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This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during April 2019. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments are included and color-coded for reference.

Crystal's Future Message

3 April

Message Received, Young one.

Copitz is not the Neo-Magical Man

4 April

Hey, y’all. Just a Let-You-Know: the individual in the video is NOT @Copitz3, so please, do not bug him. Thank you.

Chris Talks About His Pokeballs

4 April

Hey, everyone. I have a full team of six Pokémon on my belt, thanks to Let’s Go Pikachu and the Poké Ball Plus. If you have more than one Poké Ball Plus, you can take more Pokémon out with you on your strolls, and that means More Stat-Boosting Candies, EXP, and much More.
I’ll make a short video with my findings on this later, with screen caps between my phone and my Switch. And even more BONUSES with @PokemonGoApp with the multiple Poké Balls; an investment well worth it.


Thank you, @TheJWittz for the tips that refreshed me of the GO.

FullTeamOnBelt1.jpg FullTeamOnBelt2.jpg

AND for everyone’s Information and reference: aside from my first ball being an MISB NEW one upon purchase, the others were purchased Pre-Owned at up to $15 savings difference. And as for how I can afford them, it is succifient to state that a generous fan gifted me some money.

Amnyfest Ring Restored

5 April

The Legend Has Been Restored And Returned! 😄


Thank you, @herffjones!


Visiting a fan

6 April

Visiting an awesome friend! 😊

He linked to a tweet by the fan, Twitter user Midnight Moonflower:

My special guest is @CPU_CWCSonichu she's been a dear!

Chris with Midnight Moonflower 1.jpg

Another tweet by Midnight Moonflower:

I got to try on CPU_CWCSonichu's medallion!

Chris with Midnight Moonflower 2.jpg

Midnight Moonflower and Chris would later delete their tweets about this.

Chris Watches Pewdiepie's Video

12 April

Oohh-kay. Just watched @pewdiepie’s video about me, uploaded a year ago. ... He accentuated the Negatives; many triggers came up from being reminded of those “Sagas”; he called me not amongst the greatest of people. Do I feel offended, yes. Does he deserve losing his channel, No.

CWCVille's Pokemon Professor

14 April

Hey, everyone! I am feeling good right now. 😊 I pray y’all are having a good day too. I have just learned a new tidbit within the City of Cwcville that will be of interest.

Citing Trickie and her book of “Rosechu’s Story”, she was rather spot-on with the present...


...Pokémon Professor during the time in 2003. Joseph @colesmithey, the self-counterpart of my half-brother in C-197, and half-brother of Christy, my self-counterpart, for a while was a Pokémon Professor. His methods and ideals were varied, and he also reviewed movies...
...on the side with his peeps in New York there. His work was faltering, so in 2005, a new Pokémon Professor graduate entered: Professor Cindy Zapbud, and Cole was demoted. Cindy surpassed Cole exponentially, and he quite about a year later and moved to NYC to pursue his...
...movie reviewing career, like his counterpart, here in 1218.

I shall draw a picture of Professor Zapbud later, but her physical appearance includes being white, 4’11” in height, slender body type, curvy cinnamon brown hair, glasses, hazel eyes, slender face, and D-cup breasts.

Feel free to make Kind fan art of her in a lab coat and a lovely business attire underneath the coat and mid-high-heel shoes. Her favorite colour is reddish brown, like that found on certain trees and in some souls of the Earth.
Cindy Zapbud graduated with full honors and degree from the University of Colorado, and was recognized and praised well by Professor Oak and the Pokémon Professors of Colorado. She is very caring, kind, smart and intelligent. Also, she was 24 years old when she moved to...
...Cwcville after graduation in 2005, so she’s still looking lovely and youthful at 39-years old today. Her birthsign is Libra, being born on September 25. She has loving sweethearts by her side.
That is all for now; have a great and safe day, as the Ho-Oh flies rainbows.


Pokemon Go is Available After the Dimensional Merge

15 April

Also, I want to share yet another tidbit that will peak everyone’s Pokémon GO interest, directly from the CPU White Heart, herself, Blanc: ALL 1,200-Plus, including Sonichu and Rosechu, are available in the GO App in C-197, and will be updating the apps of 1218, here, Post-Merge.
Personally, I wish Everyone of this world, in addition to those who have already have, could Feel and fully Witness the effects of the Dimension Merge Happening, as I have. Fortunately, we do have bunches of confirmed sightings of bunches of the OCs, including Inuyasha, himself,
...in Japan, among everyone else around the entire world.

