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This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during February 2020. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments are included and color-coded for reference.

Fa-Square, Sho-Mall region

1 February

Well, this is most disappointing. Very Much a LEGEND, in association with myself and my history: Charlottesville’s own #FashionSquareMall is falling on hard times and may become lost. I feel mildly distressed from this event.



Chris begs for birthday gift

2 February

Regardless, Birthday Gift wise, should anyone care to, I still do not have Pokemon Shield for Nintendo Switch. Just putting it out there. Thank you.

[long conversation with Eshcal and Heehaw.EXE]

My intuition tells me she has prepared for the near future. I know that doesn't mean much of anything. But I don't think we have the whole picture.
You’d better believe it. Magi-Chan, Cryzel, Sylvana, Mewtwo, I, and the others have a very good plan for the near and far future. I’ll say it again:

Keep An Open Mind and an Open Heart. 😉 ⚡️💙⚡️


2 February

Hey, y’all. It’s time for new Sonichu and Rosechu Trivia to be shared. This time, we’re talking their Weight. We all know their height from foot to head is 3’5”, on average. Regardless of Gender between Sonichus and Rosechus, their respective weight average is as follows:


A Sonichu’s average weight is 120 to 125 lbs. And a Rosechu’s average weight is around 105 lbs. for all, it will take a LOT of extra weight to even remotely hinder their physical athletics and running speed. Typically, it would take a weight of about 150 lbs to hinder either, even remotely by a one to ten mph decrease, which compared to the average running speed of 765 mph is a penny to a nickel. To one would have to be totally lazy and inactive for a super long time, consuming tons of hearty foods, and becoming uber fat in order to be reduced to moving as fast as a human’s fastest running speed. But, our metabolisms are typically at very good ability to process what we respectively consume, so the chances of one become severely weight-class-handicapped is Uber Slim and Uber Unlikely. The only way to get a slow Sonichu or Rosechu is in their genetics, and the percentage of those in our species are, again, Uber Slim.

To note, the majority of our species has very strong and tough bone density and endurance. Take an example from Sonichu and Rosey: if they are able to withstand massive explosions and running through tough concrete thickness, as well as stell and other metals, it stands to obvious reasoning of us remaining most capable of remaining at great physical peak and high energy. It also helps that each Sonichu and Rosechu, even all regulars, has at least a most minimal, ample amount of Chaos (Emerald) Energy coursing through our systems, and passing them down through to the next generations being hatched.

But, I Digress. [gif]

Also, for half-human/Sonichus or half-human/Rosechus, the physical attributes between the human and Pokémon forms become fully and safely adjusted and readjusted in the transformations back and forth, becoming more and more adept when one has transformed back and forth a good number of times. It even improves on the human form over a month or so of being in their Sonichu/Rosechu form, either through their projected selves, or in full physical transformations. As these instill better habits for the Special Human/Sonichu or Human/Rosechu. So, amongst us few, we have really good benefits going back and forth, as well as extensively staying in our Sonichu/Rosechu forms, regardless.

That is all for now. Thank you. ⚡️💙⚡️


4 February


i am a lesbian and that is why i am so cute
Cool. I am bisexual and that is why I ask you a time to be of a day of a good job of this week.

In other words, what’s a free day for you to hang out with me? 😁 ⚡️💙⚡️


6 February

Happy #MewtwoDay! 😃 The day our loving and awesome one-and-only Mewtwo was cloned and came into these worlds more than 24 years ago.



9 February

That was fun to watch. ALOL. As much as I love to have my Son as a Hidden Character in that game. @SEGA, how about that DLC? #JamesMarsden @SonicMovie


play as Sonichu

10 February

I JUST Discovered this, but there is a KINDA way to “play as Sonichu” in Sonic Forces: invert the colours in the Nintendo Switch, et voila! Now, you’re kind of Zapping It Up in Sonic Forces.



YouTube Live Stream

11 February

Hey, y’all. I am going to do something different tomorrow on a YouTube Live Stream, sort of finishing something a trio of brave souls started nearly a year ago in a reading. Stay Tuned.



11 February

Totes NOT a Coincidence! Green Hill Zone has Lyrics! ⚡️💙⚡️😃

Fresh Live Stream

11 February

Fresh Live Stream from my bedroom in less than a half-hour. I believe everyone will be surprised at what I am going to do. Off-topic, #ProjectSNT may want to be watching this as well.
Going Live Now, so hop on up. Donations of Dollar Amounts will be greatly appreciated. I am unable to read comments.

Fresh Live Stream

12 February

Happy Birthday, #TaraStrong!

