June 2015

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Maybe, but only if we give Sonichu blue arms, three scarves, and ultimately just redesign him as Big the Cat.
Chris being mocked by his hero on Twitter
On 9 June 2015, Chris demands punishment for SEGA executives.
on 10 June 2015, Chris reveals the full set of his Sonichu Amiibo.
On 12 June 2015, Chris is just one of the gals at the Impulse Gay Social Club.
On 24 June 2015, Chris draws a commission for a fan.
On 26 June 2015, Chris celebrates gay pride on the Miiverse.
On 27 June 2015, Chris becomes 20% cooler.

June was the 6th month of 2015. Chris's previous court date took place on 11 June, and got delayed yet again to 23 July. This month commences the start of summer, which Chris most likely spent playing vidya and loitering at the Impulse Gay Social Club. It is also the month that scientists discover the "homo gene.". However, in a real life irony, it was also the month when same sex marriage was legalized nationwide, to the joy of Chris (although, had he mantained the homophobic views he had in 2009, he would not have been impressed).

Events of June

  • 3 June - Chris pesters his fans on Facebook to get Sonichu into Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. He also announces that he has more Sonichu Amiibo made.
  • 3 June - Chris shows (once again) his disapproval for Sonic Boom.
  • 3 June - Chris posts an original drawing to the "Splatoon Community" on the Miiverse.
  • 4 June - Chris posts a photo to Facebook revealing that a slip of his pocket knife resulted in a bad cut and a trip to the emergency room.
  • 6 June - Chris yet again pesters his white knights to get Sonichu in Super Smash Bros., this time revealing his preferences for Punchy Sonichu.
  • 7 June - Chris discovers the trend of transsexual women making parody Vanity Fair magazine covers of themselves, and as such creates his own.
  • 8 June - Chris changes his voicemail.
  • 9 June - Chris gives an RSVP for an upcoming Cville Pride event.
  • 9 June - The next Sonic Boom game is announced. Chris disapproves and threatens Sega producer Omar Woodley.
  • 9 June - Chris shares a link to an article saying that social media should stop cyberbullying.
  • 9 June - Chris once again shows no apologetic shame for 26 December 2014, and purchases a blue-armed Sonic doll just to tear its arms off.
  • 10 June - Chris spams several Sonic-related Facebook boards with his new concerns about Sonic Boom.
  • 10 June - Chris's white knights refuse to help him this time with his hatred of blue arms. Kim Wilson and Mellanie Chafe say that he could just cover the blue arms with cream-colored felt, and that attacking people with mace is assault. Kim also mockingly says "Oh, wow, where'd you get that plush? Did you steal it?"
  • 10 June - Sega acknowledges Sonichu and Chris's existence for the second time, and mocks his reaction to Sonic having blue arms.[1]
  • 10 June - Chris presents his opinions about a Magi-Chan Amiibo.
  • 10 June - Chris attends an LGBTQ Youth & Family Bowling Night event in Charlottesville.
  • 10 June - Chris explains the financial hurdles involved in producing Amiibo of other Sonichu characters.
  • 10 June - Chris gives a Facebook review of the game Catherine.
  • 11 June - Chris's latest court date. The result was, you guessed it, another fucking continuance. Chris was said to have been uncharacteristically normal and sociable.
  • 11 June - Chris pesters his white knights into rallying against you-know-what by reposting two of his seminal Facebook posts.
  • 11 June - Chris disapproves of a Sonic joke on the "SEGA Nerds" Facebook group.
  • 12 June - Chris amuses himself with a wordplay game on Facebook.
  • 12 June - Chris explains why the gender-bent version of Chris-Chan Sonichu is good while blue-arms Sonic is bad.
  • 12 June - Chris says he'll stop hating Sonic Boom on one condition – that Sega gives 10 valid reasons why Sonic's arms should be blue.
  • 12 June - Chris lashes out at a ween on Facebook regarding the blarms issue.
  • 12 June - Chris expresses confusion about the facial expression of a cartoon pony.
  • 12 June - Chris attends the Impulse Gay Social Club again and posts pictures of himself as a burlesque dancer.
  • 13 June - Chris is disappointed by the fact that Derpy is referred to in the credits as "Muffins", and posts a screenshot of her scene in the MLP:FiM episode "Slice of Life" that is unbelievably overexposed. He also shows his complete unwillingness to at least add some spoiler tags.
  • 13 June - Chris gives advice to one of his new burlesque gal-pals.
  • 14 June - Chris messes around with a visual puzzle on Facebook.
  • 14 June - Chris discovers what the word "pristine" means.
  • 14 June - Chris has the hots for actress Ruby Rose.
  • 15 June - Chris rambles about lesbian lizards and his transgender status.
  • 16 June - More incoherent rambling about gender identity.
  • 17 June - Chris sells a "1990 American Silver Eagle .999 Silver 1oz Dollar Coin" on eBay.
  • 17 June - Chris makes a silly post on the Miiverse "Splatoon Community."
  • 20 June - Chris enters a Legit Lady Gamers contest.
  • 20 June - Chris proffers his opinion about body hair.
  • 20 June - Chris posts some random-access humor about chess and gender.
  • 20 June - Chris relates to Facebook artwork about a broken heart.
  • 20 June - Chris enters a Facebook contest to win shot glasses.
  • 21 June - Father's Day.
  • 22 June - Chris creates a second eBay account, pristinechristine1982, to sell more autographed photos of himself. He announces this on Facebook.
  • 23 June - Chris announces on Facebook that new Sonichu medallions will be listed next month.
  • 23 June - Chris shares a video called "Geraldine", about a transgender woman.
  • 24 June - Chris completes a commission, a portrait of the recipient.
  • 25 June - Chris shares a picture depicting emotions people feel but can't explain, most of which are taken from the Dictionary of Obscure Emotions.
  • 24 June - Chris gives the Impulse Gay Social Club bar a five-star review on Facebook.
  • 25 June - Chris offers to trade genitalia with anyone on Facebook with a spare.
  • 25 June - Chris makes a Facebook post supporting Hillary Clinton for president.
  • 25 June - Chris informs the Facebook world that he would prefer a pink-colored PS4 to an XBox.
  • 25 June - Chris is confused by an internet game posted on the Facebook page "Legit Lady Gamers."
  • 26 June - On Facebook, Chris celebrates the Supreme Court's decision that gay marriage is legal in all 50 states, using the occasion to emphasize his "sweetheart search" and his transgender status.
  • 26 June - Chris makes a celebratory post on the Miiverse about the Supreme Court decision. It is quickly removed.
  • 26 June - Chris shares a meme generalizing people who have green or blue eyes. He naturally couldn't resist the chance to mention his heterochromia.
  • 27 June - Chris changes his profile picture to that of his faux Vanity Fair cover, before running it through a gay pride filter.
  • 27 June - Chris reveals his aura to be blue.
  • 27 June - Chris reveals that his favorite superheroine is Superwoman.
  • 27 June - Chris is irritated that his gayified Facebook profile pic was not chosen for a "Lizzy the Lezzy" collage.
  • 28 June - Chris responds randomly (and insensibly) to a Facebook post by a fellow Manchester High School alum.
  • 28 June - Chris completely fails to understand a Facebook joke about the differences between men and women.
  • 28 June - Chris completely fails to understand a Facebook comic strip about sexual consent.
  • 30 June - Club Nintendo shuts down in the United States.