All I can do for now is Remind All of You to, please, Keep your Hearts and Minds Open, Because it IS Happening Now, and in great progress.

That is all for now.

Have a Great and Safe Day. ⚡️💙⚡️

Chris Loses His Wallet

15 April

Hey, Everyone. I had a good and prolific outing today. But first, the Preface: in short, I lost my wallet during my weekend visit a couple of weeks ago. And my fans who I visited have been Super Awesome and Kind to me in this event; they tried their best to help me find it,...
...and I shall always remain forever grateful for their kindness, and for being friends. 😊

Anyway, I had two theories of where my wallet went: lost at a nearby @Shell station, or near their place (I had the wallet at the gas station, and their place was the next...

...destination right from there. I confirmed the lost at the gas station theory, by my wallet being kindly turned into the police station literally down the street from that very same @Shell station. I had received a letter from that P.D., informing me that my wallet,...
...with at least my Drivers License still in it, was turned in, around last Tuesday. So, I made my plan, after receiving my replacement Drivers License the following Friday, to drive up there on Monday (today). Thankfully, all of my cards and cash were still in the wallet.
And I made it back home safe with Magi-Chan, Cryzel, and Inuyasha (my Blaziken).
Yep, My Major Error: I placed my wallet on top of my van, yet the gas cap was up there right next to it while I filled up; I got and screwed the cap back on, but I didn’t think of my freaking...
...wallet, and it had fallen off as I drove out of the station’s lot.

Moral of the story: Double-Check where your wallet is Often.

Again, many thanks to the couple I visited for helping me get a temporary Drivers License. 😊

Kindness comes in many forms, and I remain...

...optimistic of the kindness in most, unless they show their true Hatred type of colours. Then, I can’t help but feel sorry for them before totally blocking them and their unrequited commentary out for good.

Thank you all. Be Safe. ⚡️💙⚡️

Drawing for Midnight Moonflower

15 April

Chris posted this to Midnight Moonflower's Facebook group, his sole post in the group.[1]

I drew this for the awesomely kind Midnight Moonflower and her hubby.😊⚡️💙⚡️

Drawing for Midnight Moonflower and her husband.jpg

Reactions to Notre Dame Fire

16 April

Good Morning, Everyone. ⚡️💙⚡️

I wish to take this moment to offer my thoughts on the fire that took over the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France yesterday.

I was in Newport News, VA, after reclaiming my lost wallet, and putting $20 worth of gas at the @Shell station,...

...taking a break at the nearby @Target, having some pasta and @MountainDew in its cafe, and luring Pokémon at its PokéStop, with Magi-Chan, Cryzel, and my Blaziken, Inuyasha, at the table.
I saw and read the first notification from the @NBCNews app on my phone stating the Notre Dame was set ablaze. My initial thoughts were, “Oh! The Humanity!” Cryzel and Inuyasha were both shocked with me, and Magi-Chan, a bit crear fallen at the event, had foreseen its...
...happening long before. He assured me that many people would be safe, and that the cathedral will be quickly restored. I even saw a retweet of the footage of its spire falling and the smoke puffing out from the blaze. I saw a Legendary Bird Pokemon flying there, and its...
...head shape forming in the smoke, shown in that video clip. Accident or not, this blaze was fated to happen to the cathedral.

If y’all can take anything from my tweets here, is the assurance from Magi-Chan Sonichu and I that Notre Dame will be quickly restored, and...

...it will be a fateful and magical sight to behold, especially in how quickly it happens.

And my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who was affected by the tragedy.

Be Safe and Well, and have a good day. ⚡️💙⚡️

Defending the Homeland

16 April

CWCly Defending our hometown Gyms!


I couldn’t resist a selfie.


