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These usage notes will not be included in articles bearing this template.

This template sits pride of place on the CWCki Main Page. It's a big list of Chris-related facts, divided in to blocks which get randomly displayed.

  • Before adding a fact, please make sure that it is a TRUE and HONEST fact and not just something you made up.
    • Also try and make sure your fact isn't already covered somewhere else in the list. Your browser's "find" function (Usually accessed via pressing CTRL+F) can be useful in helping find similar entries.
  • To add your fact, simply edit this template and choose a section. Any section will do, but if you have the time try to pick one with the fewest entries within it.
  • Start your entry on a new line, starting with *...that and then your fact.
  • Add at least one related link which explains your fact further and check your spelling before saving.

Here is the whole thing in action:

Group 0
  • ...that Chris is working on it!?
Group 1
  • ...that the new dimension will be named 1C-211987, a mashup of our current dimension 1218 and Chris's fantasy dimension C-197?
  • ...that Chris tried to scare us with a ghost dog story?
  • ...that Chris tried to disguise himself as a troll?
Group 2
  • ...that Youtuber GenoSamuel2.1 has a documentary series on Chris that is 59 episodes long?
  • ...that Chris believes that he could influence the international company Hasbro to cancel a My Little Pony reboot because he told them that the characters didn't like being in it?
  • ...that Chris really cannot dance?
  • ...that Chris recycled his own semen by drinking it?
  • ...that Chris believed that drinking Fanta before cumming would give his semen the same taste?
  • ...that Chris mixed semen with Fanta?
Group 3
  • ...that A-Log is Chris-Chan 2.0?
Group 4
  • ...that Chris thinks that those with Asperger's try to take the Shine and Limelight away from true autistic people?
  • ...that farting is OK, and actually helps cure cancer?
  • ...that Chris once said Pain is a fun game, despite having no trophies for it on PSN?
  • ...that Chris once had a prostitute hang up on him?
  • ...that Chris hates the word "Aspergers" almost as much as the word "Naïve"?
  • ...that Chris has no idea what Naïve actually means?
Group 5
  • ...that his Spanish name is Ricardo?
  • ...and that his legal name is now Christine?
Group 6
  • ...that he didn't know what kind of jobs one could get with a CADD certificate?
  • ...that weed is an instant life sentence in maximum security prison?
  • ...that on Christmas Day 2004, Chris became depressed because he didn't get one?
  • ...that Chris was hoping to celebrate his birthday and eating pancakes instead of attending his Aunt Corrina's funeral the same day?
  • ...that Chris believes himself to be a descendant of Anne Boleyn, Queen of England?
  • ...that Chris and Jacob Sockness aren't dating... yet?
  • ...that Chris believes that butt plugs are linked with spontaneous human combustion?
  • ...that Blanca was real?
  • ...that Chris attempted to dox multiple people, while not realizing that just posting a list of Twitter handles isn't doxing?
Group 7
  • ...that Chris is now a proud member of the SLGBTQ community?
Group 8