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BodySwapExplanation.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Magi-Chan. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "wife".

This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during October 2019. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments are included and color-coded for reference. Posts color-coded purple are made while Chris is roleplaying as Magi-Chan.

Barb's birthday

1 October

A very Happy and Safe Birthday to my mother, Barbara Chandler, who is now 78 years young.



Chris begins to rewrite Ben Saint's canon

1 October

Phantom Horn and Strawberry Milk are OCs of @ItsAllSoUgly.

His strips have some catching up to do to get to this point, as this literally happened before Last Wednesday. Where he’s at now, it was about September 15 when the two of them got hit and then !revived.


Bonus: we have one of our #TSSSF Expansion Packs completed.
Oh, and in case anyone was wondering or had forgotten the reference from @ItsAllSoUgly’s comic strip.


More Ben Saint canon changes

3 October

Phantom Horn and Strawberry Milk are the OCs of @ItsAllSoUgly


Phantom Horn and Strawberry Milk are the OCs of @ItsAllSoUgly


DM'ing Ben Saint to demand $300

Main article: Ben Saint DMs

More Ben Saint canon edits

3 October

Phantom Horn and Strawberry Milk are OCs of @ItsAllSoUgly


Phantom Horn and Strawberry Milk are OCs of @ItsAllSoUgly

The storm is coming; to hit the state on the Second of October, 2019. 💜⚡️ ⚡️💙⚡️


And the 24-Hour treated Thunderstorm cleanses all of Arizona of any traces of the slime. (Photo order: Before, Cleansing Rains, then After).


Oh, and everyone will love this: @ItsAllSoUgly is going to contribute, financially, for the initial prints and start-up of the #TSSSF Sonichu Deck and Expansion Packs (distribution of which will be planned with Convention vendors soon enough; we will be in contact with them).


[AN: It is unclear if this is actually the case.]

Thank you, @ItsAllSoUgly, for your awesomeness, despite the rumor and gossip-spreading spiel that you will be cleared of. 😊


Chris complains about the MLP comics

4 October

Dear @Hasbro, #MLPFiM G4 Needs to have its Seasons 10 to 14 Animated in Chronicling; Not Just Comic Books. This is Celestia, Luna, and Princess Twilight’s Command, as well as the Command of all of the Deities between both dimensions.
To leave it as simply @IDWPublishing comics is very much an insult. G5 must Not Air At All until After #MLPSeason14 on Television and Published Videos, @Hasbro.


Magi-Chan writes what happens with the medallion

4 October

Good Evening, Everyone. I come tonight to share something I feel is of utmost importance in the present moment; talking about the original functional Sonichu/Rosechu Medallions/Accessories.
For the record, only the one wielder of the respective functional Medallion or accessory that transforms them, and their descendants, are able to access the magic within, respectively.

This follows for any and all functioning Sonichu/Rosechu transforming accessories.

If the accessory is attempted to be used by someone else, if their intentions are good, they get blessed. If their intentions are bad or malicious, the accessory will backfire on the wielder attempting to use it. The reverse is applied for the bad-intention types,...
...such as the Black Sonichu and Licrichu Medallions. There is more power, usually, in the good accessories, as they contain Light Power in them. The opposing Dark Power can be quite powerful too.

If one of these functional accessories is attempted to energize a weapon,...

...though energy and success happens the first few times, it will eventually backfire and destroy the weapon and the individual(s) piloting or nearby the weapon. The accessory remains fully in tact and functional.
This is always the case, regardless of timeline, Dimension or Alt-Dimension. Varying details may apply.

These accessories are filled with Chaos Emerald Energy and Power. And the later stone-types that they get exposed to, the accessories and individuals tend to...