The Hypno Made Me Do It

19 April

Good Morning, Everyone. A bit of distressing news you all need to be most aware of. Giovanni of Team Rocket is attacking people in their dreams with their Hypno. I was just attacked by their most experienced and toughest of Hypno; it tried to turn me against my mom and my loves.
I re-entered my dream, encountered and talked with the Hypno; it was very heavily under Giovanni’s control and it had foreseen all paths out in escape moot, as resulting in its own death. I had to mercy-kill the poor thing. I shall fight on in that Hypno’s memory and honor.
Anyway, I am making sure you all are very much aware of this. So, if you are having heavy and difficult nightmares, especially those trying to make you turn against your trusted and loved ones by attacking you in your dreams with their respective images, on the obvious...
...out-of-the-ordinary to you in your individual perception(s): FIGHT BACK!

And do not let up! You All each have the Mental Power, Willpower, Strength and Courage to outwit and take out those who try to control you through your dreams! So, Fight On in your Nightmares and Be Safe!

That is all for now. Thank You.


Hedgehog-defensive state

19 April


Success! My puns have killed ⁦@CosmicKeyframe⁩ spirit!

He uploaded an image of a man curled up in the fetal position.


@MLPSilverQuill, having one’s own spirit killed is really not fun nor funny at all. And, believe me, I was literally in a worse huddled position than what I see here, and I FELT DEVASTATED at that moment. I went full Hedgehog Defensive and let my quills keep others back. It Hurts

Go Shawty, It's Ya Birthday

20 April

Happy Birthday, my Son! Today is Sonichu’s Birthday. [Archivist's note: Cupcake Emoji is here but it is being finicky on PC]⚡️💙⚡️


[Archivist's Note: This is the Idea Guy retcon Sonichu birthday, as his original birthday was 17 March]

Sonichu Headquarters

20 April

Hey, Everyone! It Is Official! 😊 As officially recognized, personally, by Google, My House is hereby known as “Sonichu Headquarters”. ⚡️💙⚡️

A Lovely Addition, if a kind sculptor voluenteer[sic] and pleases, is an awesome statue of Sonichu for the front yard to Really Landmark it.


@RosieLilichu responds:

Next step is to make it a pokestop right? Lol can’t wait to get gifts from THE sonichu headquarters!

Chris replies with:

If y’all are at Level 40 in your @PokemonGoApp, please be sure to nominate Sonichu Headquarters as a Poké Stop, maybe even a Gym. If Official, I will personally set up benches by the outer edges of the yard, and I’ll clear the Gazebo, so it can be a hospitable spot to chill too.
I’m currently at Level 33 in @PokemonGoApp.

Chris Tells Weens to Stop Leaving Bad Reviews

21 April

Good Morning, Everyone. 😊

This is just a friendly reminder to please not leave off-topic or hatred-filled commentaries on anyone and their homes, especially when they are doing okay for themselves. Thank you. ⚡️💙⚡️

It remains Much Better and Well Advised for one, or y’al,[sic] to speak Kind, Sincere and Positive of others, including myself, and then they or y’all will most likely receive sincere kindness and positivity back your way. Good Karma to all who do positive goodwill.

Chris Writes a Wall of Text About African-American Sonichu

22 April

Hey, Everyone. I have another piece of new trivia for y’all to enjoy about our Blake Sonichu. He is a Dual-Typing of Dark and Electric.

Expanded Background: when Blake was created by a mis-clone of Sonichu’s DNA in Giovanni’s laboratory by his team of scientists, it was...


