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Welcome to the CWCki!
The premier encyclopedia on the lolcow Chris Chan,
the author of Sonichu and (alleged) literal motherfucker.
We currently have 2,328 articles...and counting!
"Any names, or persons, discussed in this wiki,
that may seem similar to anyone in real life,
are purely coincidental, or otherwise parodic."

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Clyde Cash (alias Gregg Mays – that's Gregg with three G's) (4 July 1976) was the ringleader of The Miscreants and is often considered to be Chris's arch-nemesis, even years after his trolling days were finished.


Incarceration Counter

Chris has been in custody for

We highly advise against contacting Chris in any way, even now that he's back in jail. You aren't contributing to Christory, and if his returning mugshot is anything to go by he is not in the mood to send you the epic rants about the Merge you're imagining.

Jesus Counter

It has been
days since Chris has last claimed to be Jesus Christ.

Jailhouse Begging Counter

Do not send money to Chris: satisfying a degenerate inmate's sweet tooth is a waste of your hard earned C-Quarters.
It has been…
days since Chris has last begged for money to waste on food from his jail’s commissary.

This Day in Christory

Joshua sure is one lucky S.O.B.

Today in Christory, in 2009, the message on is changed again, with an photoshopped image of Chris at a gay pride festival. A new message says that Vanessa was real and she has had sex with Joshua Martinez.


Did You Know...

Quote of the Now

After the paid sex with the kind Cherokee woman in April, 2012, In May, I told Barbara about it, and Barbara literally propotioned [sic] me for sex by telling me, "I would have had sex with you myself, Christian." And in one aspect of her unconsciousness, Barbara had considered me being a replacement for Mister C. after September 6, 2011.

So, yeah, Barbara, in a way, did become an emotional burden on I. Yet, in despite of the situation, and I Have personally written to Heilberg the story of Barbara in these and similar words in Truth, Nobody had Interrogated Her, "Because of her age". The Legal System; am I Right?

Chris, in Jail Letter - 11 May 2022

Da Update

CWCki News.png
It is currently May 2022.
Chris is back in jail for alleged incest.
  • 14 May - a new letter is released, in which Chris claims that, in 2012, Barb offered to have sex with him.
  • 3 May - Chris is transferred back to Central Virginia Regional Jail following his two to three month stay at an unknown facility.
Only significant events are listed. For all current updates, visit Kiwi Farms.

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