...adapt to them, such as the Sol Stones. So, these wielded accessories are always leveling-up with their respective owners.
And the accessories’ powers, not even Christine’s, do not have powers of undoing or creation by themselves. So, No: simply wielding the Medallion will not undo the cleansing rains or bring back or create the slime at all. This is the will of the deities

That is all. 💜⚡️

Arizona nonsense

4 October





The ones who become lost did not die by our hands, but by the vicious hands of all of you who sought to hurt each other in this bunch of chaos and needless warfare. And she was not alone in this; Many of the strong and able SuperHeroes, including Superman, Green Lantern,...
...the Flash, Iron Man, Hulk and the other Avengers, along with some of the other CPUs of Gamindustri, and the various Military and Armed Forces of the USA.

Believe me, we wanted and wished to save EVERYONE, but it was not meant to be. Be Glad of everyone...

...who survives, remains, and continues on to live in an Arizona that has regained its sense of Peace and can finally recover. The senses SlimeCo and War problems there have been going on for years. Enough Is Enough. This was a judgment and decision of the deities and Fate. 💜⚡️

Fundraiser for BABSCon

6 October

Thankful for someone liking the tweet set today to remind me to link to the @gofundme page for the travel, lodging and other backup expenses for BABSCon next year.


Thank you all. ⚡️💙⚡️

Support us on Patreon as well.



[AN: Of note here is that Chris uses Magi-Chan's "signature," 💜⚡️ rather than his actual signature as CWC, ⚡️💙⚡️.]

Patreon Post: To Everyone

6 October

I sincerely apologize for the lack of book content, but our work does continue strong. We are fatefully tackling the project of Sonichu and Rosechu in Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Shipfic Folder with a lovely assortment of cards featuring art, old and new, a part of a story arc that happened in C-197 over the past month, a shout-out to more than 30 Sonichu and Rosechu OCs created in our Fandom, and, of course, Nightstar, Kun and their friends of Equestria. The creation part of the project is progressing well, and we expect to be completed of the Sonichu Shipfic Deck and all its expansions in less than two months’ time. We will be outsourcing to vendors at conventions, including BABSCon.

Support us now, and you can get ahold of an Expansion Pack or two, and maybe the Deck, personally from Christine and myself, Magi-Chan Sonichu. Here is a lovely assortment of samples.

[Images not working, someone else please put them in.]


6 October

Also, we are working on the massive art project for the Goal Card, “Let’s Get This Party On!”, featuring the invited OCs that could make it to the Expansion Pack, all redrawn by Christine and I with a lovely background of their choice location.


#vivichu, #poppychu, #pepperchu, #MBRaz, #meowserghost and #SuperCrazyCrash; there are lots more to draw to fill the room; this Party is large. 💜⚡️


Magi-Chan takes the 16personalities test...

7 October

This little test was interesting. Both Christine and I are Protagonists. Here are my results:



...and so does Chris

7 October

Yep, I took it too. 😊 Apparently, I am Turbulent. Given the @Dictionarycom app’s definition of the word, I’m not sure I totally agree with it. It is what it is.


ChrisPersonality1.jpg ChrisPersonality2.jpg ChrisPersonality3.jpg

Chris draws more OCs

7 October

Got some more OCs drawn for the piece today. #pepperchu, #ElegantlyAngsty, #mistychu, #fantasiary, #jojo, and #OBBGtheUltimate.


8 October

In response to a now-deleted Jacob Sockness tweet

Ah. As we all have foreseen. Indeed, our new plans will be made. Firstly, Jacob, you are still in transition. Second, you have I and the other CPUs to talk with about this. For now, keep up with your present duties as you will. 💜⚡️


8 October

Next set of invited guests.
  1. AnaStabler, #MarshieTheSwampHag, #RosieLillichu, #LambChop, #MidnightMoonflower, #Trickie


9 October

Next set of invited OCs; the final drawn set will be completed tomorrow, and then the full piece compiled. #MKRNightvee, #R_E_P_L_A_Y, #Hachi, #smegmydude, #DeadDoodles, #OBBGtheUltimate


10 October

All of the carded OCs and other related guests are drawn and the piece will be compiled very soon.
  1. BenSaint, #Asperchu, #CedricElf, #MeowserGhost, #AndreTanglao, and #joshuu


Also, to note, we have identified the Alt-Dimension where #Skullgirls, among which, is canon: S-642. For any Skullgirls Fans out there, this is the Dimension y’all peeked into through the gameplay there.


