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This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during May 2018. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments will be included and color-coded for reference.

Cryzel Rosechu approves of fanart

1 May

Chris liked two fanart pieces of Cryzel, then commented:

Totes Kawaii! She and I think so ever so much! ❤️💙💜
She and I say it’s Awesome!

Of note is that the tweets are geotagged from Hollymead, Virginia.

Mad at Facebook friends

1 May

Chris shared a memory of a post from 2017 about The Classic shirt and commented:

One year ago, I fixed and patched up the old shirt; the next, it’s holey bad in the armpits again. LOL

Sydnee Wagner joked:

This is like a montage out of nightmare on elm street. Freddy gets his sweater back.

Chris was displeased:

I am Not a Monster.

Sydnee replied:

Are you sure? You ran someone over.

Mellanie Chafe chimed in:

She ran someone over!?

Sydnee Wagner linked to this website's article:

Chris shot back:

You are now Blocked. Before continuing to insult me whenever possible you should consider Going to the Gym Yourself, as I feel YOU could stand to Lose Some Weight!

The drama continued on another Facebook post, where Chris became annoyed at someone for using his pre-transition name:

On Facebook's comment section:

Jackie Mei:

Stay strong Chris!



Jackie Mei:


Mellanie Chafe:

my moms name is Christine. Sometimes people call her Chris.


I'm neutral about people calling me "Chris" or "Christine" but I would like if you Good People would respect my chosen name.

Mellanie Chafe:

I think people respect it.


You should see my inbox. There is Much Hate coming my way from all corners of the internet.

Mellanie Chafe:

well, that sucks, but I guess it comes with being out and about on the internet.


AND you, Ms. Mellanie - I see you laughing at me for Running Somebody Over. That is not what a FRIEND does! BLOCKED! You covertly insult me, but You and Your Husband could use some Gym Time as well!

Whining about Patreon backers reducing pledges

1 May

feeling disappointed.

I'm feeling a mite upset right now. I just checked my Patreon (All Pledges were processed), it WAS at over $900 total about last Sunday, as said on my Patreon Page; but today, I ended up with $450! UGH!!!

Note: At this point, Chris had gone for 95 days without uploading new pages for the Sonichu comic.

Kenneth Engelhardt BTFO

2 May

Engelhardt returned to Chris's Facebook and commented on three posts, only for Chris to respond rudely, prompting Engelhardt to walk away from him there. However, he couldn't resist staying away and quickly ran to Chris on Twitter.

He first commented on the previous post about Patreon:

Did you call customer support to see what was going on?

Chris replied:

I'm getting back into my Creative Mind after several months of being off my feet. More on THAT situation another time!

Engelhardt then commented on Chris offering his license plate for sale on eBay:

Hold on a minute, are you sure you have that cleared with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles?

Chris put Engelhardt in his place:

Ken, Please Stop. Or I will unfriend you, Again.

Engelhardt grovelled:

My apologies.

Later, on 3 May, Engelhardt replied to another commentator on the Patreon update:

Taimur Rahman said:

i think its patreon's new donation system, i believe they take 50% of your income to sustain their site. lets boycott patreon.

Engelhardt replied:

50% ? That's outrageous.

Chris shot back:

You're outrageous, Ken. Stop Commenting. This is your Last Warning. You are welcome to pledge to my Patreon, should you choose.

Kengle had enough:

Friendships don't work this way Christine. Goodbye.

Hours later, on 4 May, Engelhardt issued a tweet, tagged to no one at all:

I've unfriended you but you are still welcome to follow and comment on my public Facebook page.

He then commented on one of Chris's posts:

That is true. Your fans are hungry. Well-fed fans are generous fans.

...prompting Chris to react with anger:

What is Your Problem?! Even though this is May the 4th - I repeat - YOU ARE NOT MY FATHER!

Although by 5 May, tensions had settled back down:

Have you considered a project manager? They can help with work layout, publicity, the bottom line and so forth.
If I had even remotely Knew of such a Manager YEARS ago, I seriously would have done that sooner. Eeyup.

