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Note on Context:

This article is missing context, and therefore cannot be evaluated in full.

NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.

This page will be for chats that have occurred exclusively between Bella and the Suitress, most of which have happened during the Incest Saga. Bella's messages will be represented in fungus green, while the Suitress's will be represented in magenta.

Chunks of the conversations were leaked onto Kiwi Farms. The chunks are in the form of screenshots of text messages from both the Suitress[1][2] and Bella.[3][4]

Notably, several of Bella's comments which appear in the Suitress's screenshots are missing from Bella's own screenshots, suggesting Bella deleted several of her own messages.

Below, CWCki editors have attempted to piece together and transcribe the conversation. As both the Suitress's and Bella's chunks of screenshots are incomplete, missing pieces and cuts in the conversation are denoted with [cutoff]. The chats are estimated to have occurred between 27-30 July 2021.

Bath products

The first chunk of this conversation centers around Bella gifting the Suitress bath bombs and other hygiene products.

Uh shower jelly, bath bombs, soap bars, shower streamers, shower bombs, body butter and body scrub
U like this stuff? I never heard of it lol


I'm using a bath bomb tonight tho they gave me like 9

Lmk which ones u want they left it in the bowls for us to grab

Which ones do they have?
Alot basically everything here and some more


I wouldn't mind at all

Bella suspects incest

This chat seemingly takes place a day before Bella has the infamous Incest call with Chris, roughly two weeks after she has been told that Chris was having an affair with a "sweetheart over 50".[5]

[Yesterday 8:10 pm]

I think something illegal I going on between him and her

I have a feeling they might be related

Oh no

Is it Barbara?

I genuinely think it might be

They need me to hack the government or somthing so that they can tell me

They said they need to tell me in person or they'll burst


Chris's gender identity

Another chunk of the text talks about how their opinions on Chris and his gender, as well as how Chris views them. Bella states that Chris would make sexual remarks towards her. The both of them agree that Chris is a man. In addition, the both of them talk about their sexual orientations, where Bella claims she has no interest in Chris due to being a lesbian, and the Suitress claims that she's bisexual.

I'm lezbo that's a dude
Oh okay

I forget those details and what you think of Chris's identity

I agree, Chris is a dude

I'm bisexual with a straighter lean

I'm sexually attracted to both sexes, but romantically attracted to males

Yeah like the study and bisexual women

That makes sense

Idk y Chris always makes sexual remarks with me

Never lead him on


Discussion of Incest Call

Unclear date, possibly 28 July 2021[note 1]

This is part of a conversation that the Suitress and Bella had regarding a call with Chris, seemingly the Incest Call. This happened directly before the 4-minute leak of the full 4-hour call, which the Suitress had made herself after Bella gave her a 9-minute version of this call. Judging by this, and posts from later conversations, it appears that the Suitress had not yet had any access to the full recording before releasing the first leak, nor was she ever in the call itself.

The conversation also makes mention of Bella pushing for Chris and the Suitress to have sex at Everfree Northwest, but didn't seem to discourage Chris from having sex with Barb.[6]

The Suitress also claims that she had exposed herself to Chris, presumably on live video, and that Chris was turned on by this, indicating some degree of interest in her. The context in which this might have occurred is unknown. Also of note is how while the Suitress was showing apparent shock at the idea that Chris was having sex with his mother, she also appears to still be on board with having sex with him, in spite of this. She also makes mention of the possibility of Chris being "swain away" from Barb after having sex with her.

He only told me you have to keep this absolutely private from him

At least until he tells someone else and we can put the blame on them

OKAY. SPILL THE TEA. I'm the only one drinking it
Based thx sm

Ok so I compiled as much as I can

Talk away

I'm listening


Its all jumbled bc we talked fir like 4 hours and it's random clips that I could pick up so u might miss some of it when you hear it.

He's fuckinh his mom

They're actually dating

[Bella later deleted the above comments]

Wow...I knew it! We all knew it!
They fuck ALOT

[Bella later deleted the above comment]



He only told me this but he's in a romantic relationship like he wine's and dines her



I've seen the wining and dining in a video before
He puts a vibrator up her ass

And they MAKE LOVE

Holy shit I didn't ACTUALLY expect him to do this

[Bella later deleted the above comment]

Sadly I'm not surprised. Got recording?
Yup it's taking FOREVER to export

Tried to cut out some of the random convo bc it was mostly us talking about random stuff

[Bella later deleted the above comments]

It's fine. Take your time

I'm not surprised

I knew it


I might be able to dance
Oh I have a cold sry

My voice is fucked

I'm not saying I'm not going to dance

I'm saying we're checking out of the hotel before we dance

He said u couldn't


He was mistaken

Oh Chris

Yeah its in really random order lol

I tried

It cuts off mid sentence lol

If the convo seems like it changed its bc i just cut it rn


I'm fine with the friends with benefits thing
Yeah I was hust trying to get him to talk about it
We talked for like 4 hours and he got really spicy when he talked about the weird shit they do

[Bella later deleted the above comment]

I didn't hear the weird shit
We talked about so many random things but the convo always went back to the kinky shit I dies to her

Yeah I didn't get it

[Bella later deleted the above comments]

He has sex with her every 3 days and he uses flavored lube and they both use vibrators
that's more action than I get with my boyfriend
Nipple stuff too

Lmao i never got anything close

[Bella later deleted the above comments]

When did this start!
Nipple clips on both, lingerie on both, 3 hour long massages, candle wax

[Bella later deleted the above comment]

Almost two months ago
Barb groomed her son
Uh yeah and now he's grooming her
He's grooming HER?
All in all it's her fault

He won't let her have friends

[Bella later deleted the above comments]

And will refuse to let her leave now if she doesn't

Apperentky she didn't even want to have sex with her and he had to convince her

Jesus...was it rape?