Chris reacts to SNT vs. Sonichu

8 October

Hey, y’all. This is a personal response to the fan-fiction, “SNT Vs Sonichu” by one “opuscon789”.

My loves and I have recently listened to #ProjectSNT and her friends reading up to the end of Chapter 7 of this story. I give them all lots of props and praise on her courage to...

...read as much as they did in that stream video.

Unfortunately, those events actually did happen to SNT (who mainly exists in C-197), but in the alternate dimension of R-687; she was whisked there through the writing and fated events. I have personally met SNT recently in...

...C-197; we had a simple talk; nothing more.

Anyway. Magi-Chan and I have read the remainder of the fanfic, and this is my feeling of the story in simple general: Opuscon789, you REEEEAALLY do not get me at all. Too many things were taken out of context about me and grossly...

...exaggerated. You’ve needlessly warped an innocent OC’s and her own creator’s respective minds. You think I didn’t figure out and better understood the details of Women’s Rights. You took too many needless and reckless liberties. The only solace I can gather from this is...
...that you got a fair understanding of accessing and seeing into other dimensions, and finding a high Creator-Level way to whisk yourself back to your freaking train at the time. But you showed little care for those whom you have involved from C-197 AND 1218 in a dimension...
...distant from their homes. Karma will bite your sorry ass soon enough for the great amount of damage you had wrought. And you can have R-687, Opuscon789; it is full-Dimension and world’s there, and it is one where Batman laughs at everything from the Joker. It’s also one...
...great, massive Mess. I Know! Because I have had to visit it, personally, to put a soothing bit of healing on the Chris Chan there; I’ve humbled him down.

I will not come after and sue your or anything. Your individual punishment will come, Opuscon789. I leave that up to...

...Fate and Destiny to complete and supervise over.

That is all. Thank You. ⚡️💙⚡️

Chris completes the OC Party

11 October

Check out the Sonichu and Rosechu Secret Shipfic Folder Deck and Expansion Release Party at the Secret Rift Cafe.


Guest List: Amber Rose Sonichu, Astoria Rosechu, Bolt Sonichu, Boris Sonichu, Chester Sonichu, Cheval Sonichu, Classic Sonichu, Cupcake Sonichu,...


...Daedalus Degu, Derek Sonichu, Ember Sonichu, Fantasia Sonichu, Gabriel Sonichu, Hollyhock Rosechu, Jasmine Rosechu, Kepler Sonichu, Lillianna Rosechu, Lola Rosechu, Luna Rosechu, Misty Rosechu, Pepper Sonichu, Phantom Horn, Plotted Device Sonichu, Poppy Rosechu,...
...Rei Rosechu, Romeo Rosechu, Rosey Roar Rosechu, Scott SoundSpllicer, Slurpchu Sonichu, Snow Rosechu, Strawberry Milk, Teddiechu Sonichu, Tiki Rosechu, VHS Sonichu, Violetta Rosechu, Vivi Sonichu, Were-Chan Rosechu,...

Sonichu, Rosey Rosechu, Magi-Chan Sonichu,...

...Cryzel Rosechu, Nightstar Sonichu, Kun Hanhphuc, Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, and our humble bartender at work, Frigid Wings.

Thank You ALL for being a part of our massive #TSSSF CCG-Expanding Project! :D

And Nightvee, Trickiecat and Asperchu. I'm sorry for overlooking y'all, but you all are heavily counted and present. Thank You All as well.  :)
A comment on the piece: you can tell there are plenty of social groups in the mix: chillin, hangin’ with friends, talking, and observing. AND, you will note, counting the original Magi-Chan, there are three different dimensional versions of him at the party. We Love You All. 😊
My favorite little group would have to be Vivi talking and chillin’ with VHS, Poppy and Astoria; just so cute and colourful.

