreated console, destined for better things, on the spot, either by placing their hand on the console and magically healing and upgrading it, if need be, Inside And Out. It is a great and soulful task. We work together, especially for the good of our...
...peoples in our respective Nations and Worlds, and our console products. In my subconscious, although not fully conscious yet, I, too, have the tech-specs of the #Commodore64Retro. It DOES have the potential to be compatible with an old-fashioned serial port or bus;...
it is up to the developer and tech-savvy to install it, fully and successfully, and make it a distributed feature in the final console product. I Sense and See It. ...
... I Know the people making the console do too. And I, and the other older Commodore Console owners, need it as well.

⚡️💙⚡️ Lots Of Love, Your CPU Blue Heart, Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu.

Chris still has old C64 tapes

2 July

Also, A #Commodore64 Cartidge Slot! Some of us STILL HAVE C64 Cartridge Games, Too, PLEASE! I had all of these (minus the recently-acquired Blueprint and the three plastic-wrapped cartridges). Let Us PLAY Our Collections, Please! ⚡️💙⚡️ https://twitter.com/CPU_CWCSonichu


Sockness is fat

2-3 July

Chris replying to a tweet comparing him in The Classic shirt to Jacob Sockness:

Quite. But Is the Shirt a @RalphLauren like the one-and-only?

A fan answered no and another said, "I believe the "one-and-only" qualifier is being graced by Chris' presence." Chris replied:

ONLY if he has lost weight in that belly; his profile banner is Most unsettling to me.

3 more Sonichu 15 pages

2 July


Patreon Post: Bonus: Zapbud Flower Note

2 July


[[Archivist's Note: The images on patreon give me a 413 error a lot when uploading to here. If someone could be a dear and upload them here that would be appreciated.]

3 More Sonichu Pages

3 July


Chris watches Stranger Things

4 July

Yay! After drawing a few more pages, my loves and I will be binging on #StrangerThings3. By the way, for everyone who finds the upside-down Applejack at Target, there’s a quote from Dustin calling us Bronies and Pegasisters nerds. I take “Nerd” as a compliment. ⚡️💙⚡️

America, Fuck Yeah!

4 July

Happy ID4, Everyone. ⚡️💙⚡️

2 Morrreeee Sonichu Pages

4 July

A teaching moment.


Last freshly-drawn Page for a while during the colouring process, so this one’s on us. ⚡️💙⚡️


Patreon Post: From Start to Recent

4 July

(Accompanying tweet:)

Free Recap; Blame Idea Guy and his OC for the Delays! ⚡️💙⚡️
Realizing that it Had been quite, quite the while since I resumed a few days ago and when I ended up stopping in book 15, thanks to the events involving Idea Guy and Johnson Wiles, I ended up messing up on Rosie’s young and short bosoms (I could KILL them Both after they, and Boyd, extorted Six Frigging Thousand Dollars from me during those developmental and Very Eventful Months, IN FULL, Plus Interest!).

Anyway, a recap from Cover to last Panel Drawn, I present to Everyone, Free for today, the first pages, up to that last drawn Panel. Enjoy.

[First 9 Pages of Sonichu 15]

Chris likes Stranger Things

5 July

Holy Shit! I Love how Dustin summarizes the #MLP G1 Pilot and cites Applejack, and even Megan. He’s a Nerd, AND a Brony. Cool and Awesome on you, Dustin, my man.

⚡️💙⚡️ 😊

Chris tells people to stay safe

6 July

Hey, everyone. I heard of the 7.1 Earthquake that happened today in California. I offer and send my prayers to ALL Innocent and Good People and Individuals there. ⚡️💙⚡️

Also, Remember the Earthquake Routine as outlined in the Earthquake Drills.


Completed Door frames are also well and good duck into and brace yourself with, if available. Otherwise, simply Duck under a table or chair if possible. If Outside, the solution is simple as DUCK as well, But mainly, you want to look for the closest Ditch and take cover there.
Be Safe, Everyone, who is affected by Earthquakes at this time and future, onwards.