...definitely intended to be a counter to Sonichu, right after the now disowned adopted son of Giovanni’s, Naitsirhc, had his initial encounter with Sonichu and Rosechu that day in the Cwcville Shopping Mall. Granted that Sonichu’s electric attack was Soo Powerful, it remained...
...as a Super Effective attack on Zappos, as if the legendary bird was only a Flying Type; the Electric Typing on that Zapdos was nullified by Sonichu’s epic Thunder that day. So, with the hairs they got of him from that encounter, Giovanni attempted to clone Sonichu, as or...
...more powerful than the original. And when genetically enhancing the clone that would become Blake, he had his crew add in the Darkness Typing with that of a Sneasel. And then the Cherry Cola was accidentally mixed into the sample in the final run that created Blake.
Blake did his job well with Giovanni and Team Rocket for the time. And then, later on, his heart skipped a beat when he first laid eyes on Bubbles Rosechu. It took him a lot of soul-searching and learning of his own accord, as Love was a seriously closed-off topic in Team Rocket.
And years later, he really began to question Team Rocket’s and Giovanni’s beliefs and system when Naitsirhc first Transformed into his Sonichu form. In that moment, Blake realized that this, in front of him, was a Greater Darkness than he could ever be, and Giovanni was no...
...better. So, he slipped out of Team Rocket’s grasp and control by cutting off all communications with Giovanni and the organization after Naitsirhc was hospitalized after trying to get the Crystal S-Chu Ball that day. Blake reformed and became more between anti-hero and hero...
..., and he met and got together with Bubbles. His typing remains dual-typing between Dark and Electric, but he has his good side and faults too. Still as powerful as ever; he does not slack off in his own combat training and battles.
As for the old homemade TCG card I made of him, it was before I realized how Darkness was the more accurate typing, yet I was aware of the Neo Genesis TCG expansion with the Special Darkness Energy Card, and this I ended up inaccurately making this an Evil Energy Typing, with...
...a respective Special Evil Energy card I ended up making as well. This was my misaccuracy in chronicling Blake in the early days.

Still, Giovanni did not give up on his pet project of a Sonichu Clone who would never fall for anything of Love and Justice. It did take him...

...a LOT longer than expected with the temporary downfall of Team Rocket; his comeback happened within the past few years. He needed new DNA samples, and they were quite difficult to acquire, considering Sonichus and Rosechus typically can run at Mach Speeds. And yet, amidst...
...the non-related chaos of yesteryear with Idea Guy and his OC, Johnson Wiles, misguiding, deceiving, blackmailing, and the damned Extortion he got from me, Giovanni got some samples, but only of three: Sonichu, Angelica Rosechu, and Magi-Chan Sonichu; remaining in his grasp...
...even after I used my chunk of the Reality Stone to undo Idea Guy’s major damage in Cwcville, and C-197 in general. And thus, as @MKR11217089 has been chronicling, Giovanni finally ended up with a near-perfect clone of Sonichu, that he once again added Darkness Typing, the...
...energies of a Dusk Keystone, and a whole slew of personal touches and influences upon, including with the available stat-boosting candies that he paid handsomely for Cargo Loads of.
To this day, Zappy and Blake have not yet met for a meet and greet or even a brawl of the perfect Dark-Typing clones. Blake had his stat-boosting candies to the point of maxing out all his stats years ago.
Point is, for everyone’s references: Blake Sonichu, formerly known as Black Sonichu, has always been, and still is, a Dark/Electric Type.

Thank you. ⚡️💙⚡️


Only 90s Kids Will Remember This

23 April

@Todd_Spence tweets:

Quick Poll: RT if you remember this store (and totally had to go whenever you went to the mall)


And Chris Replies:

Oh, Yes! @sonic_hedgehog Watch & Win Sweepstakes Winner, 1994! That’s Me! And you could not keep me away from #KayBeeToys! 😊


Chris Begs for Gas Money

23 April

We Need some gas money, Please, Help.

Chris Steals more of Rosechu's Story

24 April

Hey, Everyone. I have another topic to share with y’all today: Rosechu’s Father. Before becoming the Rosechu she is today, Rosey was a Raichu; born as a Pichu; her mother was a Raichu, and her father is a Luxray.


The young Pichu was caught by a volunteer Pokemon Trainer in 1996, which the trainer transferred to Professor Oak. Then, soon after, when Kel went to get her first Pokemon, before she could choose between Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, the young Pichu appeared,...
...he caught Kel’s attention. And the bond was made between Pokemon and Trainer. Oak allowed Kel to have the Pichu, and their adventures went onward.
But of the Luxray and Raichu, they lived together as long as they could. The lady Raichu didn’t survive an attack made on their forest home by Team Rocket. The unnamed Luxray was saddened by the loss of his sweetheart. But, he followed his heart, the winds and all, until he...
...witnessed the training of his Pichu child under the care and guidance of Kel. For the many years, the Luxray remained in the background, watching and guarding over his precious child and Kel. Then, he witnessed from the distance the Lightning-Flash envelopment and...
...transformation of his child who grown and evolved into a Raichu, become the very first Rosechu in existence. The Luxray did not love Rosey any less; he still saw Rosey for the child of his, and a developing warrior with great and greater strengths and values.