Begging for sales money to ship books

4 May

I did not mean to show lack of appreciation to those who did give me the money. I was upset, because my plans including catching up (everyone of the past three months gets a copy of @BryanShickley ‘s book as well); all of the books have been ordered, and I could not have done it without the sale of my license plate on eBay. I still need more money for shipping them out in about a week or two, please. So, please buy more from my eBay to help.

Bryan Shickley:

Please don't drag me into this. I've drawn your OCs more than you at this point and I don't make a percent of a percent of what you make for doing nothing.

How to be delusional

4 May


Chris Chandler always get me wondering: If my creations, the OCs I created over the years, were able to talk to me what would they say? Would they like me? What happens when I'm not thinking about them.

Then, I remember that little thing called reality.

They ARE REAL! And you CAN talk with them in Psychic mind-link. About Every Creator and Artist with characters, and even imaginary friends, all possess this ability to communicate with them in the other worlds and dimensions. You Can Too, @handofgalochio ! Open your mind and ❤️

Anything Is Possible! Go Beyond This World and Reality!

Bryan walks away

5 May

Following tweets by Bryanfrogboy...

Chris I said this once and if I'm honest it needs to be said again. PLEASE see a doctor about this. Healthy functional humans don't see cartoons everywhere. I know this is hard for you but I just want to see you be a healthy breadwinning adult.
Just frustrated with Chris berating her fans on patreon for not paying her when she has given her fans next to nothing.

Chris gets all the money for the book[1] and that’s fine. I don’t want my name on it anymore.

I wouldn’t care so much. My goal this year was to break into comics with real people. 1 Page a day minimum. I just wish Chris could make... 20-30 pages in a year would be something. It’s just sad. I feel weird making more Chris content than she has this year.

...and his girlfriend...

yo crispy western Chandler , I've been quite about this, i want you to not sexualize my boyfriend please.


@BryanShickley @weta_ink Y'all think I don't read this? My heart is Broken! I was being playful and flirty! You should check out the show "Polyamory" on Showtime. It's on Amazon Prime, too! I hope I didn't make you feel jealousy!

Last six months, imminent financial ruin

5 May

This was made in a series of four tweets.

1. Yesterday, I noticed y'all giving me a lot of.. hate. I wish that Everyone in this world would see me for the True Hearted and Loving person I am. You need to understand - I am not delusional and cartoony! During the last six months, something Really Bad happened to me and...
2.I can't talk about it on here for Very Specific reasons. As a result of What Happened, our finances are Very Low - the worst is has ever been. I hope that y'all can know what happened in the near future, but for now, I Must Keep Quiet. Please understand that I didn't mean to...
3.Offend anybody or do anything stupid or mean. For those that are Loyal Fans of my Patreon - I have some Great Ideas to make it up to you! It is YOU, my loyal Sonichu and Rosechu fans, that keep me going! Please consider donating to me so that I can fix this Very Bad...
4.Situation that I was forced into. Someone took advantage of me in a Very Serious way. The constant Hate has me feeling lower than dirt and I just want Everybody of the World to know - that I, Christine Weston Chandler, love y'all no matter WHAT!

Never seen poached eggs

5 May

In response to a photo tweeted by Britney Spears of her breakfast:

Home-made Egg McMuffin! Awesome. But that’s a Lot Of Butter (or is that Sour Cream?). I like mine with egg whites, white cheddar, no butter at all, and add some guacamole, when I have one. Yum! It is not an everyday thing with me. I would mainly Oatmeal it upnin the morn.

Still delusional

5 May

I’m Still Working Out and Speeding Up with Cryzel, and nobody is going to stop me! Yee-Ha! 😊❤️💙💜⭐️⚡️

Our Wedding comic preview

5 May


He uploaded previews for Sonichu 16's Our Wedding episode, then posted to Patreon:

It will be started very soon, and will be uploaded for the Paying Patrons very soon, and will be included in be back of Sonichu 16. Thank You. (It is a Separate Comic, aside from the pages I just uploaded)

He replied to a fan who pointed out that his lack of updates was hurting patron support...

