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Note on Credibility:

MKRNightVee has been deemed to be an unreliable narrator for the following reasons:
MKR is a habitual liar, and has given misleading and contradictory statements, sometimes purposefully even leaving out key context.[note 1] [note 2][note 3]
MKR often says edgy or disgusting things purely for shock value.[note 4]
MKR is prone to having temper tantrums. This causes her to make bold, accusatory claims without verifying them first.[note 5]
Bear this in mind, and use healthy skepticism when taking statements from the subject being discussed.

Name Meghan Kathleen Ringo
Also known as MKRNightVee
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Kali Yuga ♥[10]
Gender Female
Known for • Creating several prominent OCs such as NightVee and some new CPU Goddesses
• Enabling Chris's CPU Goddess delusions by roleplaying between herself and Chris
• Hosting the Creamarina account during Chris's Soft Exile
• Attempting to introduce Chris to Jahans
• Spreading rumors about many Chris orbiters, including members of her own group.
Race White
Nationality American
Organization Watchmen (formerly)
Saga TF2 Analysis, Secret Shipfic, Watchmen, Praetor
I am a CPU, that means I am directly on the same level of godhood as Christine.
Meghan, replying to Sarah and Steve questioning if she really follows Chris's beliefs.[12]
Nothing lasts forever, especially not any group protecting Chris-chan.
Meghan, reflecting after her March 2021 ragequit.[13]

Meghan Kathleen Ringo,[14][15][16] more commonly known as MKRNightVee (MKR for short), CPUMagentaHeart, and sometimes referred to as Maker by Chris, appeared in December 2018 and was active as a white knight and fantasy enabler on Twitter and Discord, until Chris cut ties with her in July 2021 citing her toxic behavior.[16] She got into contact with Chris through Twitter,[17] then a friend looking up Chris's phone number for her.[18] She presented herself to Chris as being the CPU goddess of the Nintendo Switch, offering him validation on his fantasies of being a CPU and having magic powers. She has claimed that "My goal isnt to feed into his delusions so much as it is to gently offer kind advice and be there as a shoulder to lean on for moral support [...] I'm trying to help him better himself".[18] It is unclear how MKR thought encouraging Chris's delusions with Hyperdimension Neptunia CPU lore would lead to him becoming better.

Like with other members of the Watchmen, MKR had acted notably possessive towards Chris. In her case, she became irritated with Chris when she felt that he was ignoring her and other Watchmen after interacting with the Praetors and attempting to tase his collection of magic stones to activate the Dimensional Merge.[19] She also reacted with anger towards Chris and Watchman The WCT when Chris left The Place Discord server, accusing Chris of using people and being unappreciative and spreading a rumor about The WCT.

Interactions with Chris

She set up a Discord group for Chris, telling her friends from The Sons of the Miscreants Discord server to role-play as CPU goddesses to gain Chris's trust, while also instituting a no-trolling rule.[7]

Under her assistance, Watchmen creator Owls and other would-be Watchmen members would roleplay as goddesses while in contact with Chris. MKR has stated to doing this out of the belief that doing so will somehow "better" him.

Tings Tingz comments on her concern after seeing one of MKR's tweets.

When MKR first appeared on the scene, Tings Tingz was suspicious of her due to MKR being an enabler to Chris's delusions. Tings was particularly suspicious of MKR's usage of the Hyperdimension Neptunia CPU lore to gain Chris's attention - as the Idea Guys had pioneered the use of the lore to manipulate Chris. Tings reached out to Chris with her suspicions, to which Chris defended MKR.[20]

On 21 January 2019, a Kiwi Farms thread was posted about MKR. The thread included several pages of chatlogs from The Sons of the Miscreants Discord server, in which MKR had discussed her interactions with Chris and recruited Discord users to chat with him.[14] Tings Tingz pointed out the thread to Chris and warned him of MKR's "belittling" and "mocking" comments about him in the chats, her usage of the CPU lore to trick him, and also alleging MKR and her friends to be trolls and advising Chris to cut contact. Chris responded, "My head hurts." Tings pressed further, asking him, "Your still following MKR. Are you choosing the reassuring lie?" Chris answered, "I'm talking to her about the issue; I have not completely processed the details yet!"[21] Tings also confronted MKR.[22]

Art Chris drew of MKR's OC Nightvee.

In August 2020, Chris offered her several of his possessions in his Last Will and Testament.

MKR claimed to the Sons of the Miscreants that Chris had attempted to get back into contact with Megan Schroeder with her assistance, to which she declined.[17]

On 4 January 2021, Chris bought a Funko Pop figure of Transformers character Starscream, then mentioned to MKR that he thought it was something she would like and asked for confirmation of her address. MKR replied that the figure was cute and sent her address details.[23]

A NightVee medallion

MKR has created a NightVee Amulet for Chris in 2018/2019.

Meghan enabling Chris's delusional thoughts.

