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The CWCSonichu-NightStar2891 DMs are a set of DMs exchanged between Chris's CWCSonichu and NightStar2891 Twitter accounts. NightStar2891 then shared the DMs with Twitter user Howard Winslow, who had been accusing NightStar2891 of being Chris's own account, and said that Howard could share the DMs publicly with the trolls.[1] On 7 August 2017, Howard, who has a Kiwi Farms account under the username Marvin, did so, posting the DMs to Kiwi Farms.[2]

The DMs primarily regard Chris's defense of his interactions with DoopieDoOver and his criticism of her.

The DMs

Howard?! I remember him. He is definitely one of those Trolls! Ugh! And he attempted to turn you against Me like that? That is Just So LOW! Makes me feel like blowing my fuse! I need to take a deep breath.
Oh, no. Please, don't be upset, cutie.
But, yeah, he did. He also speculated about recognizing me as you through some sort of computer program. How, a specific word choice, despite being as eloquent as I, shows off and identifies me. But his app told him my extensive word choice marked me as You. I just am flustered over that. But I was also flattered a bit.
Hmm... Regardless, I feel like it is wrong to be talking with the Damn Trolls. **sigh** But, I do not control you, and you said you've been trolling me with them. And yet, I still like you for who you really are. Like Doopie, I will not judge you based on the bad, because you have proven yourself to be more good.
I will admit, I got word from another woman friend of mine, With screen caps that made me think, These could be fake, that Doopie leaked the emails between her and I with them, among other things she told them about. And I did learn that why she felt creeped out at me Was a set of misunderstandings. Hang on, let me copy/paste what I told her for you.
[Uploads a screenshot of a Kiwi Farms post. See Doopie Q&A#Turning Point.]
I also sent my screen caps in relation to that.

Firstly, she was referring to her KittenBell on Patreon, a separate account where she draws her NSFW (not safe for work) pieces. I saw her tweet about it before a few times, and shortly before last Tuesday, I was curious and felt like checking it out. Nothing inappropriate in mind; she still has a great drawing style, even for the Adult Swim section. Next, she was referring to the money request I posted shortly after mid-July; long Before the NSFW part.

Another side-story, come 3 am, August First; I was set to put in a Last Minute $50 Pledge on Cole, then I find out as I tried to Pledge to him, he had Blocked me from Pledging, but I can still see his Public Post; a Lot of those. After that backlash, I then randomly felt like checking Doopie's Patreon. I then noticed on her page, her pledges were being collected, and it was too late for me to up my pledge to $50 for the month. So then I told her I was sending her $25 directly to get that tier's benefits this time around. And then she accounted the Money Requesting I did two weeks prior, and she was concerned. That would seem to be where I lost her, according to her Kiwi post.
Also, I Did make a suggestion, as a show of support for her skill, for her KittenBell; a lesbian play session between human Vinyl Scratch and Octavia.
Ugh! Sometimes my impulsive choices really backfire on me.
[Uploads a screenshot of a Kiwi Farms post. See Doopie Q&A#Backlash.]
Also! This "Backlash" of hers. She Felt it worse of a Backlash Being a Friend to me, compared to Being Associated with those Damn, Uncouth Trolling Stupids! Yes! I would have continued treating her with kindness, a caring heart, and as Just a Friend. I Already Knew she already had a Sweetheart in, Learned this recently... Jess, I think was his name. What the Trolls Do Not Understand, and they Refuse to Understand, is that I Have Matured, Mentally And Emotionally. I Keep my distance from women until If and When any of them makes a move, or asks me out, or something like that. Outside of that, I am looking to Make Plain and Simple Friendships. I Do Not expect any sex, or dare make such a move, myself, going in to making New Friendships. What The Fuck is Wrong With These Sick, Twisted People?! "Oh! But, Chris, he will just go and fucking fap hisself all day long, or just Crash for Days!" Uncouth Bastards! Ugh!!!
Meanwhile, I'm going to calm myself down and go. I will still be in touch. Talk with you later. And, Thank You again for actually understanding me. You are only one of the locally few who Actually Gets Me, and that my heart is always in the things I do. Minus those things I did Long ago that I am not proud of.
Wow! Doopie, a Troll. I haven't been on the Kiwi in a while; this is new. Well, I do see the kindness and caring in your heart and soul. In my power, I will do as I am able to help you. I can tell you feel upset when losing a friend.

Doopie was one of the kind people on Planet Dolan. I'm rather disappointed in her too.

Thank you for confiding in me, cutie, and for giving me [cutoff]