Trust me, I'm working on it! Very very soon! As in, tomorrow and next week!

... and to a ween who bragged about sharing the comic pages:

That's not very nice. When you do that you are taking money from my pocket.

On the Cryzel and Magi-Chan relationship and being blackmailed

5 May

A fan asked:

Is SIlvana okay with Magi being married (again). How does Mewtwo feel about his husband marrying someone


We are Polyamorous.

He expanded on it then next day:

Polyamorous relationships and marriages are very cool there. Sylvana (YES, her name is spelled with a “Y”) is Totally Cool with Cryzel and I being part of the wedding tree. Mewtwo was skeptical at first, but he came around, and he really likes me too.

And you know Mewtwo: he has a good heart, but Cross Him, and you WILL REGRET IT LIKE TEAM ROCKET DID! Now Team Rocket is dissolved. Jessie, James and Meowth are their own trio team now; happy and alive for themselves. 😊❤️

A fan implored Chris to say whether this or the Twitter blackmailing was the work of a new Idea Guy and to seek help if not. Chris answered:

t's under control now, trust me. I have some very Powerful Allies helping to rectify the situation. I can't say much other than certain people should be Very Frightened right now!

Kengle's nightmare fuel

5 May

In response to Engelhardt's art

This will give me nightmares.

Turning back on CWCProtectSquad

7 May

I just want y’all to know – I read my Twitter comments. I see the Hate. I’m starting to realize who my True Friends are, and aren’t. The #CWCProtectSquad is full of trolls. If y’all are my True Friends, you’ll help me in REPORTING this hating on me. I also read THAT forum, but..

It’s hard to keep up with all of the Mistruths and Nastiness being spread there about me. Over half of what y’all think is true isn’t. I need Real Friends in my life. Day by day I see what goes on and I wish it wasn’t true, but it IS!  I need love just like everybody else.


You can have real friends. The catch is no adult will respect another adult (you) who frivolously spends money on children’s toys to play with, then begs for money needed for REAL expenses, mortgage and what not. You want Respect? Earn it.
Says the troll who spends their day making a fake account to bully me on the internet. I might live with My Mother, but you probably do too.

Chris then unfollowed Sara.

@LittleAmychan (in response to Chris’ first paragraph tweet):

Christine I’m so sorry this has all happened I promise when I started the #CWCProtectSquad I had no intention to bully or harm you
I can’t believe you right now. I’m starting to see The Light and it is dark indeed.
I’m more than happy to prove anything too you, be it a voice chat or even free art. I promise I never meant any of this to happen. I’m sorry.
You don’t understand. I came to the internet with the Purest Intentions. I have never had a “Normal Life” – everything has been controlled by someone else at some point. You spend your Entire Life like mine and see how YOU turn out!
I 110% understand how you feel, if my life was filled with nothing but heart breaks I’d be untrusting too, but I want to break that cycle
I want to include a ghost-type Sonichu in a future comic. I am thinking of Wraith Sonichu or Wraithchu. Spook Sonichu? Can you help me brainstorm ideas? Maybe even a concept?
Of course! If you’d like help with designs as well I can help 😊 thank you for giving me your trust
Also, for this Indpedence Day I am thinking of a Sonichu that represents each branch of the Military. And I don’t mean NAZIS!

A follower responds to Chris’ second paragraph tweet:

You literally solicted sex for money? You realise how illegal that is right? Maybe you need to tske a step back and realise its not unjustified hate
I was coerced.

CWCProtectSquad disbands

7 May


As of now the #CWCProtectSquad had been disbanded. This group has turned into hurt and can not continue it anymore @CWCSonichu

Chris retweeted the above post with the following message:


Chris gets a new phone, wants to sell old phone

8 May

I upgraded my iPhone for free a few days ago; selling the old one; it is Autographed and Certified, Personally.

