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I had Discord and Magi-Chan escort me personally on my Thursday outing to The End Games for Pokemon League and colouring my pages that I had at the time. I allowed Discord to enjoy some of the fun there. He watched a few Dungeon and Dragon-type games get played. I even allowed him to see if he could get one of my friends to notice and see him. But she didn't budge.


—Chris's delusions spilling over into the real world again.

Begging Counter

  • It has been 119 days since Chris begged for money.

Since June 2017, Chris has been making weekly updates on his paid obligations to the Sonichu comic.

Article of the Now


Hyperdimension Neptunia is a video game series of role-playing games created and developed by Idea Factory. Games within the series takes place in the world of Gamindustri, (a pun on "gaming industry"), which is divided into four regions/nations, with each representing a specific video game console. Chris became a fan in late 2017, having watched the anime based on it


This Day in Christory

"Meanwhile, at 14 Brunchcourt Lane, Sonichu is all set to tell Rosechu some not-so-good news until he is completely mesmerized by the sight of her cameltoe while she's doing laundry. When he regains his bearings, he wastes fifteen minutes of his wife's time ranting about how those homos have been saying that he's a homosexual icon, going into a tard rage and wrecking the shit out of his own house, though we only see him smack what is maybe a potted plant (the rest of his outburst is conveyed through sound effects). Rosey tries to look like she gives a shit as her sweet-bolt blathers on and on, and then offers to fuck him right in the middle of the laundry room, because that's what loving wives do. Sonichu figures this is okay since their kids are next door, but thankfully, they're cockblocked by an attack on CWCville by the PVCC and Mary Lee Walsh."

Today in Christory, in 2009, part 1 of the Motion Storyboard for Episode 20 was uploaded.


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