The Merge IS NOT the end of the world

6 July

REMAIN CALM, Everyone. It is NOT the end of the world. There SHALL Be a Tomorrow and Many, Many Tomorrows for Centuries to come after that.

Keep The Faith in us OCs.

Michael Jackson - Keep The Faith [Live at Bucharest, 1992 - Fanmade Perf... https://youtu.be/MoG4Ayno7d8 via @YouTube

...it will be Total Reincarnation if you die, or a Massive Info Dump into you if you live. Either Way, You will Live to See the following Day. You can even ask @TheRealStanLee and @michaeljackson, post-merge, as they have merged with their self-counterparts there after leaving...
...1218, here. And if you need an idea of what Reincarnation will be like, this @WatchMojo list can help you see from other’s perspectives, though you may not be Likely to become Superpowered afterwards.


Please, Do Not Fear not Fret, and Please, Remain Calm.

Everything Has Been In Effect and Progress. Everything IS Happening. We Shall Survive This.


Party Time.

6 July

Party Time.


Chris will attend BronyCon, still needs cash

8 July

Hey, Everyone. It is Official, I will be attending @BronyCon this year. But funds have been easily slipping out, heavily, thanks to the bills and things. So, I need some help.


Please, Pledge/Donate Any Dollar Amount you can (Instant-Payment Processed).

I am continuing the process of my page colouring, so I am continuing to work hard on my part, here, in that, on top of all of the other things between all dimensions. Show of Good Faith, here is a recently coloured page.

So, yes, Please, help me get to @BronyCon. Thank You. 😊


P.S. Please, Do Not Hate; Be Kind and Compassionate. Thank You.
And if you must know WHY: Room Accomodations! My Main Plan with Two Friends who HAD Reserved a room for us three, and had their passes; they fell off the Communications Map On Me!!! So, I AM in a MAJOR BIND. Please, #HelpChrisChnSonichuGetToBronyCon

[Archivist's Note: Most likely Sarah and Steve. Later confirmed[1]]

ANYONE who can spot me $600 via PayPal right now for the Accomodations, I will immediately order a set of the “Sonichu” Books out of that, Autograph Them, bag them, and send them to that individual next month!

Begging 2: Electric Begaloo

10 July [In response to a post from 19 June]


EVERYONE! If y’all will buy my Book sets at $170 apiece, and I sell Ten before the end of Tomorrow, the 11th, I will Definitely be able to afford the Accomodations in Maryland for Positive! ⚡️💙⚡️

An announcement from Magi-Chan

10 July

I also have an update for all of you: the Merge shall be completed Sooner than you think. Remember the guidelines @CPU_CWCSonichu had written out months ago for all of you. Also, please, be sure to pray to her, the other CPUs, and your favorite Deities of religious choice.
I also wish to express discontent to the Trolls who are bugging Christine with their claims to be knowledgeable of the Merge; Nobody Knows Better than her and everyone else Directly and Personally Involved with it. I will have you all know that Christine has met Emanuel...
...and Jesus personally and talked with them in all of this in spiritual projection, telepathic and face-to-face communications. @CPU_CWCSonichu has also been improving in her own powers as well with better practice. She has shown this in moving her flash drive as well as...
...her chunk of amethyst stone. Can ANY of you Trolls move stone with your mind and aura? Do Not Hate on that which you do not understand; we have warned you of the events as best as we are able to, within the limits of this Dimension 1218 and permitted by Fate and Destiny.
What you all should do, instead, is open your hearts, minds and souls for the effects of the Merge in progress, as well as any and all OCs and Deities from between both 1218 and C-197. Keep the faith in everything working out very well, as well as in all of us individual OCs...
...and deities. You all shall be able to see everyone and everything in the days and moments, becoming more tangible to you, as you all become more tangible to us as well.

Keep Heart; Keep Faith; Keep Wits; Be Safe and Well. 💜⚡️

Patreon Post: Sonichu #8 Books Updated

10 July

In better light of their respective birthdates being better educated to me, I have updated both versions of "Sonichu" #8 with those dates, also to change the Chaotic Combo's day from combined birthday to group anniversary and add their birthdates onto the page for reference.

