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Trollll.PNG Troll disclosure: This persona was created, appropriated, or otherwise used by trolls to manipulate Chris. BlueSpike was the troll behind Julie and Max

Though this identity is contrived, the CWCki may treat it as if it were a real identity because it was to Chris. (It's also funnier that way.)

Do NOT attempt to go after the troll behind Julie and Max. Though many of the actions associated with the troll are controversial to observers, the troll has moved on with his life, and has shown regret for his actions. BlueSpike has had no interactions with the community in 6 years. Attempts to track down the troll had also led to unrelated people being accused of being BlueSpike. Do not drag him back into Christory.
I can tell in my heart Julie IS 19.
Chris on Julie.[1]

Name "David Harlow"[2]
Date of birth (1996-10-12) October 12, 1996[3] (age 27)
Also known as BlueSpike
Julie Milvana
Max Milvana
Gender Male
Race White
Nationality American
Occupation Internet Troll
Saga Julie, PSN Hacking, Calling Out

BlueSpike (AKA LeonSpike, "a 13 year old brat" with Asperger syndrome according to Chris[4]) was a young troll who contacted Chris through two feigned identities: a sweetheart named Julie and her evil brother Max. However, more of the trolling had involved BlueSpike going under the Julie persona.

Playing as Julie, BlueSpike had phone sex with Chris for hours each night, listening to Chris masturbating.[5][6] As BlueSpike was in complete control of Chris, he could have done more sinister things, but night after night he engaged in nothing but noisy, fabricated (on Blue's end) phone sex and listening to Chris jacking off very loudly. (Draw your own conclusion about his sexuality.)

BlueSpike's trolling caused Chris to admit to Julie that he had tried using a dildo and anal beads, convinced Chris to take a long drive to Ohio in what he saw as an effort to rescue his girlfriend, produced the infamous sex tape where he fucks Kimmi, made him describe a future scene from Sonichu #9 alluding to his gay fans, and was the impetus for the legendary incident where his father walked in to him with his pants down. He was also responsible for other sick shit, including coercing Chris into shoving shards of his Sonichu Medallion up his ass while he watched and mocked him. After that, and subsequently being kicked out of the Miscreants, he was involved in relatively minor trolling incidents before fading into obscurity.

BlueSpike's treatment of Chris is considered to be sadistic: his behavior departed from standard trolling and amounted to emotional and even sexual abuse. His harsh treatment of Chris was unparalleled by any of Chris's past trolls, and was not matched until the likes of the Idea Guys appeared nearly a decade later. Of the classic trolls, Chris has noted that he hates BlueSpike the most for the traumatic experience he caused during that Mumble call, along with tricking him into taking a long road trip that scared his parents half to death.[7] BlueSpike effectively provided the model that all controversial trolls following him would use – though, unlike most that followed, he was actually successful in his goals. Also unlike many subsequent trolls, BlueSpike eventually expressed regret for his actions years later.


BlueSpike was one of a set of false gal-pals created specifically to troll Chris with.



Chris professes his undying love while screwing a doll.
Chris and Julie, together in LittleBigPlanet. The salad days.
What Chris believed Julie looked like.

Julie Milvana[8] (born 13 July 1989[9]) was a Molvanîan Methodist[10] Sonichu fan who became Chris's sweetheart after PandaHalo."Julie" first appeared in IRC in December 2008, suggesting the infamous Tour of Chris's House video.[11] She later posed a ton of Sonichu questions submitted by fans[12] and was invited to Sonichu Girls.