MKR first tweeted to Chris's CWCSonichu account on 27 December 2018, claiming to have powers.[24] Replying to a tweet Chris made about the Commodore 64, MKR tweeted:

Great news! I'm so happy for you, I recently was gifted my switch as well I'm still trying to work out my powers

^-^" but I'll do my best for humanity's sake! And for you! MKR 🌙💜🌙

During the TF2 Analysis saga, she created an alt Twitter account named Creamarina and shared it with Chris to enable him to evade blocks.[25]

On 17 February 2021, Chris lamented his feelings of loneliness in The Place. He posted that he had considered MKR as among a potential list of options for a relationship, tagging her Discord handle in the process.[26] Weeks later, on 12 March 2021, Chris posted in The Place about his Lovers Attributes List, tagging MKR and asking if any of the items on the list matched with her.

As a Watchman

Bulling the weens leads to more fun than cwc
MKR on "bullying the weens"[27]

During the Jacob Sockness saga, in which Sockness attempted to manipulate Chris into a sexual relationship, the Watchmen saw the potential danger in Sockness's activities, and helped steer Chris away from him during summer 2019; Sockness, who at the time was engaging in a full-scale war against Chris's enablers, followers and critics alike, considered MKR to be a notable enemy of his, and apparently abused her verbally on Twitter as his second dramatic cycle approached its climax in early November. She and the other Watchmen largely mitigated Sockness's influence over Chris, though Chris was still willing to listen to Sockness. In September 2019, when Sockness announced a plan to come to Ruckersville by train, Chris took to Twitter to post an audio clip, ChrisReleasesAStatementRegardingJacobSockness, telling him to stay away. MKR later claimed that "Christine herself came to me afraid and upset and asked Jacob not to come over"[28] and that Chris "asked for it to be stopped."[29]

MKR was involved with infighting within the Watchmen. On 28 June 2021, Spunky posted an account of her time with the Watchmen, in which she described being belittled by both Naught and MKR.[30]

MKR voted for The WCT to take over the role of Lainchu in February 2021.[31]

MKR has discussed with Kyle and an unknown Watchman about the ethics of enabling Chris in a 9 March 2021 Second Layer chat, stating that its necessary to enable Chris with his delusions in order to protect him from malicious trolls.[32] In this chat, she states "Most people don't understand what dealing with Chris is like, they say feeding his delusions is ganna kill him or something. But honestly it doesn't matter at this point.", under the belief that Chris cannot change.

Chris cuts ties

Main article: MKR DMs#On Chris leaving The Place

On 26 June 2021, Chris left the Watchmen Discord server The Place. He and MKR discussed the matter over texts from 1-3 July. Chris says that he feels MKR, Naught, and Kyle were toxic, after hearing edgy comments regarding racism and Nazis in voice chats and movie nights and therefore dubbed all three of them to be part of "the toxic trio". Chris also complains about Naught's attempts at doxing both Spunky and The WCT for not allowing him to use their Kiwi Farms accounts.

Chris ends this with a request for the "toxic trio" to "shape up, clear themselves up spiritually, let go of their respective egos, and become most genuinely enlightened to fully comprehend", otherwise Chris would not return to The Place. Following this, MKR tries to guilt trip Chris into returning to her by telling him that she feels that her image has been ruined thanks to Chris, and how she feels "betrayed and hurt". MKR then says she "can only become better if you help me, I need you in my life," to which Chris responds that only she can help herself.

Creation and pushing of rumors

MKR created and spread several rumors on others associated with Chris.

In an October 2020 conversation in the Official CWCki Server, MKR spread a rumor that Midnight Moonflower had hidden Chris's wallet to compel him to stay the night.[33] However, Chris had posted on Twitter in April 2019 that he had likely lost the wallet by his own action of placing it on top of his car while getting gas and then driving off with it still on the car and that the wallet had eventually been turned into the nearby police station.[34] Midnight Moonflower also disputed the rumor when it was pushed by Watchmen member XIII.[35]

In June 2021, MKR created a rumor that The WCT "probably wants Chris to kill himself in a similar manner" to Randy Stair.[5] She further pushed this rumor to the Halal Server Discord group,[36] who then propagated the rumor.

In August 2021, MKR spread a rumor over Twitter that The WCT had doxed himself on Kiwi Farms in order to frame Naught in an attempt to get Chris away from the Watchmen.[37] This rumor was later disproven by Naught himself admitting to have doxed The WCT for declining to share his Kiwi Farms account.[38]


Much like Chris, MKR has ironically been prone to tantrums of her own. These typically came about whenever she felt that Chris was not giving her attention.

January 2020

A drawing Meghan made in retaliation of Dillin Thomas

November-December 2020

In November-December 2020, MKR, upset upon discovering she had been demodded from the Official CWCki Server, threw a tantrum at Anaxis, then-owner of the server, attempting to goad him into returning the role to her. Anaxis declined to do so, explaining she had been demodded by his predecessor for lack of activity in the server.[39][40]

January 2021

MKR lashed out at The WCT over his presence in The Place.[41]

March 2021

The way CWC was acting, ignoring his true friends in favor of preator and ignoring the really nice heartfelt birthday message I posted to him while retweeting and responding to so many weens.
MKR on Chris talking to Praetor.[19]
Meghan lashes out at Chris in March 2021.