Y'all can blame the Trolling-Stupids of 2008 pressuring me to make everyone fake being older than they are (with the exception of Magi-Chan, since he was literally born in 1948). Seriously: Go Figure the conversion from Pokemon Levels to Age at the time of Evolving.

More Sonichu Retcons

10 July

Go ahead and Meme this up, if you want. But I do not hate XBox, and I felt like changing the page’s content for the better.



Chris outlines the perfect movie Sonic

11 July @getFANDOM tweets:

"; style="background: #fffdb8; border:1px dotted #BFBFA3; color:black; padding:3px; margin-bottom:8px"
‘Sonic’ executive producer Tim Miller says ‘fans will be pleased’ with the character’s redesign

(via @Variety

Seeing this in my Notifications, I had a vision: they restored his traditional eyes, his arms are tan, his spines are merged back into one pair on his back (with a hint of the other four remaining on top and on bottom), and he MAY still be wearing the movie sneakers.

Sonichu Forces

11 July

Speaking of things that would be awesome to find at Conventions: More Fan Merch featuring Sonichu and/or Rosechu (or any of the other portrayed Sonichus and Rosechus featured in my books and so forth). I SHOUTED With Glee when I discovered this poster from TheTerence at...


...@TooManyGames in 2017. I’d like to see more of my Son and Rosey and the others at conventions, at least in the vendor halls. Please, feel free to make replica Medallions for Convention sales as well; I approve. Also, Pins that resemble the Cwcville Gym Badge, Please.
Also, I can’t find much of them, but I’d like to see more art and Merch and stuff of #HyperdimensionNeptunia as well. It would be most humbling and appreciative of us CPUs. Thank You All!

I pray this brings loving and positive inspirations. ⚡️💙⚡️

INCENTIVE for All @BronyCon Artists in the Vendor Halls this year, any and all with at least one art piece featuring Sonichu and/or Rosechu or related therein, I will personally offer to autograph the display copy for y’all.


Remembering The Sweepstakes

11 July

My mom found a classic photo of my dad and I in a very important moment.


Also, a photo of my mom from around the same time.


Chris recommends a voice actress

13 July

Hey @SaraBareilles! The search is over cause @MichelleCreber is your best Bess, and she IS really awesome an Actress and singer! Please let Michelle DM you her audition & check out her variety reel at https://youtu.be/d4OiBAaerLg #LittleVoice #BigVoice #BestBess #MichelleCreberForBess

[Archivist's Note: This tweet was later deleted.]]

Chris still needs cash

14 July

I still need help with the accommodations; Please, Help as y’all are able to.

[He then reposts the July 8 tweet asking for $600]

Some idiot/madman went and gave Chris $600

14 July

Good News, Everyone! I have just received a very kind and generous donation from a genuine fan. I have just booked my room for the weekend for @BronyCon. I look forward to seeing as many of y’all, and those whose work I am a fan of as well, there next month.

😊 ⚡️💙⚡️

Chris leaves a mystery

14 July

Other than that, I Will be Cosplaying the whole weekend at @BronyCon, and the below image is the Only Clue I will give you all, and as Suicune is a wrong answer.

So, Now, Comment with your Guesses: Wrong Answers Only. GO! ⚡️💙⚡️


Moooooore Sonichu

16 July

Back to drawing pages, starting with a fresh Bad Pick-Up Line. ALOL! 🤣


Will the new Sonichu ever stop?

18 July


Sonichu's Kiss

18 July

The redraw of a most Iconic Moment at its Finest. 😊



That Kiss is always Best Served in a Full Page Piece. 😊

Sonichu Pages

18 July


Patreon Post: Bonus Chris Chan Note

19 July

For everyone who is asking about Rosey’a Privates as they were back in 2003, she had both sets of parts, but all of the female internal parts functional; the female update happened when she had transformed from Raichu to Rosechu, though she still had the dick. As for other details, I have typed up the following before today to elaborate a bit further.