Your day is better than mine right now; enjoy your day.

(This cold virus hit me a bit more, but at least it’s not as much in my throat now. ¡Hola!, nasal blockage).


But, yes, even Deities can get sick.

Shiny Sonichu

12 February

In response to a tweet about an unused Pokémon design:

Funny, a Shiny Sonichu is White. 😉




14 February

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all. ⚡️💙⚡️

To all with at least one other, enjoy each other.

To all who are alone, go out and simply enjoy yourself.

And to all basement-dwelling online Hater-Types of Trolls, maybe go rant about “Garbage Pail Kids” to yourselves, Offline.


[ Peanuts gif]

Sanek Sanek Sanek

14 February

Guys, #SonicRebuilt is gonna drop tomorrow instead of today... Had some last minute enhancements I wanted to make, and no, I'm not making a goof about the Hollywood movie's release delay.


Ooh! Awesome! 😃⚡️💙⚡️

Sanek Sanek Sanek

14 February

#ZappinItUp with @SonicMovie! The Movie is Really Good; Much better than one would perceive it. The character development, story and other details are worth the watch and enjoyment. You all #GottaGoFast to see the Sonic Movie This Weekend! ⚡️💙⚡️😊


Only two flaws: they kept the “Child in the bag” not-joke (cringe for less than a minute), and they left out the “9 Million Steps” line. Other than that, Simply Delightful and Awesome. ⚡️💙⚡️ Also,... Uh...Meow? [gif]


15 February


Hello Twitter! I’m back!

Go see the Sonic Movie as soon as you can! It’s a lot of fun!

It IS Really Good. 😊

Also, wore the Sonichu & Rosechu shirt to the movie. Hands Up ANYONE ELSE who wore this shirt when going to see the @SonicMovie on #ValentinesDay2020.

VDAy shirt.jpeg

Begging for birthday gifts

18 February

If anyone wants to gift me, I like things that have lots of thought put into them, or something well-crafted; magic/healing stones are always good, too. Or, I also take direct Dollar Donations at http://paypal.me/CwcvilleGuardian/

Also, Buy from me at http://cwcvilleshopping.com Thanks. ⚡️💙⚡️

On seeing his father's penis

22 February

Twitter user @ranahasse:

my brother heard my parents having sex and had a complete break down while telling me about it


I can top that, easy: in my youth, I would run to wake up my mom and dad on some mornings. My dad slept with only a t-shirt on; no shorts or briefs at all. I saw his penis; it Grossed me out. Left me quite trauma-drama. Hearing sex or seeing their privates, at a young age; which?

The question being “Which is Worse to you at the young age?”

Another Twitter user reprimanded Chris:

Not helping


What? I’m just telling the truth. I hear and see WORSE shit from you Haters. At this point, I’d rather look back in that memory than PTSD over y’all’s Hate-Filled content. Kra-Kow!

Chris continued the thread the next day:

I have more to vent about in addition to the Hater Responses, and I am likely to get more “Chris, STOP”, assumptions, and/or more mislabels from the lot of y’all, but I have LOTS to tell you all off about.

Mainly, if you all never wanted me to be like this, then y’all should have Never Ever tried to dupe me into totally revealing myself right into your freaking faces. Go Ahead, put up a “Kimmi”, “Cake Fart”, or whatever offensive .gif you want in the comments; it ONLY proves my point.

I Have Suffered over the years from not only the torment of my past loneliness and feeling lost and naive, but also from the freaking stunts you Hating Lot blackmailed, conned and duped me into personally video recording, and even the NSFW drawings, period, and Actually Doing. Dare I mention the Lost Second Medallion and its Fate?

Suffice to say that and all of the context before it was Very Painful to me. Out of EVERYTHING from 2007 to 2018 (COUNTING IdeaGuy and Boyd), I Have Needlessly Suffered from y’all’s Playwriting and FanFictioning Me over the time, and then some. Too many of you all went ahead and tried to Porn Star me into further shame and defamation, FOR THE LULZ! I Know This from having seen and heard the Post phone-call footage from the likes of “Liquid Chris”, “Clyde Cash”, and the rest of you nefarious lot.

And Another Thing, yes, I will admit I was self-sexually active; WAS. You all turned me off of Sex LONG Before I even thought of coming out as Trans in ‘14. I am going to say it now: I HATED SEX FOR YEARS, because of you lot! The only ones who were able to put it back into anything positive, AFTER IdeaGuy was long gone, were my loves who I am very happily married to. And I Absolutely Refuse to do ANYTHING NSFW in recorded actions AND Drawings, Period.