Check out Apple iPhone 6s - 64GB - Silver (Unlocked) Christine Weston Chandler’s @eBay


Sell your new phone
My number is on my new phone, so NO.

Meltdown on Twitter

10 May

Here's a Special Shoutout to @LittleAmychan! The annoying troll who treated me like a Stupid Idiot and thought she could win my favor by direct messaging me fake sweet words of encouragement and fake voice messages! It's already been tried a gazillion times, Sister! You LOSE!


@CWCSonichu Give me a shout out too Christine! Please Senpai!


Go right off and FUCK YOURSELF! How was that, you Internet Hag!


You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain, Christophina




Financially we do because you have to put it all out there. Don't go to Bronycon and pay your bills.




Honey that was just a joke calm down or CWCiki is going to have a field day with this one




Tell them all off. You're doing great, girl ❤️



Chris then tagged The Man in the Pickle Suit:




Oh damn - @CWCSonichu got @CountDankulaTV's attention!


Who or what is @CountDankulaTV?!?! Alright, I need to rest. Sorry for getting so angry y'all, my brain feels like the 4th of July fireworks right now. NAPPY NAPPY NAPPITY NAP TIME!~


Yeah, Chris knows who I am, I think Chris has been hacked.


I've been calming down. I can't THINK STRAIGHT when I'm angry. I wish you knew what was going on right now. When my mind goes blank, I Even Forget what I had for breakfast! Nappy time!

Mother's day drawings

13 May

Happy Mother’s Day, Everyone! I have an inspiration for a couple of new drawings, that is not influenced by anyone outside of me, other than my actual family in Cwcville. I’ll upload it later today after drawing it. Meanwhile, I gave my mom a hug and kisses today; you do that.
My family threw a little Mother’s Day Celebration in Cwcville for me this morning. And, my counterpart there would not exist without me, so in a sense, not biologically, I am her Mother too. (By the way, Christine is touching my butt.) I Love My Family and People! I am happy.❤️

Mother's day 2018.jpg


Mother's day 2018 2.jpg

But more accurately, I love my Cwcville Counterpart, and she loves me too.

Holding Sonichu books hostage

15 May, Patreon

Making out the books

I have the books; I am signing them and enveloping them; I will have them shipped out in a couple of weeks. (Sooner if I can get another $100 or $200 in donations or sales of my stuff on eBay).

He posted to Twitter:

CWC Prequel comic bonus.jpg

Is LittleAmychan a troll?

15 May, Twitter

This is the video that @LittleAmychan sent me claiming to be "real". I am Highly Suspect that she may be a troll. If y'all continue to keep slamming me I'll be Very Upset!

A copy of the video is below:

Direct link Youtube, archive
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos


How is this suspicious? They are just encouraging you, you halfwit. You get mad at people for calling you retarded but when someone is actually kind to you, you are all “I don’t trust this person”. It’s not like they want you to have sex with a blow up doll while screaming.


It's hard for me to tell These Days. People have tricked me before, Countless TImes, pretending to be Real Women. I have to watch everybody now, unfortunately, for my own Safety and Peace of Mind. If I am wrong I am truly sorry.
I am reading the replies on my last Tweet. You just Don't Understand! I have been beaten, abused and beaten some more so much over the last many years! I view EVERYONE with suspicion because the Trolls and Bullys force me to! If I am wrong about @LittleAmychan, I am SORRY!

Chris then deleted the tweet with the video.

Got married

15 May, Facebook

Note: Chris backdated this post to 26 March 2018.

Chris made a status update saying he got married.

A fan asked:

To whom?


To Magi-Chan and Cryzel Rosechu, of course! Mewtwo may also be joining us.

The fan replied:

ah ok


It's okay because I am half-Pokemon.

He posted a picture of the newlyweds:


Probable Hobbit

16 May

People are telling me that I'm focusing too much on the trolls.. I just want to thank my friend Jodi Newago for being a Loving and True friend and defending me! I don't make many friends easily anymore, but she is Truly an "Awesome Hobbit"!