They groomed each other

It also hurts her alot apparently but he says she probably likes it rough

Not really bc she actually agreed to it and they still do it ALL the time

He coaxed her into it but she groomed him to be this way

Its on both of them

Yeah ^^^

When I have sex with him, I hope it sways him away from his mother
I was pushing realllly hard for that bjt he's convinced that you'll fall in love in college or something
He's still in disbelief of his first real sweetheart

He tells me that he's still embarrassed and nervous

"The tarot cards tell me she'll fall in love in college
At least it keeps him occupied


Jesus dude what is wrong with him just go after her
Don't tell anyone this but I showed Chris my tits

And he went like "mmmmmmmm"

"You're starting to turn me onnnnn"

Chris is so in love with me


Please tell him to quit her for me

"You WILL call me here on video call tonight"

I'll try

Jesus Chris Chan, that sounds like a threat
Ik I was like damn ok

I gtg to ckass ttyl


[photo of baby animals, unclear which person sent it]

I always have an Atilla box, internet VPN and an ip VPN and an ip toggle

He just sent it awwww

29 July 2021

The only date given in the various screenshots.

"the trolls" censored your voice and leaked the fact that Chris Chan is fucking his mom


Coordinating response to Chris

Unclear date, possibly 29/30 July 2021[note 2] (leaked on 1 August 2021)[7]

Bella complains that the Suitress had leaked the incest texts despite Bella telling not to post them yet. Bella says Chris is accusing her of leaking. The Suitress responds she will tell Chris that trolls leaked them, and the two plan to get into a group chat to push their cover story.


Oh ok
Please release the four hour call
People are really needing to see it
As long as Chris reads it
Dude y post the text messages
You sent them to me
I said NOT to posy

He's accusing me of leaking it

Not to post yet

Oh shit

I'm telling him the trolls leaked it

Here do me a favor ill make a gc
A group chat?
Yeah to confirm it was the troll i set up

Can you talk to Gungann



Impact of leaks

This section showcases chunks of a conversation that appears to have occurred sometime around the first leak of the Incest call, but before the second.

Bella brags about how they "broke the internet". However, the Suitress replied being scared at this and still wanting to meet Chris, showing hesitancy when Bella suggests to her to bask in their supposed glory. However, the Suitress had also made claims that leaking these calls was a good idea.



We did it


But I wanted to meet Chris
dude fucking awesome

We still cab

[Bella later deleted the above comments]




The watch dogs are trying blast u so i said that u were a minor he coaxed into

[Today 4:38 pm]

Everyone thinks I'm a 42 year old dude

[Bella later deleted the above comment]

Okay goof


So what do I do here

They think my trollsona is bella
Oh ok
But y do they know my name

[Bella later deleted the above comment]

So what do I do herr
Either way its cool bc I anonymous

[Bella later deleted the above comment]

Okay good

But what do I do

Notibg just bask in our glory

We did it

[Bella later deleted the above comments]

I'm kinda scared

I know it's good to release

Were the best trolls on history

I got u protected


Josh is after me

I don't know Null's phone number


Do you have Chris's best interest in mind?

I want you to know I'm not a troll

Neither am i

But neither are the watchmen

And they're grossed out

They want him in jail forever

With the way it was word you seemed to have reveled in the victory rather than caring about Chris...
They hope he never gets out but theyve been supporting him genuinly for years

I don't

I used to

But after what he told me

He raped his mom dude

Shes severely hurt in the hospital

I was great friends with him and cared about him until I heard of this


[Yesterday 8:20 pm]


[Today 1:07 pm]

Can you send the 4 hour call


I don't have it lol my phone would record randomly

[Bella later deleted the above comment]

How would it record randomly

Just asking

I wonder if you watched Null's stream last night because I heard about it being big
Also, do you trust me in sharing more info on Chris?
I did but null cut ties

All the discord members have been talking about it they fucliny hate Chris now Hey supported him for 10 years bur they're grossed out

Theyre trying to put him in jail

Oh okay. Gungann wants to see if you have any more info on the situation

Wow...[note 3]

He's very curious and wants to know



  1. Based on Discord leaks where Bella discusses sharing the original leak with the Suitress, this conversation had likely happened sometime between 6 and 7 AM of this day
  2. Conversation references leaks of the incest texts which were posted on 29 July
  3. It appears that after this conversation, both Bella and the Suitress would have an interview with the user, Gungann regarding the leaks. This interview can be found here


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