August 2012

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August 2012 began with the revelation that Chris has two new dogs, having entered them into a local contest. He didn't win, although his beagles were popular with the commenters.

Other than that, August was another quiet month, like July, most likely due to him serving out his sentence for the events of 28 October 2011.


Chris in August.
  • 1 August - The existence of Clover and Snoopy is revealed on the CWCki forums.[1]
  • 6 August - The beginning of the voting phase of the Dog Days of Summer Photo Contest, in which Clover and Snoopy were participants.[2]
  • 9 August - Chris bitterly tells his Facebook friends that he wishes he was the last man on Earth.
  • 12 August - The end of the voting phase of the Dog Days of Summer Photo Contest. Chris didn't win.[2]
  • 17 August - Chris tells his Facebook friends that he is not getting much response from his eHarmony profile.
  • 19 August - Chris updates his Facebook profile picture.
  • 27 August - Chris writes on Facebook that he is lonely, bored, and depressed.
  • 29 August - Chris posts a silly picture of himself on Facebook.[3]
  • 30 August - A full, uncut, remastered version of the Chris-chan Discusses... interview is released by Guru Larry. [4]



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