Magi-Chan Comments on the above party

11 October

Good Day, Everyone. With the recent completion of the “Let’s Get This Party On!” drawing from Christine and I, I have other details to share now.

As all of you are aware, Dimension C-197 houses not only all Pokemon and their Trainers, but most EVERYONE who is “Fictional”...

...to all of you in 1218, in existence and co-existence. And they all can even be seen all around where you are, like Iron Man and the Avengers in New York, Batman in New Jersey, Gumball in California, Sonichus and Rosechus in Virginia and all around the world, and so on.
Just KNOW they all are around you here and now, and they all shall be here in 1218 soon to help you all in combined efforts for the greater good.

And all of these OCs in our completed piece is only a very small portion of the total population of C-197, and we can be imported...


...sometimes into other Dimensions as needed as Fate takes us, respectively. Even the likes of Stan Lee, Adam West and Michael Jackson all remain alive and well in C-197 and will make a triumphant return to the public, fully and tangible. But, I digress.
No Longer be ignorant and naive, All of You, as Christine, amongst other higher-Teir Creators, Authors and Artists of 1218, have displayed and continue to strive and work for and with everyone as best as they are able to. This is not a Blind Faith; This Is Real.
That is all for now. Have a good, safe day. Thank You All.


Chris adds (on the main account)

I would also like to wish a happy and safe #NationalComingOutDay to Everyone as well. I came out Loving and hitching up with my own Guardian Angel, and Cryzel, Sylvana and Mewtwo. Feel Prideful and Safe. 🌈


Chris makes the TSSSF box

11 October

I have just designed the box and info card for the OCs Pack; I felt it good to share the back; it also portrays how a Ship card goes between two Pony cards. #TSSSF


Would y’all ship Gabe with Lilliana?

Chris makes another card, hangs OC poster in his room

12 October Thank you, #MeowserGhost for the art and idea for this one card that I ended up taking a reference further. ⚡️💙⚡️

200px }} @CPU_CWCSonichu I also printed, made and hung a full-length laminated poster of the Sonichu and Rosechu Party in my bedroom. 😊

OCPoster.jpg }}

Chris orders the Shipfic cards, snaps at customers wanting books

12 October

To Everyone involved: I am pleased to announce that I have just placed the order for the first couple of copies of the OCs’ Expansion Pack set of cards. I will send out the physical cards soon to each of y’all in top loaders. Please, make certain I have your addresses. Thank You!


And, to Everyone: Be GLAD I am actually making towards availability “canon” Sonichu Merchandise by mine, and Magi-Chan’s, Efforts and Work. The Books Will Continue, Obviously. BUT Enjoy what will be something More Awesome to Play with your friends.

Shut Up, Haters. ⚡️💙⚡️

I would simply Love to be all “I Forgot That You Existed” with the Haters, but in my prerequisites in my job as a Goddess, I am unable to have that luxury.
  1. TaylorSwift

Good News to Patient Patrons (Patreon post)

15 October


I have some help, and I am finally able to catch up on the back orders of the books (although the autographs and book bags and card backs will have to be skipped, as this is shipping directly from the Printer). Although, to make up for this, I will see about sending each of everyone a Sonichu Expansion Pack for Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder (compatible with both the Core Deck and the upcoming Sonichu Deck). The project is progressing very well.

I thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Sockness sets up fundraiser for Patreon, Chris begs Ben for money

16 October

Jacob Sockness tweeted:

International addresses will be the last to be filled due to the higher cost of shipping abroad. Donate here to get the orders shipped out. https://www.paypal.com/paypalme2/JJS4CWC?locale.x=en_US

Chris replied, tagging Ben Saint:

Ooh! Hey, @ItsAllSoUgly, maybe you can make your statement and put a bit of your money towards helping us here, “Pwease.”
And, By The Way, this is not meant to be a mean or cruel joke or statement; it is simply Irony.