I Ask You Lot of the past 13 years or so: Were All Those Nose Bleed, Tissue-Wasting, Essence-Losing, LULZ moments TRULY WORTH IT NOW? The Loss of ANY Sex Drive and PTSD-Creating Suffering in ONE individual, WORSE than Any Porn Star ever having to suffer, for Your Giggles and Jack? Was It Worth It, REALLY?

And with all of that, and then some, I feel I have Every Right to speak as I will, especially in being supportive for others who have suffered, regardless of age and situation, or whatever context.

I have Created, and I Was Created Infinite Times More; I literally Am the OC of OCs, and as I have said, the Bigger Battles are coming very soon. Go ahead, SAY I’m Delusional, because I am not. You all should have a look at my well-kept Magic and Healing Stone Collection, and my mentally and calmness expressed as much as possible while I read the second half of SNT Vs Sonichu; I MEDITATED AND DRANK WATER ON THE ROCKS; I have always Been very much Grounded, so everything I have experienced and seen in and from C-197 and other dimensions are very much real and true, as well as the things I have seen and foreseen with Magi-Chan and Everyone Else.

You Hater Lot are going down in all of the coming and pending events taking place, and having been going on, and so forth.

Again, Was My Suffering Worth your LULZ?

I will help in being a savior with the other deities and general populations, regardless, because I still genuinely care for the good individuals that make up the majority of these two Earths.


22 February

Twitter user @juIimye:

Bonus image of my Sonichu oc, and the characters on transparent backgrounds with no filters or obstruction.

context of images: Fragrence wants to open a trendy boutique in the mall sporting his Weird Fashion Line. who else better to model than the Celebs of cwcville Woozy face


What can I say? This is very nice. Thank You, Julimye. And, yes, the Bou-Quick will be a good success. I like the dress on me.


22 February

I love the way #EmGo316 says how commendable Soundbarrier is. “That’s commendable! Little stupid, but commendable!” One of the funniest lines he has said. I agree with him on the ramping shield @transformers Battlemaster; simple and awesome as it is.


23 February

I’m Chris Chan Sonichu, I gotta go remind y’all to buy TSSSF cards and deck from online store; best gift to give to yourselves on February 24. Zap It Up! https://cwcvilleshopping.com/shop/card-game/5

@BABSCon #Vendors should stock up to sell as well; Order Now to guarantee early delivery.


24 February

¡Feliz Día de Chris Chan Sonichu y Cumpleaños por todos!

Happy Birthday to all February 24ths, and Me.

Bdy2.jpeg Bday3.jpeg

Thank you, SaA.


Bday1.jpeg The Sergeant At Arms TSSSF.jpeg

Some shit about cutie marks

24 February @EmergencyPony:

Call of the Cutie
The day when this is randomly selected, and it is your Birthday! February 24th! Happy Christian Love Day.


24 February

Well, here’s a twist, my @fitbit Alta HR seems to have died. I checked the app; it’s not finding the device, and taking it off, even the green lights underneath aren’t lighting up. Gah.

Dead fitbit.jpeg

Problem solved: just got back home and plugged in the @fitbit; it Was lowest Battery. It’s recharging now.

Fitbit 2.jpeg


27 February @thekppodcast:

@CPU_CWCSonichu Retweeting both us and the main KP content helps so much! Much ❤!!
I am simply happy and humbled to help.
Good show, by the way; my loves and I checked it out a few hours ago.

Pokémon Day 2020

27 February

Happy #PokemonDay2020, with a dash of #TSSSF.

Oct15card.jpg WarriorAuthorRoseyCard.jpg 4thwallcwccard.jpeg MediatingMagi-ChanSonichuCard.jpg

Sonic Rebuilt

29 February

Have a look at the full trailer on YouTube; you won’t be disappointed.

Leap Day

29 February

Happy Leap Day, Everyone! 😃 The rare extra day to do more things in the year’s time. Have a fun and safe day.


Also, #HappyBirthday to #JessoDesso.

[Leap Day gif]


29 February

Hey, everyone. I’ve finally played my first session of @Wizards_DnD with some new local friends, whose names shall remain anonymous for their individual safety; they are good people. The story was from a past Advanced D&D adventure, and I started as myself, fitting the role, for starters, as an NPC Ranger, who is now in the foreground and playable under my care, as I am a Cleric and a Ranger, and I will have my character sheet merged with this starting one with the help of the DM. I had a very good time with the colourful group of players, and I look forward to playing with them in the next game. It is good to make some new friends, and to be kind as one as well.

[D&D gif]

Sorry, #TheEndGames, you’ve Had your chance to do me this favour.