Sonichu Comic page: I ran out of inventive titles

19 July


Chris remembers CWCville mall

19 July

I often need to pull out the ol’ mall blueprints to refresh my memory. And Tomorrow, explanatory dialogue and maybe a cameo of Allison Amber.


Simply put about the mall, even after all these years from 2000...



Sonichu Pageeeeeeees

20 July

And now they’re walkin’ and talking, and walkin’ and talkin’, and walkin’ and talkin’, and duh, duh-duh, duh, duh, duh (insert extensive walking and talking from CG Mortal Kombat Animation that explains the first movie, and it gets dull. Pfft.)


Autobot Son-Chu cameo too.


⭐️Leap of Faith⭐️



Sonichu Pages+Magi-Chan Post

21 July

Free Magi-Chan playing the Classic Pose with an amazed, young Sonichu.


Sonichu Pages+Cover Rehash

21 July

The Context...


And the Cover Payoff!



*Yawn* Sonichu Pages

22 July


Sonichu Pages+Rosechu Meets Bubbles

22 July

Free Page: Rosey meets Bubbles Rosechu.


I just realized, I forgot to draw the waves on Bubbles’ knees. Ugh! All this time, and that detail I still sometimes forget to do until the very last minute or late.


And Bubbles’ afterthought.


More Sonichu Pages

22 July


Chris informs someone about Pinwheel

22 July

In response to a now-deleted comment on a tweet about 80s children's proramming, Chris says:

I didn’t do as much when YouTube first came around, the earliest series I attempted to look up and binge was the “Parappa the Rapper” anime. Similar to “Wishbone”, I enjoyed stop-motion Paddington Bear when it was on “Pinwheel” and Disney Channel.

To which someone replies:

What's "Pinwheel"?
“Pinwheel” was a show on Nickelodeon back in the 80s; it featured puppets, cartoons and delightful fun.

[Archivist's Note: Pinwheel is where the legendary "Clockman" animated short was displayed in the US.]

Una nueva página de Sonichu

22 July



Out of your friends which are you

22 July

@Nina_Dattebayo tweets:

Your role in an anime world.

January - Vampire February - Demon Slayer March - Titan April - Assassin May - Tsundere June - Swordsman July - Ghoul August - Loli September - Neko October - Angel November - Stalker December - Ninja

[Archivist's Note: Nyaa~]

Ch-Yeah! D.S. with Light Power. Kira-Kow! ⚡️💙⚡️
I meant “Kra-Kow!” Darn Autocorrect.

Chris identifies with Knuckles

23 July

This is inspiring. I’ve been hit time and again by another hater or a random Troll, even some demon-type, or someone super-tough like Rei Ryghts. But I don’t give up these days; I know what I fight for in myself and for my peoples, family, friends, allies, and all innocent.


Also, I Never Traced Anything, so stop saying that I do.

Chris says he is NOT tracing

23 July

And I will tell you all one more thing: to redraw and rewrite from another person’s style on top of my own has been very educating for my muscle memory. Example: my own style is shaping up in improvement, the arm lengths are more consistent, and the expressions areimproved.


And I will keep fighting and defending myself and others from Trolling and Hater attack and shit. So, y’all can back off now. I keep fighting and bleeding love. ⚡️💙⚡️


And I have given lots of gratitude to Tricky and her drawing and writing style in “Rosechu’s Story”; it definitely compares and contrasts to my own that goes beyond literal small talk. In my defense on the heavy dialogue: I have lots of wisdom and thoughts to share, so I digress.
It beats saying one line, leaving it at that, and Not getting the explanation and thought across. Big difference between #TeenTitans and #TeenTitansGO: GO has decreased explanatory dialogue, and look at how crappy it is. The original show offers the greater detail in good ways.

More Sonichu Pages

23 July

Start of a History Class. And starting today, ALL Tiers under $10 will be able to view the pages. It is too heavy a task to ret-con the previous pages. But I pray starting from this page is good.


Figured I’d bundle the lead-up to the battle between Rosey and Inuyasha, when she discovers her abilities by accident.