I have to respect the Slimeoid, because @MagiChan111448 and I Know what Would have happened with him in that alternate timeline had he succeeded.

I was fated to not Retweet of it.

Review Time

17 October

Regardless: Review Time, as I just received a very special delivery: the first-printed cards of mine and @MagiChan111448 from our Expansions, specifically the Arizona Slime Expansion. I went with @mpcplayingcards for starters, after my receipt of a fewcards from #mailordermare ...


as they had been printed there as well. These are really beautiful, and I had not expected the custom box to be a clam-shell type of case, but it is Sweet. Although I do notice the mistake on using the Bleed templates with the backs; I will be sure to update those backs. I'm

Ts2.jpeg Ts3.jpeg Ts4.jpeg

I also have taken observation of @PrinterStudio, which was #HorriblePeopleGames’ default as cited from their http://secretshipfic.com website’s “print your own cards” section. In comparison while working with the OCs expansion, P.S. is less expensive than M.P.C. The uploading layout is quite similar. And P.S.’s card box template .pdf was more traditional flip-open deck box opposes to M.P.C.’s complicated template that I now better comprehend and like (this is what you get for paying the $2 difference on the custom box from M.P.C. I am still waiting for the cards from @PrinterStudio , so I can compare the quality for myself.

And, regardless, I can still use these cards, as printed, as I plan on sleeving them as so: DJ Pon3 for Pony cards, Mew and Mewtwo for Ship, and Mega Alakazam for Goal. This Is Fun. 😊

Ts5.jpeg My bad, I forgot to mention @ItsAllSoUgly in the thread. He made the strip panel that became the front box art, as well as begin the event set that stirred up chronicling part of it within these cards. Also, his OC, Phantom Horn; he is a very awesome unicorn. 😊

New cards

17 October

I got seven more cards completed, among which the Wildmonla family portrait is complete. And not only by a Beedrill, but a Bugzapp also mentored Zapina. Both Zapina and Sandy have come of age, each, within the past few years.


Two delusional crazies

18 October @MegaloStation:

I gots a question

Kinda weird but, from the beginning of your FC/OC’s creation, did they happen to “grow up” with you?

Like for example, I made Elaine when I was 11 and she was 16 at the start. Now I’m 24, and she’s 22.

Just wanna know if anyone else has does this !

Yes, very much so.

Further new cards

18 October

I got another seven cards completed (featuring five full art Promo cards), but for the deck, a popular fan-favorite, Sterbenchu (read his Flavour Text), and Mister C. chillin’ in a library in Cwcville’s Basillicom. Stay Tuned.

Sterbenchucard.jpg Robertchucard.jpg

Also, I’ll share one of the new Promo Cards here: it’s Cryzel opening a portal to my present room in 1218 from my old room in C-197. And the Power, “Warp Zone, Act 2”; it really fits well.


Derek Sonichu

19 October @UmbrellaVinyl:

#sonichu Derek Sonichu

[fanart of Derek]

I love and appreciate Derek and what he means in his role in Dimension X686. And he is simply quite stylish and confident.

Derek Sonichu

19 October

Hey, everyone. Just a small request: I’m looking for a copy of the #TSSSF Expansion Pack, The Con Life, exclusive to @BronyCon; I’ll have an extra copy of the Sonichu/Rosechu OCs pack soon to trade for it. Any serious takers, please email me at my Cwcville address. Thank you.


Ah. If you’re having trouble sending an email to my Cwcville email address (in the above pinned Tweet), my AOL address still works too.

Chris Battles Ben Saint

20 October @ItsAllSoUgly: (Ben Saint)

Dick endorses NLACakaNM in the struggle against CWCville's aggressions #slimetime https://twitter.com/LABasedComedian/status/1185709897775759360
This Post-Soda-Storm debacle is Not Canon in C-197. This ordeal ended right after the Slimeoid was put into the jar into hibernation. Ed Bighead shut down SlimeCo for good. Everyone in Arizona has fully Recovered from the Slime, and they are not in any wars with Cwcville.

