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"Any names, or persons, discussed in this wiki,
that may seem similar to anyone in real life,
are purely coincidental, or otherwise parodic."

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Sonichu is Chris's official life work, magnum opus, and largest contribution to society and culture. To most, however, it is a poorly-drawn and written comic book series about the adventures and travels that befall a fictionalized version of himself and his imaginary friends. Despite starting out as a comic about the titular character, it quickly turned into a wish-fulfillment outlet for Chris and his depraved fantasies, with Sonichu being a main character in name only, playing second fiddle to Chris's primary Mary Sue self-insert. Other characters include Rosechu and Chris's many other self-inserts. (More...)

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days since Chris has last claimed to be Jesus Christ.

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Do not send money to Chris: satisfying an autistic inmate’s sweet tooth is a waste of your hard earned C-Quarters.
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This Day in Christory


Today in Christory, in 2009, Chris released a video talking about "Sonichu's Edge" and LittleBigPlanet.


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Rest assured, my personal updates on Christianity to Neo Spiritual Christianity in the near future after my Second Coming shall offer even Higher Levels of Spirituality and even freedom.
Chris, in a new letter

Da Update

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It is currently December 2021.
Chris is now in jail for alleged incest. His next court hearing is to be 3 February 2022.
Only significant events are listed. For all current updates, visit Kiwi Farms.

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