April 2018

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I realized with my sweethearts that I am a Bisexual
Chris, after being brainwashed by the Idea Guys.
Chris walking on a treadmill in April 2018.

April is the fourth month of 2018. After six months, the Idea Guys saga ends - though their influence on Chris's beliefs lingers long afterwards.


  • 1 April - Chris draws the cover of Sonichu #17.
  • 5 April - Chris records More of Cole’s Things for Sale, listing more of Cole's belongings. One of the items listed is the first issue of Marvel Comics Super Special, which featured Kiss. He also lists Cole's old homework and childhood awards.
  • 6 April - Chris posts a drawing in support of flat-chested women.[1] He also begs for sales[2] of Cole's stuff. Also on this day, Backpage.com was seized and shut down by the FBI.
  • 7 April - For the first time since 2015, Chris's Facebook temporarily goes private.
  • 8-9 April - The Bad Beginning Discord chat log with the Idea Guys takes place; Chris apologizes to Gwen is recorded. Allegedly, Chris slaps himself follows.
  • 9 April - Chris' Facebook account goes public again. He uploads Buy Our Things off of my eBay to help us, Please, another begging video featuring Barb, and claims the Chandlers must make two payments to the mortgage company this month, echoing a problem from a year prior. Lastly, he complains that brown hair would make him feel like a loser.[3]
  • 10 April - Chris posts a listing on eBay for his lesbian pride flag, having been brainwashed by Idea Guys to believing he's bisexual and needs a new flag to match.
  • 11 April - On the 74th day of the Sonichu comic's hiatus, Chris apologizes for the lack of updates. He records I’m stressed, but I am working and begs for more sales.
  • 13 April - Chris lists more of his personal belongings and toys for sale. He also records Buy Right Now from eBay.
  • 14 April - Chris offers the Amnyfest Ring for sale. The Captain would purchase it and use it as a means to break the Idea Guys' hold over Chris.
  • 15 April - Chris uploads Dick Licker; that is I., a video of himself licking penises he drew on his wall. He removes his autographs from the Transformer toys put up for sale on eBay following feedback from fans complaining about it, and gets snappy at one fan.[4] He also admires a CWC cosplayer, saying she is hot. Finally, he updates his Facebook's Basic Information section to note his newfound bisexuality and that he is interested in men and women.
  • 16 April - Chris uploads two videos. One is With Apologies to Mister Resident, an apology to a ween posing as his professor from PVCC; another is One-Hundred, him demonstrating his strength by |lifting dumbbells. A ween uploads a 4-second video of Barb to his channel, presumably having paid Chris for it. Later, Chris explains the latest streak of begging; he wants $600+ in order to go to BronyCon.[5]
  • 17 April - Chris says the BronyCon story was a cover for being in debt and is coerced into stating he has multiple fetishes, is sexually repressed and needs redemption, then deletes the posts and claims his account was hacked.[6] Chris then uploads Look, I Am helping my mother and I with the monies, followed by a live Captain's Log on Twitch promoting his eBay sales and featuring Barb. A few hours after the stream had ended, Chris uploads I have been paid to go; we’ll see if I can go (Seriously To Be Determined), thanking Jack Z, a fan who gifted him $1,200 so that he could attend BronyCon 2018 in the hopes the two could meet.
  • 18 April - Chris uploads two videos, the first video being a recorded dance and the second upload being a happy birthday wish for Frank, a friend of Jack Z's. He then brags about walking for two hours at 4mph on a treadmill on Twitter.[7]
  • 20 April - Chris delivers Message to Dio Brando, Plus I Need a New Phone!, another video request (which is bookended by him begging for money to get a new phone) for Jack Z.
  • 20 - 21 April - The Cryzel Torture chat logs with the Idea Guys take place. Chris records multiple takes of Chris pleads to stop Cryzel Torture in an attempt to placate them. He also records a video singing All Star at the Idea Guys' direction.
  • 21 April - Chris uploads I’m Sorry for Ruining so many Fandoms‎‎ to apologize for ruining his associated fandoms, most notably My Little Pony.
  • 22 April - Chris draws Sonichu Special 5, depicting him handing over the Amnyfest Ring to The Captain.
  • 22 April - Chris changes his Twitter profile picture.[8]
  • 23 April - Chris lists 32 custom porn drawings for sale on eBay, including cut-up pieces of shecameforcwc, asking price $1,000.[9] He also states there's a debt collector after him, who is demanding payment by the 27th.[10] The listing was later reported and removed due to Chris breaking eBay rules and selling porn on eBay. Chris later tries to cover for Jack D Jankowski, a fan that gave him $1,200 for BronyCon that got doxed by members of the Kiwi Farms. Chris posts a fake name and location on his Facebook and Twitter to keep trolls off of Jack's track.[11]
  • 24 April - Chris offers a third house tour and a blowjob in return for money.[12] The lot of porn drawings is purchased by Twitter user @FFEMemberLukas]], foreshadowing the Teen Troon Squad saga.
  • 26 April - Information surfaces that Chris had been banned from The End Games for arguing with management over a game judge's decision.
  • 28 April - Chris takes part in #MakeBryCry, where he has to make a mean artwork of Bryanfrogboy. His entry includes a homoerotic poem about Bryan.
  • 28 April - The first of the known Tings Tingz DMs.
  • 29 April - Chris has a lunch date with a customer who bought one of Chris's license plates for $200.[13]
  • 29 April - Chris alludes to being freed from the Idea Guys' influence.[14]
  • 30 April - Chris comments that he finds Bryanfrogboy attractive.[15] He also reveals a new character, Cryzel Rosechu.[16]