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On 19 September 2021, Chris wrote an open letter from jail to an unknown individual while awaiting trial on a charge of incest. He asked the recipient to relay the contents to Null and to deliver the physical document to Chris's attorney, David Heilberg. Null uploaded the scanned letter to Kiwi Farms on 24 September.

In the letter, Chris indicates that he has taken an interest in the Bible, likely provided to him as part of his jail accommodations. However, he also seems to be under the impression that he is Jesus of Nazareth reincarnated on top of his existing delusions about the Dimensional Merge, citing this revelation to an apparent similarity in appearance between Western depictions of Jesus and himself.


Incarceration Counter

Chris has been in custody for

This Day in Christory

And a STRAIGHT New Year!

Today in Christory, in 2004, Chris wrote in his diary that he would ask Santa Claus for a girlfriend this year.


Did You Know...

  • ...that Youtuber GenoSamuel2.1 has a documentary series on Chris that is 59 episodes long?
  • ...that Chris believes that he could influence the international company Hasbro to cancel a My Little Pony reboot because he told them that the characters didn't like being in it?
  • ...that Chris really cannot dance?
  • ...that Chris recycled his own semen by drinking it?
  • ...that Chris believed that drinking Fanta before cumming would give his semen the same taste?
  • ...that Chris mixed semen with Fanta?

Quote of the Now

it should be made obvious and clear that aside from Andy Warhol, my life events at present and so far can directly be compared and matched with that which have been chronicled of none other than Jesus Christ of Nazareth himself, in any Holy Bible
First Letter of Saint Christopher to the Weens

Da Update

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It is currently September 2021.
Chris is now in jail for alleged incest. His next court hearing is to be 18 November 2021.
Only significant events are listed. For all current updates, visit Kiwi Farms.

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