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Quote of the Now

Ah-Ha! I Knew it! I can eventually be a mother! :)


—Chris, 13 May, after reading an article on an experimental surgery which could enable trans-women to become pregnant.

Begging Counter

  • It has been 1 days since Chris begged for money.

Article of the Now

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The Classic is a red and blue rugby shirt formerly worn by Chris from an unknown time before his discovery by the internet to when he became a Tomgirl, and it was seemingly lost in 2014 to the Destruction of Chris's House.

It had survived at the bottom of a soaked and grimy garbage bag full of clothing. Prompted by the Financhu Crisis, Chris went searching for it in April 2017, hoping to sell it to a fan.

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This Day in Christory

Truly worth every cent.

Today in Christory, in 2006, Chris wins a Yu-Gi-Oh! Sage's Stone Secret Foil Promo card on eBay, probably for Megan.


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