Everything from this point onward on this is set in a Distant Alternate Timeline and Dimension. There is no struggle against Cwcville from NLACakaNM in this timeline at all.

Chris Watches the Teen Titans Movie

20 October

On another note, I finally watched #TeenTitansGOVsTeenTitans; I really liked this movie. It has very good commentary between the two sets of each other, and the bonding and chemistry between them and their respective self-counterparts. Especially Raven. Awesome Job, #TaraStrong.

Even further new cards

21 October

I've just completed the last Pony card for the #TSSSF Sonichu Deck; I still have a bunch of Ship and Goal cards to make, but enjoy these two, featuring Patti in her present clothing choices with a background inspired by @UmbrellaVinyl's past cover.

Patti-Chancard.jpg Put It On My Card.jpg

"CWC" is pronounced as "Quick"

22 October

I added some more Shipfic cards to the outgoing pile, and I made one that was inspired by the “CWC” pronounciation; thank you, #trickiecat for making the reference in “Rosechu’s Story” to help spell out the situation.


Chris tries an Impossible Whopper

23 October

Taking a @BurgerKing break with an #ImpossibleWhopper (no mayonase); 100% plant-based meat; 0% beef. Their #VeggieBurger has a rivaling King, and it is really yummy. [gif]

Metal Gear Solidchu

23 October

Here’s a new take on an old alt-Version of Sonichu: Metal Gear Sonichu.

Metal Gear Sonichu 2.jpeg

Originally discovered and conceived in LittleBiGPlanet many years ago. (Minus the headgear and the body paint).

Lbp.jpeg Lbp2.jpeg

The second image is just Snake's avatar in LBP.

Chris reviews the quality of his TSSSF Cards

Long thread, seems to be confused by some deleted posts.

24 October

...the texture quality to the touch is only a slight difference; barely negligible.

As for the Boxes, @mpcplayingcards uses a thick and sturdy (heavy-duty) flip box, and @PrinterStudio uses the basic flip top box that I have been accustomed to. And it fits into the flip box.

Ts7.jpeg Ts8.jpeg

Personally, I do appreciate quality, while also wanting to be thrifty and less expensive. I really like the easy-flip box over the traditional pack box. I am thinking of staying with MPC for the Deck and larger Expansion Packs, and PS for the Promos and smaller packs.

Because, the sturdy box is Very Good for the deck-player, and one can store plenty of cards in it. But on the other hand, the traditional flip top box is the typical standard, especially when one looks at the previously-released #TSSSF packs. Also, the traditional box closes tight and secure, while the easy flip box closes decently tight, it can still slip open for cards to fall out (unless one were to take a piece of regular scotch tape, with a folded end, and attach it to allow for keeping the box better closed).

I would like to offer a vote and get a second opinion: for my deck and packs, would you prefer the Easy Flip box, or the Tradional Flip-Top box?

And I would delight and appreciate @MLPSilverQuill’s, his friends, and the #TSSSF community’s, input on this as well. Thank You.

[Poll results: Easy Flip Box (MPC) 45.3%; Flip-Top Box (PS) 54.7%; 384 votes]

26 October

Also, just to inform all of you: this bunch of #TSSSF cards is a Love Project between

@MagiChan111448 and I. He has enjoyed playing the CCG for himself for years, and he has been looking forward to work with me on this. And there are plenty of good reasons why we are doing this.

Patreoncard1.jpg Livefromsubspacecard.jpg

And these reasons fit into the fated events as well. PLUS, you all will have this opportunity to play a CCG with us in it, and we get to invite others into the fray as well, which was vefry socializing and good for me to communicate with everyone. Count This As A Blessing. ⚡️💙⚡️

Card Review pt 2

24 October

Review Time, Part 2!