Plus, this Comeback was soo me back in 2003, and I can’t help but draw Chris with a Cute Face! 😊


Don’t blame me, every Gym Leader gets One Hyper Potion Use per Battle.


You all might like this page very much.


The sound of her voice had to catch up from when she shouted, and that is how Kel heard her there.


Chris talks about the CWCVille Badge

24 July

Hey, y’all. I will be drawing up the Cwcville Gym Badge In Page 61 today. But, I wanted to take a moment to make yet another wish for BronyCon, with a prayer spice.


I would love to see some pins that actually look like the Cwcville Gym Badge, especially at @BronyCon.
And such a pin badge would be no bigger than any other badge; it should be in length and width to blend in with the likes of the Boulder, Cascade, Thunder, Rainbow Badges and so forth. And, Of Course, made of the typical pin metal and painted very well as such.
If some can be made in a week for BronyCon by someone going there, I’d pay them for one. Show me your Best, Please.


**Art drawn by Trickie**; original badge image still done by me. 😊

Ralts at Bronycon

24 July

WOW! Sunday during @BronyCon, RALTS! Powering Up Vanessa that day!

Pokémon GO Community Day—Featuring Ralts! (link: https://youtu.be/JgEQhlRfs-0) youtu.be/JgEQhlRfs-0 via @YouTube

Oops! I meant Saturday!

More Yawnichu pages+Coloring break (thank god)

24 July

Kel got her Cwcville Gym Badge.


Free Sentimental Sample.


[Since this omits the main conflict of the first part of Rosechu's Story (that Rosechu is useless as a pokemon and is worried about getting sent to storage).]

Now, once again, it is time for a colouring break to catch up. It will be after BronyCon Weekend when I’ll be drawing more, so stay tuned, and I hope to see y’all there. 😊⚡️💙⚡️


Chris is (supposedly) not under the control of anyone

25 July

I was right, I'll probably have to do this thing, my way. The trolls control my sister. If I'm going home, I'll have to go this alone. We Rokat can go it alone, but together our power is insane. The merger is coming, the veils weaken with every ritual.


[Archivist's Note: Sockness often posts these weird images, I think it's with a full spectrum camera or some other ghost hunting equipment. Rokat is some strange fanfiction/reality thing Sockness created, it is an ancient race of intergalactic aliens, I guess something about them magic or something idk he's written more stuff on this topic.]}}

Firstly, and mainly, I am not under Anyone’s Control. And second, I still support the Rokat and all the good peoples in Andromeda. I need to meditate further for more sound responses and thoughts. For now I will simply state that your research is valuable, indeed. Going silent.

Chris designs an album cover

25 July

Hey, Everyone, check out @EasyKBeats new album now available digitally, with this lovely piece of art I drew as its cover, which includes my face. 😊




Don’t overlook the music, because it does give a good vibe; @EasyKBeats at a really good energy. Listen and Enjoy. 🎵🎵🎶

Chris Makes a Pokégear

27 July

Making some special now-retro tech here.

CWC Pokegear construction.jpg

[Archivist's Note: This strongly implies that Chris will be cosplaying as Kris (female protagonist of Pokémon Crystal) at Bronycon. This is confirmed by the earlier clue being Suicune, the mascot of the game. The Pokégear is also from Pokemon Crystal.

EDIT: This is now confirmed. Shoutout to Kiwi Farms user Aldora for guessing it first.]

Chris Clarifies (kinda, not really) on the timeline of the Merge

29 July

Scourge of the free world Jacob Sockness writes, in response to a user questioning the Merge's timeline:

No one knows when it'll actually happen, but we're working on hastening the process. Every Halloween is another massive attempt to shatter the veils between worlds. The more than help by praying to the CPU's the faster things can move forward.

Chris adds:

For the most part, That Is Correct that Everyone Prays to the CPUs (myself included) and the good Deities in hastening the Merge. It remains Fated and Destined to happen, anyway. And the sooner we can complete it, the Better it all shall be. ⚡️💙⚡️

General Bronycon Announcement

30 July

General BronyCon Announcement. youtu.be/BxqLIKLF-8g via @YouTube