Note: Though some people accuse Chris of doxing Hobbit, the truth is that her real name easily shows up in a Google search when querying "Probable Hobbit."

Hobbit (Twitter ID: sheeztrouble):

Thank you ❤️❤️I'm always here for you.


Thank you Dear! I just saw your video.. you stood up to those all Dirty Bastards for me and I love you for it!

Michael Hirtes BTFO

16 May

From the previous update, Hirtes butted in:

How about getting a jobby job job, Chris? Every day from now on. PS: Jodi's a troll too you know. But you won't listen till you find out the hard way (again). Same old Chris.


The only troll is YOU! I have seen her pictures - she is REAL! How about you show your face, Mr. Troll? True and loving fans of mine - REPORT THIS ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY!

He then made an announcement:

Calling all of my True and Loyal fans - I need to ask y'all a favor, Personally, from me, Christine Weston Chandler. The account @chris_crybaby has been harassing me for Far Too Long! Please report them to Twitter, immediately! Thank you and have a good safe day!

Someone replied:

No need, we all know it's a fake account anyway. No one is fooled by it relax man.


Yes. But if we start reporting all of the troll accounts maybe they'll give up after they are BANNED from Twitter! We don't need Their Hate Here!

A fan cautioned:

Be careful doing that! Technically it counts as targeted harassment and it against Twitter's TOS. It would really be a shame to get yourself suspended to banned just for trying to stick up for yourself. Best of luck!


But they are fake accounts made to attack me - it will be alright! I asked the cosmos and it said REPORT REPORT REPORT!

Probable Hobbit (replying to Chris's post about Hirtes):

This guy is a pain in the ass. He blocked me so I can no longer report his comments that contain abusive hate speech. Block him, Christine.


Yeah, I don't know what his problem is. I think he may be the same person using multiple accounts to Troll and Degrade me.

Later, Chris called out Hirtes:

Greeting Michael Hirtes!

A fan commented:

Michael J. Hirtes is a bigger lolcow than Chris tbh. I mean yeah you can make fun of Chris for a lot of stuff but at least he's not a fat old man who's life is dedicated to stalking Chris.



While I, Myself, am a furry, this "Michael Hirtes" is indeed a Special Case. Yiff yiff!


And yet, you're still and shall always be Chris Chan. Julay julayyyy!


Are your feelings hurt? Judging from the fact you had to make so many replies with Old Stuff means you're probably "butthurt"! Hah! Kooloo-Limpah!

Sorbet is Missing

Sorbet has been missing for over a week. I’ve asked locally a couple of days after he wandered off while outside and didn’t return. I also put up these flyers on the telephone poles. Nobody’s found him or called us back. We miss him. I pray he is okay. ❤️


Continuing Sonichu 12-9

19 May

On Twitter:

Blame it on the Bad Trolls for the delay; I’m looking to finish this book in less than a month from now.

On Patreon:

Sorry for the delay! I am resuming work on “Sonichu 12-9” now; I will do better to get back on the groove again. Rock On, Bronies and Pegasisters!

Sonichu 12-9 progress, May 19.png

Kun T’Nyuget

19 May, Patreon

Also, Introducing Kun T’Nyuget

Also, Introducing Kun T’Nyuget.png

Pollo is dying

20 May

But My Old Phone Now, Please!!! We need more money here right now! Ugh! Also, Pollo is fading away; on death’s door; barely breathing and twitching! If he’s not dead in the comfort of the towel he’s wrapped in by tomorrow, I will need the money

Poor Pollo is dying!

Pollo dying.jpg

Chris quickly deleted the message, as well as another advertising the sale of his iPhone, possibly due to backlash from his Twitter followers.

Pollo is dead

💐**Rest In Peace, Pollo.**💐 💐May 20, 2018💐

I'll Always Love You! ❤️

Chris also noted that he is buried next to Patti Chandler.

One small page; one giant leap

23 May

New page for preview!

May 23 New Page.jpg

Chris would then reply:

I am Very Proud of this page!

Testing Kengle

25 May

This is a Test.