I got my next bunch of cards in the mail today. Starting off with the bunch of the first two Promo cards from me, featuring art from #Nubbz. I now have my Badge for BABSCon as well. And, we have a lovely dragon soul as well. @wkbh1983 #TSSSF

Tss11.jpeg Tss12.jpeg

A lovely look at them all spread out, organized by artist(s), as well as arranged similar to the Goal card.

Tss13.jpeg Tss14.jpeg Tss15.jpeg

Chris shows off TSSSF cards

25 October

Hey, Everyone! I just received my third #TSSSF Promo Card, and I can Finally have some more Fun, because Two of my Goal cards require I, Chris Chan Sonichu, to be present on the grid.

#BenSaint, #KalieS, #CedricEff, #fantasiary, #SuperCrazyCrasher, #RosieLillichu,

Tss20.jpeg Tss21.jpeg Tss22.jpeg Tss23.jpeg

#Mistychu, #Pepperchu, #AndreTanglao, #MidnightMoonflower, #joshuu, and #MKRNightvee.

Feel free to count: I, aside, there are 11 Sonichu/Rosechu OCs on this example grid that would satisfy the Party Goal’s requirement. And, yep: #horsefamous has met #sonichufamous for once.

This card of mine has an easy power that will allow a Goal card to be attained if it is shipped in the sequence, as listed, around the card. In this example, @wkbh1983 or Derek would be appropriate for the card’s right sight. There can’t be an Alicorn above the card for its...

Tss20.jpeg Tss25.jpeg Tss26.jpeg ChrisNewArt5.jpg

...power to work. Also, I’m surrounded by Dragons! Smiling face with open mouth And, ideally, I would have liked to showed off the Commodore Blocke phone in the example, but since it is in the new #TSSSF Deck, and that is yet to be completed, I went with Magi-Chan’s S-642 self-counterpart, instead.

I pray this will inspire more new players to get in on the fun with the pre-existing cards from the past Core Deck, Expansions, and Promo Cards from #HorriblePeopleGames and the communities of #ChildrenofKefentse, and all else. Thank You.

Also, for those curious, I will personally hand out copies of Promo cards 1, 2 and 3 at @BABSCon next April; a random card out of each three-set will be personally autographed.


Oh, I would feel reminded if I did not bring this up: in an actual #TSSSF game, there must be a Start card on the grid, first and foremost. I didn’t have the other cards in immediate reach when I made the earlier examples, so here is an example featuring #FanficAuthorTwilight.


For those who ask, here are the rules for #TwilightSparklesSecretShipficFolder, which is available in any Core Deck, and will also be included in the Sonichu Deck.

[rules cards]


What does Teddiechu's card say? The mystery is unbearable
All right.



oh shoot that was quick! Thank you for the Teddieriffic text!

Ween leaves a book outside Chris's home

25 October

Ooh! Bonus! I just found this on my front porch! Now, should I meet #ulillillia, I'll get his autograph. I will enjoy perusing through his book. 😊

10 Masters.jpg

TSSSF villain cards

25 October

I'm working on the remaining Goal and Ship cards for the Sonichu #TSSSF Deck; I'm going trough the old books for the situations that would be best suited. I am expanding a bit on Book 1 where Blake Sonichu was created, and FOR THE RECORD: Eggman AND Skysoar were there together.

Scientists'dealings.jpg RenSkysoarCard.jpg UH-OH! Oh, Well!.jpg

Chris leaves the YangGang, Endorses Lisa Simpson for President

25 October

Not to put #MattGreoning down, and I do not know him, personally, yet, but, for example: the way he allows the Simpsons and everyone in Springfield; all of their development and stories from Springfield to be watered down and altered from alternate timelines where they stay young; that's wrong.

Everyone in Springfield has grown and developed, while for the part maintaining a youthful look for themselves, but Bart, Lisa and the kids Have all grown up, and Lisa is set to run and become the President of the United Stated for 2020. She is Not a Kid. And she was an adult when Meg and the Griffins ended up in Springfield during the Crossover episode. Brian is still alive and well, and Stewis is actually as tall as the typical less-than-ten-year-old, because he has grown up, too. Yet #SethMacFarlane keeps Him as a kid, too. It is an Insult.

