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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".
[I] was going with a pun from the witness humor he had expressed, and feeling the upset from what had happened that time. Likely, he was married, but [I] wasn't sure, so [I] went with something from "Ye olde Merry Men" and smooshed the "Merried" term, also implying that he had used to be more merry and positive. "Senior", since he was that old. And "Comic" for his comical delivery and word choice in each interaction.
Chris's long-awaited explanation for the etymology behind his most infamously-named character.

On the afternoon of 24 September 2020, Chris (as Sonichu) answered another 10 user-submitted questions after over a week of hiatus, for Discord Q&A 8, delivered through Lainchu in DMs. The questions and answers were both originally given in bulk and numbered, but they have been divided with the numbering removed to improve readability. Lainchu's messages are color-coded green, while Chris's are color-coded yellow.

Because one of the questions was directed towards Chris of Dimension 1214, that question was answered first, out of order.

Lyrics of a 1214 Michael Jackson Song

The assumed state of Michael Jackson in Dimension 1214.
In the meantime, here are the next questions:
To Christine - Could you give us the lyrics to your favourite Michael Jackson song which was released after his death in this dimension (But where he was still alive in yours)?
You can answer whenever ready. (I believe that question #4 is directed to 1214 Christine)
Here are some of the lyrics from (Alpha Timeline) Michael Jackson’s "Ride or Die": "I'm gettin' older, I don't lie. I do not feel the age. I've got my wisdom, my faith; I'm a sage. Life is a stage, we play our parts, but in my life I stay young at heart. I've been up, down and around. I'm not from this part of town. I've come from the hood of child, their youthful antics are from the wild. It is a miracle to keep that mood, when getting older's got you brood. (Verse): I'm living my life in this later age, I am a bit of a sage, but my youth keeps me wild and alive. Gotta stay young, because it's all Ride or Die."

It is likely that Chris confused the terms "Verse" and "Chorus", as the first, longer segment of the lyrics reads more like a verse, while the second (labeled "Verse") is shorter and seems more akin to a chorus.

Least Favorite Troll

Who was your least favorite troll?
Okay, the other questions:
Mama’s least favourite online Troll: BlueSpike, hands-down.

Notes on CPU and Merge Lore?

Do you keep written notes on the ongoing CPU and Merge lore, or how do you keep track of it all?
The details and ongoing events are continuously noted in this brain’s subconscious and backed up in multiple back-up cloud drives in the Cosmos, between Mama Chris Chan, Magi-Chan Sonichu, and me, Sonichu (Prime). As well as all of the other collective wisdoms, experiences and insights of every single other self-counterpart in all other dimensions and timelines. You want a proper chronicling/catalogue of it all, ask Magi-Chan, in person, for the documents files.

Why was Tails not in the Sonichu Comic?

Dear Christine, why didn't Tails make an appearance in the Sonichu comics?
Mama has her choices when it comes to chronicling and her arts, she simply didn’t think or feel it well to bring in Tails in this dimension’s Sonichu books.

Meaning Behind the Name "Merried Seinor Comic"

What is the meaning behind the name "Merried Seinor Comic"?
That goes direct to that elderly cyborg guy’s self-counterpart in this dimension who works at the McDonald’s around here. Mama was going with a pun from the witness humor he had expressed, and feeling the upset from what had happened that time. Likely, he was married, but she wasn’t sure, so she went with something from “Ye olde Merry Men” and smooshed the “Merried” term, also implying that he had used to be more merry and positive. “Senior”, since he was that old. And “Comic” for his comical delivery and word choice in each interaction.

Why is Art Chris's Passion?

Why did you decide that out of all the things, art is your passion? Why do you pour so much time into art?
Because it resonated the most with the core of her soul, and this body (the Sacral Chakra and Heart Crystal). Plus, Mama really liked the arts.

Chris's Greatest Strength and Greatest Weakness

Question for Christine, what do you consider your greatest strength? What do you consider your greatest weakness?
Strength: Endurance. Weakness: the Autism, but it has become less of a weakness, and there is literally none of her soul, and this body, that is weaker than the autism.

Speaking Up While Chris was Mute as a Child

Christine, during the time when you were mute as a child, was there ever a time you wished you could’ve spoken up about something?
Off-hand, that was super long ago and could hardly recall. But after a meditate into recollection, there are a number of things that Mama had wished she could have said between mid-1983 and 1989. But out of them all, it would definitely be at any time in the 4th Grade, Before the Teacher, the Aides, and the Guidance Counselor pinned her to the floor, because if she had, they would have been more easily able to understand her. But she didn’t, and everyone got that high level of really frustrated to the point of “Let’s abuse the brat and make ‘em talk”.
*groan and *sigh
That one was a real deep dive to recollect and put together.

Chris's fourth-grade year was 1991-92, well after his muteness had ended.

Chris's Greatest Accomplishment

What would you say is your greatest accomplishment in universe 1218?
In Dimension 1218: getting as far as Mama did to get everyone to understand, appreciate, and listen to her on the true details about herself, from her own words, as well as the existence of all of us OCs who have been literally right next to all of you this whole time. She’s also proud of me, Sonichu (Prime), having come as great a distance and growth for myself to be where I am, right now: speaking on her behalf and answering your questions with full honesty and knowledge to the fullest of our extent.

Future Plans for the Sonichu Comics

Dear Christine, what are your future plans for the sonichu series?
Plans are still in the works, but the book series, as it is, will never cease; all plot holes will be filled, and all events will be caught up and chronicled as quickly as possible in the faster-than-time speed, personally. Everyone, you all, and we as well, are literally living the comics in this very moment, as we speak, breathe, continue on, and so forth.


Great, thank you so much! We really appreciate these answers.
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