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Name Christian
Gender Male
Race White
Nationality American

Copitz is a YouTuber and a speedrunner on Twitch who lives in Charlottesville. Starting in May 2018, he began visiting Chris and recording videos of him and his friends chatting with Chris while visiting local areas. Copitz would also play a role in developing The Chris Chan Conspiracy docuseries, organizing a meet-up between TheGamerFromMars and Chris at his home.

Initial Visit

Copitz described himself as a big fan of Chris, and obsessively watched Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History. Upon realizing that he lived just 20 minutes away from him, he drew a batch of fanart and went with his friend Eric to Chris's house. They rang the doorbell, gave the fanart, and took a picture with him. Chris gave both of them a kiss on the cheek, and then made a tweet about the interaction. Copitz also mentioned the possibility of them making a video together.

Today two very handsome Young Men came to my house to Hand Deliver some Fan Art!

I humbly accepted their Gifts, gave them Great Big Kisses (on the CHEEK) and sent them on their way!

I might even do a Video with them Sometime Soon! 🌈🌈[1]

After this interaction, Copitz signed up to Kiwi Farms and made a thread on the forum, not knowing that the forum largely has a negative opinion of Chris.[2]

Chris Chan lives only 20 minutes away from me and I am a big fan, so I couldn't miss the opportunity to meet THE CWC. I drew some fan-art and drove to Chris's house with my friend, rang the doorbell, and was greeted by a friendly and familiar face. Chris took the art and let me take a picture of us, gave us a big kiss on the cheek and we we left. It was a very interesting experience to meet somebody so iconic.

CWC with Copitz 1.jpg

Kiwi Farms started insulting him for many reasons, including his appearance. Copitz decided to clarify his intentions.

Barb showed up to the door while we were talking to Chris, but we did not speak to her.[3]
Just to clear things up, I didn't have any intentions other than saying hi and asking if Chris wanted to make a video with me just for fun. Nothing else. I apologize that I did not make my intentions clear in the first place.[4]

The Fanart


Chris with Copitz on the day of the interview
Main article: A Chat with Christine Weston Chandler/Chris Chan

Copitz started talking about his planned video in his KF thread.

The video I am hoping to make will just be us hanging out, going to McDonalds, and/or playing some video games - just something for fun, not making fun of Chris in any way.[5]
I definitely see why you say that. I appreciate you trying to be reasonable, but I am not planning on going any farther than us making a video together, and there's a small chance we would make more in the future if Chris would want to. But I have no intentions to do any livestreaming together or anything of the sort. Yes, I may see a marginal increase of views on my YouTube channel, but that is only somewhat of a side-benefit. Mostly I just thought it would be an iconic experience to meet and make a video with such a popular personality online, and I felt like it would be fun. Bragging here on kiwifarms was just the first thing I thought of when I got home, as I have seen this website before in relation with Chris, but I realize now that this was not the place to be posting, even though I probably would have ended up being posted on here by a third party anyway.[6]

On 26 May 2018, Copitz went with Lee and a group of other friends to interview Chris. Copitz posted it on Kiwi Farms, where it was largely criticized for the lack of interesting questions asked, however this did not bother him. The video is most notable for firmly establishing the friendship between Copitz and Chris.

Ghost Hunting

Main article: Ghost Hunting with Chris Chan

During February 2019, almost an year after their last interaction, Copitz, Lee, and a third friend all visited Chris to ghost hunt at the DeJarnette Center for Human Development in Staunton, Virginia. Not much actual ghost hunting happens in the video, and the four mostly just walk around and talk about ghosts and other topics. Copitz later complimented Chris on his empathy for the victims of Joseph DeJarnette, both on and off camera.

The Chris Chan Conspiracy

Main article: The Chris Chan Conspiracy

During December 2019, Copitz was contacted by the YouTuber TheGamerFromMars, who wanted to interview Chris for his documentary series 'The Chris Chan Conspiracy'. Copitz accepted, and contacted Chris to plan the interview with him. Eventually, GFM drove to 14 Branchland Court, and met up with Chris and Copitz. They walk with Chris in his backyard, play games with him in his room, walk around the neighborhood, go to a restaurant, before ending the video by chatting to Chris on his gazebo. Copitz later released a deleted scene on his YouTube channel.

Other Interactions

Copitz giving Chris a ride in May 2019

Copitz is known to have invited Chris to his Discord server, however he never chatted.

On 3 May 2019, Copitz accidentally ran into Chris at the downtown mall, who asked him for a ride. Copitz agreed to give Chris a ride, and also took a picture with him.[7]

On 25 May 2019, Copitz was contacted by the YouTuber Nick Robinson, who wanted to arrange an interview with Chris about the character Pappy Van Poodle from Rusty's Real Deal Baseball. Copitz agreed with this, and set up a video call with Chris and Nick, which was posted online.

In February 2020, Copitz's friend Xleepy reached out to him in order to arrange a meeting with Chris, which would be recorded and added to Xleepy's channel trailer. Copitz contacted Chris, and he made the video with Xleepy on 29 February. Copitz is seen sitting next to Chris while he showcases his psychic powers.

On 25 December 2022, Copitz left a comment on Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History Episode 70,[8] which featured his ghost hunting footage.

holy shit hahaha this is awesome. ngl it's so weird but cool to see myself in the Geno documentary after obsessively watching that very same documentary for hours upon hours prior to ever meeting Chris.

Thank you Geno for sharing my video with people! And I'm glad you found some use of it

Just a correction, February was when we filmed the Dejarnette video, about a month prior to uploading it, as I was running into issues with the PC I was using to edit

I want to note how interesting I find what I interpret as - despite all of the things Chris has done which have hurt people - as a huge amount of empathy exhibited by Chris when it comes to the victims of Dejarnette. And the empathy they had for me during our video, with how kind they were. I will also say that from what I remember of our conversations 1-on-1 off camera, Chris was clearly far more interested in talking about me than about themself and trying to help me figure out issues in my life through what they believed to be their powers. Chris obviously has a very different view of the world from us all and it may help people wishing to understand them better to realize that despite the hurt a person may have caused in others, the reason behind their hurtful actions often comes from a desire to help both that person and themselves, yet the decision to do so can be warped by the only way they know how to understand things and a maladaptive level of empathy for themselves.

This is why I truly hope Chris is finding happiness in the obviously inherently unhappy reality of prison through living within their own reality. And maybe some people can find empathy for Chris if they can see the empathy Chris has themselves, no matter how maladaptive.

Thanks again Geno! Hope you had a merry Christmas!

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