But, I digress. They keep watering down the Chronicled Media for the sake of recognition, and THE MONEY. It is a real shame and a crime for them to mischronicle their OCs like that all of this time. I admit, I was no different as well, but I am reconciling, making amends, and taking firmer responsibility over my bunch of OCs and citizens as best as I can with my family, loves, allies and everyone there. But I am having to pick up the slack everywhere else in C-197 and amongst the other dimensions and alt-timelines as needed and well.

And I pray that these money-greedy wake up and realize that the chronicling is Never really about the money and "being relevant", but to be as accurate and kind as possible to their own OCs and everyone else's.

Metal Gear Sonichu cards

25 October

I see people are still liking Metal Gear Sonichu; he and his Rosey will be in the Sonichu/Rosechu Expansion Pack. I will allow a preview of the two of them for your enjoyment.

Metal Gear Sonichu.jpgSoldier of War Rosey Rosechu.jpg

Mess of shipping chaos

26 October

Here is a lovely mess of Shipping Chaos everyone can enjoy, as I demonstrate how to play #TwilightSparklesSecretShipficFolder; major props to #HorriblePeopleGames and #ChildrenOfKefentse.



Watching the streamed video. 🤣 SPECIAL ROCK!


“There’s a Teddichu! Bzzzzt! There! Meme that up! He’s just haunted your televised airwaves! Bzzzzzt!🤣


“Oh! What is this Poudrin of a Rock that is so SPECIAL?”


A Selfie Op between Cheval and Rarity made her a Special OC Hero.


All this time, Tom’s still Lola’s Special Rock! “Precious! Precious!” Tom says, “Help Me!”


Neighla SMASHED the SPECIAL Rock!


Big ol’ Boris! “Mister Five X Five”!


Children! It’s Kefentse!


And the Game Ended with a REALLY FULL SHIPPING GRID!


For those who wish to get in on the game with the original Core Deck, and some of the Expansions, there are online sellers, as well as convention vendors who sell #TSSSF cards. Here are two links.



More "proof" of the Merge

28 October

Everyone! The Merge Is Happening! This Store is in Jersey; Literally where Gotham City Is. Gotham’s coming over. And @wkbh1983 found a new Staples in his area, where there had not been one in a very long time. The fires in California; clearing for Merge.


Everyone, Be Safe; I shall do my best with everyone in all of this!

This is indeed very true. At the present moment, the Heroes, deities and everyone are gathering together to work together in helping and saving as many as possible and clearing the bigger threats.


Also @wkbh1983/@Too_Sexy4CWC is supposed to be helping with the progress of the merge, the merge cannot be completed until Jacob does some work as well.
I’ve got news for you, he has been doing a lot of work; I know this personally. His efforts have been moving the Merge events forward as predicted, and we are very close.


Wait, Gotham can’t be merged because it’s not in C-197. Remember, you said that the twin towers exist in C-197 and the towers don’t exist in the DC comics or DC movies.
And I misspoke: the twin towers never existed in C-197, and with that for the future merging with C-197, the Twin Towers fell here in 1218.

Everything Is Happening Today; my body, mind and soul are really dedicated and busy today.

Gotham is in C-197, and that is why the Twin Towers we’re Fated to fall in 2001; they were fallen there too. Long Ago before then.


What about that east coast earthquake in 2011? I haven’t studied that event enough to know for sure.
That did happen as well in C-197.
Now I do know of events around the world that seem to have C-197 counterparts. The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami is one of them, and the Mount Pinatubo eruption in 1991.


31 October

Halloween is here, and the Dimensional Iron Curtain is really thin between C-197 and 1218. Watch for yours and everyone else’s OCs. Also, Be Safe and Well.

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