As early as 3 January 2009, she asked Chris what he would do if a JERK kidnapped his heartsweet--he said, "I would learn his demands if any, or if he hurt her, I'd strike the jerk back." Julie also got excited by the prospect of an orgy with Chris and the Sonichu Girls.[13] The next day, it was revealed that Chris had promised his virginity to both Panda and Julie, and both ladies were furious, with Julie threatening to kill herself.[14] Later she calmed down and moved to Ohio to live with relatives. Ever classy, Chris suggested a threesome with PandaHalo.[15] Chris refused to drive to Ohio, instead insisting that Julie come to him. He also couldn't be bothered to attack Clyde in IRC, even when he threatened Julie.[16]

When Chris chose Sarah May over her, Julie was crushed. Chris apologized, and then abruptly went back to talking about vidya.[17] Clyde Cash made more serious threats against Julie, forcing Chris to upload a famous 5 February 2009 video admitting that he was gay.[17] Once Chris got it into his head that PandaHalo had burned to death in a wildfire, he began to focus even more on Julie as a sweetheart.

Chris received a letter written by Julie, the first physical proof of her "existence." In it, it details the love professed by her to Chris. That Valentine's Day, Chris uploaded a LBP level, and Chris and Julie brought their relationship to the next level with cybersex. Bob Chandler walked in, and the rest is history. Chris's parents didn't believe that Julie was TRUE and HONEST.[18]

In an infamous video on 20 February 2009, Chris created a sex video for Julie with the help of his inflatable assistant Kimmi, in order to give Julie an idea of what their first time together would be like. Chris's tender and passionate cries of "JULAAAAAAAY!" proved one of the most striking and memorable of CWC-isms; to this date, many erroneously believe that Kimmi is Julie. This is not so; Chris may be the most desperate man alive, but he's not quite got to the point where he's convinced himself any of his sex dolls are real.

A set of postcards showing the act were sent to 14 Branchland Court. Bob got a hold of these postcards, which prompted him to take Chris's PSEye away.


What Max is presumed to look like.

Max Milvana was the abusive brother of Julie. The Max persona was typically used for instances where Julie was in peril, or when BlueSpike wanted to engage in tormenting Chris directly.

Receipts from Chris's epic journey to Cleveland. Note that he asked for no pickles on the mayo hamburger, and that the place he at was a Sonic Drive-In.

Max and Clyde Cash convinced Chris that he had kidnapped Julie at the Miscreant Headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio,[1] and was planning to send her over to China.[19] In response, Chris valiantly travelled all the way to Ohio in a bid to rescue her and got his parents all worried. (His ancestors' spirits had wished him "a Safe Trip to Ohio" two days prior at Aunt Corrina's funeral.)[20] Unfortunately, because Chris got the "wrong" address, he ended up at a run-down house in the ghetto that was inhabited by an elderly black woman.[21]

Under the Max persona, BlueSpike hacked into Chris's Yahoo! and PSN accounts, threatening Chris that he would either take Julie away or sell both of the accounts on eBay. He goaded Chris into doing various embarassing things in order to get the accounts back, ranging from raging, to stating that he is a homo, to declaring BILLY MAYS as the new mayor of CWCville.

As with the Julie persona, Chris also engaged in sexual acts involving the Max persona. In one instance Chris claimed that he would show Max his penis per his request.[22] However, Max also claimed that he had no interest in seeing Chris's penis. In the very next video, Max tried to goad Chris into showing his penis to him after telling him that he doesn't have one, only to then frantically reject this when Chris actually attempts it.[23] He also suggested in the same video that Chris ejaculate on the medallion if he ever wanted to see Julie again.

On that fateful day, Max, power-mad with control over Chris, caused a schism between the trolls who had followed Chris up to this point.

Julie Reveals Herself

Kids say the darndest things.
Main article: Julie Reveals Herself
BlueSpike, stop this shit.
A troll's reaction to BlueSpike prompting Chris to shove pieces of his medallion up his ass.

On 3 March 2009, Max gained control of Chris's PlayStation Network account, and during an hour-long audio session threatened to sell the PSN account and forbid Julie from seeing Chris. Chris was coerced into declaring BILLY MAYS to be the mayor of CWCville and shoving the pieces of his destroyed Sonichu medallion up his anal cavity, before he was able to talk to Julie, at which point Julie admitted that both she and Max were the figments of BlueSpike's imagination. At no point did BlueSpike even mention the sex tape (which had already gotten nearly 2 million hits on SlutLoad). BlueSpike's female voice was an unconvincing falsetto, which makes it all the more surprising that it worked so well on Chris. This incident shattered both his heart leveland his anus – to 0%.