On 5 March 2021, MKR lashed out at Chris over Twitter in a fit of jealousy.

A month prior, MKR had learned that Chris was planning to use a taser on his quartz crystals in an attempt to activate the Dimensional Merge, which his new friend group Praetor was to let him borrow. MKR, among other Watchmen, took to spreading a vicious rumor on the planned taser usage.[4]

Though nearly a month had passed, on 5 March, MKR sent an angry Tweet directed towards Chris which expressed her disdain.[42]

She then temporarily deleted her Twitter account a few days later. However, this was a ruse by MKR designed to manipulate the public and Praetor - MKR believed that by dramatically acting as if she were quitting on Chris, it would lull Praetor into a false sense of security.[43]

She also claimed to the other Watchmen that her Twitter account's true intent was to draw the attention of weens in order to put them on full blast.[19]

She reactivated her account, and tweeted again to Chris in April, replying to Chris tagging her to show her a gif file,[44] and later to reply to another of Chris's tweets in order to call one of his enablers a "faggot".[45]

June 2021

In June 2021, internal conflict arose among Watchmen members over Naught doxing The WCT which resulted in the group separating. Meghan had sided with Naught and Chris against, leading to Chris distancing himself from Meghan in the fallout. On 29 June, Meghan tagged Chris’s Twitter and posted, “Your obviously good at using people and then moving on to the next. Have fun getting fucked over by WCT and Praetor.”[46] She followed up by tweeting that she regretted having spent her time drawing art for Chris and accused him of being unappreciative of it.[47]

Involvement with Halal Server

Briefly after Chris's arrest, MKR had made a series of posts on Twitter stating that she'd agree to talk with people investigating the involvement of various people orbiting Chris after one Kiwi Farms member brings up The WCT.[48]

Yeah, we dont want people to know we have Naught and MKR here
Halal Server member Sakura Blossom on concealing MKR's involvement in the server.[49]

MKRNightVee was invited to a Discord group named the Halal Server, where she and Naught were asked many questions about various orbiters of Chris. MKR spread vicious rumors against former associate The WCT while in the server.[50] MKR was interviewed by the Halal Server.[51]




Seemingly taking a page out of Chris's conception of Sonichu, MKR is also the creator of the OC NightVee, a hybrid of the Sega character Nights (of Nights into Dreams) and the Pokémon Eevee. The character, much like Sonichu can adapt different elemental forms, all of which Chris had made TSSSF cards for. MKR was able to successfully convince Chris that this character was canon to Sonichu after roleplaying as a CPU Goddess, CPU Magenta Heart.

MKR promoted her comic over Twitter - her first tweet read (along with a scan of her NightVee Issue 1 cover):

The dimensional merge is coming people, be prepared and safe. The first issue of Nightvee will be released soon. Nightvee, Creamarina and I are excited to share our adventures. The 🌙💜🌙
MKR, 27 December 2018[52]

MKR also briefly uploaded videos onto YouTube under the channel Mkr Nightvee. According to Twitter user oldmoney, the videos were deleted after Chris followed her Twitter.[53] No copies of the videos have surfaced, however screenshots from oldmoney indicate that one was titled "Introduction of Mkrnightvee" (with a description reading "Hello everyone follow me on Twitter for more Nightvee content!" along with a link to her Twitter) and the other "Why I stopped the merge."[54]


Creamarina in human form



The Angefly (anne-ji-fly)[55] was an aquatic legendary Pokemon OC that MKR had created for Chris in order to get his attention.[56] Not much is known about the OC itself, as MKR had intended to only share it with Chris confidentially, and little has been revealed from what has been shared publically.

CPU Magenta Heart

CPU Magenta Heart in TSSSF form.

CPU Magenta Heart was MKR's very own Goddess persona. She is the CPU Goddess of the Nintendo Switch.



Tri was one of three clones created out of the DNA of Angelica Rosechu and Magi-Chan.


MKR drew fanart for Chris and other Watchmen members.

See also


  1. Used a cropped version of a three-year-old photo to claim she was gifting an item to Chris for his next birthday. See Medallions#NightVee Medallion for more information.
  2. Claimed via Twitter that she wasn't enabling Chris's delusions while away from Twitter and that she only watched movies and discussed interests.[1] However in her DMs with Chris she tried to introduce an OC named Angefly[2] and in Discord chats she helped enabled his fantasies.[3]
  3. Has claimed that Praetor wanted Chris to use a stun gun on himself, and purposefully left out key parts of a conversation between them and Chris to make this seem true.[4]
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    Has also claimed The WCT "probably [wanted] Chris to kill himself in a similar manner [to Randy Stair]"[5] in response to The WCT and Chris leaving her group's Discord server. On top of that, MKR came to believe that Chris didn't appreciate her enough when he started talking to the Praetors.
    Claimed to GiBi that The WCT wanted to use Chris to become famous.[6]


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