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Welcome to the CWCki!
The premier encyclopedia on the lolcow Chris-Chan,
author of Sonichu, controversial YouTube personality,
transgender goddess, and formerly incarcerated mother fucker.
We currently have 2,596 articles... and counting!
"Any names, or persons, discussed in this wiki,
that may seem similar to anyone in real life,
are purely coincidental, or otherwise parodic."
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Quote of the Now

#MLPG5 is literally Russian Propaganda, Demons included, in disguise as a non Timeline canon series. In other words, if you do any art, acknowledge or even Love MLPG5, you are supporting not only a further dysfunction of this very timeline, but you're supporting Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin.

We Know, @Hasbro. You can end this right now by completely shelving MLPG5 and even Pony Life like Coyote Vs Acme, and Redeem Yourselves by reinstating the original cast, staff and #AdobeFlash animation art of #FriendshipIsMagic and #EquestriaGirls, along with my help, personally, as I have stated before. Divine Timing is ticking away, and you can clearly see it happening in front of you that G5 is going down with Modern Day Babylon (Russia). ⚡️💙⚡️

Chris, trying to convince his followers to stay away from G5 My Little Pony, convinced it’s Russian propaganda.

Article of the Week


"Christian Love Day" is a video uploaded on 23 February 2010 to commemorate Christian Love Day, Chris's self-created holiday, which just so happens to fall on his birthday. In the video, he recites a speech copied from the science-fiction movie Independence Day.

When this video was first uploaded to YouTube, many people noticed that someone else is is holding the camera. This would become more clear when Chris revealed the personal change he alludes to here, in which we meet the visitor who apparently brought his own camera with him to Chris's house. The quality of the footage in this video is decidedly clear, perhaps the clearest we've ever seen Chris at this point in time, as his mysterious guest owned a better camera.


Begging Counter

Do not donate to or buy anything from Chris: he lies about needing money and habitually neglects his customers and supporters (and worse). It has been…
days since Chris last begged for money.

Record Streak: 961 days

days since Chris last uploaded pages to meet his (formerly) paid obligations to the Sonichu comic.

Record Streak: 1,606 days

days since Chris last applied for a job.

Record Streak: 5,266 days

Etsy 3 years complaint.png

An Etsy customer gambled that Chris would deliver and lost, still bitter over it three years later.

This Day in Christory

Yes, spell cards really *do* work in real life!

Today in Christory, in 2003, Chris had an epiphany and realized that he suddenly needed a girlfriend. This would later manifest itself as the Sweetheart Search, Love Quest and ultimately Fuck Quest.


Did You Know...

Improvement Projects of the Now


The article in desperate need of improvement at the moment is the Golden Church of Sonichu.

The following long-term projects to improve the wiki are also needed:

  • A backlog of chats that extends back several years, to finish adding to chat pages or mention in articles. Some chats are still archived on Kiwi Farms only and need to be saved elsewhere.

Shirt of the Week

Da Update

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It is currently February 2024. It has been...
day(s) since Chris was last spotted in public.
We highly advise against seeking out Chris in any way.

Current Updates
  • 24 February

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