Kenneth Engelhardt asked:

What is it you are testing for?

Chris answered:


You Failed!

Why do you Reply to Everything?!

Kenneth replied:

Testing for what? This doesn't even make any sense. As for replying, why not? You are following me.

Chris answered:

Do you have a Crush on me, Ken?

I asked my Sweetest Magi-Chan and Cryzel - they said They are NOT comfortable around You!

Calling out the Idea Guys

25 May

I want to clear a Couple Things Up. First of all, it was not I, Christine Weston Chandler, offering "Services" a few weeks back. Nor was it I Apologizing for "Ruining Fandoms" and the Like. While it was Physically Me, that is my Physical Form, behind the Keyboard, I was being Forced to Write such things and make Dishonest Apologies. The People who Did THAT to me know who They Are and their Day is Coming and Rightfully SOON! I Know you Read This - Don't Get Too Comfortable Jerks in The Bluegrass State or Golden State!

He deleted the message five minutes later and replaced it with a more indirect statement.

I'm tired of being Taken Advantage of and by Every Random "Ween" that reads about Me on the Internet. I'm going to Start Fighting Back. NO MORE!

Imaginary family

25 May[2]

And One Day, Very Soon, my family and I will be able to show ourselves to you all, then you will be taking back your own “scizzo” labels. Harrumph!

A new excuse not to get a job

25 May[3]

Please, More Donations for Food are Necessary! We Need YOUR Help! If you want to Be Sure that the Money Goes to Food, E-Mail me Food Lion Gift Cards! I can also Post Receipts of What We Buy, so that You Know we aren't Wasting it on "Junk". Thank you!
Of another Note I am Currently Exploring Ideas towards Leveling Off our Financial Situation. And NO, don't tell me to "Get A Job" - you know I would be Harassed until the End of Equestria! I Prefer to Work From the Peace of my Own Home.


If you don't tell people where you work they couldn't harrass you at work


They would Find Out. Lots of people in CVille know who I am - Someone would See Me Working and it would be Online within Minutes!


I know a lot of people just want to taunt you but if you don't already, you should take commissions. Just make sure you get payment upfront and get the pieces done in a reasonable time and I'm sure you could make a decent amount.


the thing is though, theres been things in the past where people do pay upfront, and christine just doesn't deliver. it's basically her fault that shit like this happens.


Commissions are a good idea! Or even getting money from YouTube from your videos


There are a lot of decent work from home options, actually. You could look into data entry, transcription or dispatch work. I work for a hospital and just jumped entirely to working remotely. It's becoming really common.


All of those things sound like they require a much higher level of qualification than CWC has.


What work? You mean begging and Internet browsing? And before you say your art and comics, you haven’t even been doing those. You do know there are actually official at home jobs you can sign up for that can really help your final situation.


Plenty, PLENTY of people work jobs they hate to get by. Why do you refuse to account for the fact that you haven't even tried a job before assuming harassment. Not one shift. Not even an interview. You're making excuses to give up on it before it ever happens.

Make me plushies

28 May

Also, I want to make a request for anyone who is willing to volunteer their craft services: I would simply love a 6” or 12” plush of Nightstar and one of Kun. As long as they look very good and huggable, like the custom plushies typically do, I will be very happy. Thank You!


Love Is In The Air

28 May

Here’s a loving new piece featuring Nightstar and Kun; I call it “Love Is In The Air”. And it is a piece that is right-side-up no matter which way you rotate it. 😊💖

Kun T'Nyuget and Night Star kissing.jpgKun T'Nyuget and Night Star kissing2.jpg

Want info on The Classic shirt

29 May

Attention, just a general inquiry for Anyone who has the same large-size Ralph Lauren brand shirt as the iconic one of mine, but in good condition, I am interested in finding out what year this shirt is, please, towards the request to R.L.’s company to reproduce them.


  1. Chris had a deal with Bryan where he would ship out copies of Bryan's book as pledge rewards.
  2. Twitter post, archived on 1 November 2019.