The Luxray continued to watch over Rosey from the distances, and only intrude when need be to rescue her, which was not often. Rosey is Super Tough and Strong. And the Luxray supported her with a number of healing items, food, and what he could gather that would benefit her...
...and everyone else around her. He continued to be very proud of his child as he watched over her, like a Guardian Angel.
Now, Present Day, and recently, Magi-Chan had informed me that this very Luxray was still alive, but his health was beginning to fail. He informed me that I am able to heal him and reunite him with Rosey, also to make for a very strong friend and ally on our teams.
So I said the prayer and healed the Luxray. Then, a couple of days later, I finally earned enough candies to evolve a Luxio in my GO app. I learned that this was the moment The very Luxray would come out of the shadows and join us, and I could give him a name.
And simply good, I named Rosey’s Father, John. He has indeed proven his strengths and prowess in battle. It took a little while, but Rosey felt John was familiar to her somehow. I didn’t confirm or deny, but I told Rosey to check her dreams.


Next Day, Rosey was Positive, and John confirmed it with her, himself. The reunion was indeed happy. And Sonichu was there, and he was very honored to meet Rosey’s father.
And John is very healthy and well under our good care, and he helps out our team in defense and offense.
Thank you for enjoying this story.

Be Safe and Well. ⚡️💙⚡️

**This page was drawn by Trickie.

The Virginian Wildlands are Great for Pokemon!

24 April

Also, in the wilds here, we mostly have grass types, birds, bugs, and some fire. But it is obvious for us to have Grass Types here; they blend in very well.




[Archivist's Note: Here we can get a good look at Bob's greenhouse and a less good look at the shed. We can see that the greenhouse is filled with something, but the low image quality and dirty glass make it hard to tell exactly what. We can also see the shed has fallen into significant disrepair and is at the very least in bad need of a paint job. In the third picture we can see that the wood paneling is visibly rotting.]

Chris Sells (or at least tries to sell) Some Coins

26 April

Main article: 2019 Sales Listings
We found and are listing a few rare coins; Coin Collectors, please consider helping my mom and I today. Thank You.



Check out 1969 S Lincoln Memorial Penny, Proof Coin, Copper, Imperfect [Ebay link] ⁦@eBay⁩
Check out 1928 BUFFALO NICKEL- SEMI-KEY !! HIGH GRADE !! [Ebay link] ⁦@eBay⁩
Check out 1929 BUFFALO NICKEL- NO RESERVE !! GEM BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED !! #F8687 [Ebay link] ⁦@eBay⁩

Chris Weighs in on Pewdiepie for some Reason

28 April

Well said, @pewdiepie. 😊⚡️💙⚡️

Ending the Subscribe to Pewdiepie Meme https://youtu.be/Ah5MYGQBYRo via @YouTube

And I would like to personally add that I feel the same way about my kind fan base, the trolls, the Haters who have done these vicious acts against me over the years, and, Most Importantly, the sincere Positivity and Optimisim that reigns Victorious over the Hate In the Community
...as a whole, out of the whole world. I wish I had thought of saying what @pewdiepie just commented about such acts, including the defacing of a WWII plane (Seriously Cruel). And on the similar acts done with my name tagged onto them, I disavow and pray that such acts get...
...cleaned up and undone. I made up for the number of mistakes I have made over the years. I paid my debts to society and lived and coped with the guilt and shame for years as best as I was able to at those times. I developed my own ability to turn myself around and be social...
..., kind and optimistic of others again, and I still maintain that perspective, thanks to the many Kind and Sincere People who showed me that #LoveConquersHate, still; always and forever. Thank you all. 😊


Chris Reacts to the New Sonic Movie Eggman Leak

29 April

Okay! I’ve JUST been Offended by the new movie, Ugh, “Robotnik”...

Not to be a hater, but THIS! Simply put: NO, @SonicMovie! NO, NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-NO... HELL F***ING “N”, “O”. ⚡️💙⚡️


This, however, IS More Accurate to Robotnik/Eggman. @SonicMovie, WHY DIDN’T YOU ALL STICK WITH THIS?!!!