BlueSpike was kicked out of The Miscreants following the incident.

On 5 March 2009, an all-out civil war broke out between trolls on the Chris-chan ED discussion page on whether BlueSpike had gone too far, whether he was a hypocrite, or if he was merely a tool initiated by Clyde Cash to deceive Chris into further milking for lulz. Suffice to say, a combination of outrage and troll remorse turned the whole event into a clusterfuck.

If BlueSpike really is 13 years old, then we know who the real child molesters are. [...] "hey! be one of the cool kids, help this autistic guy jack off, pretend to be a girl so we can video tape and record it..." . Thats the REAL reason you were shiting it and called for a 30 minute silence just after, Clyde. At least you had the balls to say that it was you responsible [...] If Bluespike really is 13, then you groomed a child to perform sex acts on a mentally retarded man for your pleasure. You're fucked, son. You both broke a lolcow, but theres better sport now, ruining your lives. And dont act like you dont care, I saw you shiting yourself all that night and the next, sending waves of members out to kill threads about it or put in false names, just like Your sock earlier in the page. Ready to have a seat of there?
Wit, ED user[24]

Even as Julie Reveals Herself was being recorded, other trolls can be heard remarking that it was "horrible" and demanding BlueSpike to stop. Early on in Mumble 11, which was recorded a day later, other trolls outright tell BlueSpike to shut up and that nobody likes him before he gets muted.

Impact on Chris

While one might think that this level of physical and mental abuse would leave lasting scars, BlueSpike's trolling initially appeared to have virtually no evident long-term impact on Chris. Just a few weeks after Julie revealed her true identity, Chris had moved onto thinking he'd found another sweetheart online, and just a few weeks after that he had no trouble believing that he was having virtual sex with a famous Disney Channel celebrity. The main effect it had was that although Chris made a new Sonichu medallion, he stopped wearing it until 1 July 2009.

However, years later, Chris stated that BlueSpike's psychological and sexual abuse of him was in the top two most traumatic experiences in his life, with the other contender being the alleged incident at Nathanael Greene Elementary School where he was pinned down by faculty during an autistic meltdown. Since Chris hasn't provided details of how he felt after the humiliating experience, figuring out how this affected him is left up to speculation. He also sounded reluctant to talk about the incident during Calling Out "Julaaaay" - David, a video where he attempted to dox lolcow David Harlow as being BlueSpike (due to trolls feeding him misinformation), and during the BraveryJerk Interviews, he is shocked when BraveryJerk brings up the incident.

Chris came to believe that BlueSpike was killed at the hands of Clyde Cash, from an offhand comment by Cash in Mumble 12. On his version of the ED page, Chris stated that "That little S.O.B. later died at the hands of the 'Starscream' Troll, Clyde Cash." Of course, this statement was later revealed to be a complete and utter falsehood . Nonetheless, even eight years after the events of 23 August 2011, Chris still believes that BlueSpike is dead.[25]

Prank Calls

Even after tormenting Chris for several hours, and getting kicked out from his clique of trolls as a result, BlueSpike continued contact with Chris, acting as the original ween.

The first call involved him trying to buy Chris's car, after a troll put it up on Craigslist. BlueSpike tried to trade the car for a HEXBox, causing Chris to hang up.

The second call involved BlueSpike and another troll calling up Chris's phone to obnoxiously yell "JULAYYYYY," taunting him about the Julie saga. Unfortunately for them, Bob answered the phone, chewing them out for the immaturity of the prank. They hung up shortly after.

