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Article of the Week

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On 14 January 2023, Reddit user Traineealex posted to the /r/ChrisChanSonichu subreddit, claiming to have visited Chris in jail on 9 January. The post included a sketch of Chris, along with a write-up of the encounter, and an explanation of how it took place.

According to the alleged account, Chris is allowed visitors a couple of times per week, but only if he's personally approved of them. The report also indicates that Chris is the thinnest he has been since high school, his hair is graying, and he appears to be medicated to the point where it is slowing his speech.

When asked about when he will be released from jail, Chris reportedly claimed that "The truth will be revealed in months", although he appears to have accepted that he may never return to 14 Branchland Court or see Barb ever again.


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This Day in Christory

Chris exiting the courthouse in 2015

Today in Christory, in 2009, through an agreement with Clyde Cash, Chris admitted his homosexuality in exchange for the safe release of Julie.


In 2015, Chris's court date following the GameStop incident takes place.


In 2017, Chris realizes that he is aroused by Sailor Moon music.


In 2018, Love is Love, a song written and performed by Chris, with a boy band providing the music, is released.


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A mysterious note added to Chris' court file

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It is currently February 2023.

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