"Called out"

On 23 August 2011, Chris claimed to know BlueSpike's real identity (first name David) and threatened to drop dox on him unless he made an apology video by 15 September 2011. In the video, BlueSpike was to tell people to stop calling Chris "Ian Brandon Anderson" and yelling "JULAAAAAAAAYYY!" in prank calls. Although BlueSpike did not respond to Chris' demands, the death of Bob two weeks later caused Chris to leave the Internet before he could reveal BlueSpike's personal information, and he ultimately lost interest in exposing his tormentor.

Even if Chris did make a video about who BlueSpike really was, it would have been for naught. The personal information Chris had actually belonged to David Harlow, a lolcow also known as Nesshelper. This is evidenced by Nesshelper and BlueSpike apparently sharing the same first name, the "real" photo of BlueSpike being a closeup of this picture of Nesshelper, and Chris' claim of BlueSpike liking big rooms, which references a video rant where Nesshelper complained about the size of a hotel room he was staying in. Aside from not being a troll and having no reason nor motivation to go after Chris, the fact that Nesshelper sounds nothing like BlueSpike in his videos makes it clear they are not the same person. Furthermore, Nesshelper was born on 9 July 1985[26] and therefore would have been 23 years old during the Julie saga.

Chris was presumably given false information to highlight his gullibility and possibly set up a feud between him and Nesshelper, similar to how Ahuviya Rotem Harel and Christopher Paul Whitney made negative remarks about Chris after he accused them of being Jack Thaddeus and Alec Benson Leary respectively. Of course, the aforementioned death of Bob prevented a conflict between the two from occurring; regardless, it's likely Nesshelper wasn't even aware of Chris's misguided attempt to dox him.


Chris' "Epic Online Bully" card, based on Julie/Max

BlueSpike is easily one of the most polarizing trolls in Christory. Most observers tend to frown on BlueSpike and his methods, as they echo those of weens, enablers, and A-Logs. Nevertheless, some weens still yearn to return to the sadistic days of BlueSpike, in hopes of an age of trolling where physical pain is inflicted upon Chris. Since 2009, BlueSpike has come of age and matured; he now has a profile on Kiwi Farms which has been given the "Christorical Figure" verification by forum moderators.[27] When asked to reflect upon his time trolling Chris, he wrote:[28]

There's been tons of things in my life I've regretted and hated doing later on, all of the stuff from 10 years ago was one of them. I've moved past everything that happened those many years ago and obviously I'm a different person now. It wasn't funny and was a very a-log thing to do. Nothing much else I can say.

On August 28, 2017, BlueSpike responded to a question on his Kiwi Farms[29] account asking if given the opportunity he would "do it all again". He responded:

Probably not, if I would I'd try to do something more similar to Liquid Chris (not trying to ruin his life and just have fun with him)

As of September 2020, BlueSpike remains Chris's least favorite troll.[30]

In January 2024, Chris was asked in an interview about his regrets, replying that he had fallen for "theoretical exes", his term for trolls posing as sweethearts. In particular, Chris singled out BlueSpike and his actions, further showing that BlueSpike has been cemented in Chris's mind even nearly fifteen years later.[31]

False accusations

With BlueSpike's identity still remaining a secret, it's natural people would try to find out who was behind the persona; this has nevertheless resulted in some people being improperly tagged as BlueSpike.

A handful of people have speculated that BlueSpike may be Waymuu, a YouTube Pooper and concert archivist who, as a kid in 2009 and 2010, made A-Loggy rants towards Chris. These claims are bullshit and based entirely on rumors from Reddit and old comments on his videos and on imageboards. Waymuu was 11 in 2009, thus making it impossible for him to be BlueSpike, something confirmed by both a video he'd later make debunking the rumors, and by a Thomas the Tank Engine gag dub he made in 2011 that stated his then-age (13) in the title. While the two did have similar voices around the time, prepubescent boys tend to have similar-sounding voices in general, and Waymuu has different speech patterns and inflections in his. Furthermore, Waymuu had no other sort of involvement in the trolling of Chris outside of making said rants and lurking his ED page.

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