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This page contains tweets from MagiChan111448, one of Chris's alternate Twitter accounts.

The account was created primarily so Chris could white-knight for himself during the Twitter blocks from TF2 Analysis crew saga. However, the account was set to protected mode, so people not following it wouldn't be able to read the tweets and reply, making it a cheap way for Chris to feel validation.

Activity on the account resumed in June 2019, promoting Dimensional Merge and Chris's other beliefs.

The account was unprotected in late June 2019.


I'm watching you all

24 January

When I have updates, I will personally Tweet them through here. I am watching you all, Haters and Harassers; you all shall no longer make my Loves, especially my sweetheart, unhappy.

Let Chris be

24 January

Part of a comment chain regarding the Twitter blocks from TF2 Analysis crew saga

AquaDiamond8, replying to Chris's CWCSonichu account:

They have the RIGHT to block you if they want to, acting like a child wont make them undo that. Now grow up and stop acting like a child. What does it say when a child is telling an adult to grow the fuck up

MagiChan butts in:

And what does it tell you when someone older than you tells you to let the child be, because, she is correct.

Then responded to someone who deleted the tweet:

I disagree.

70 years young

25 January

In response to someone asking CWCSonichu about MagiChan's retconned age:

Yes, I am presently Seventy-Years Young. Age is not a factor to me; I keep very fit, and I physically age Very Slow.

White-knighting for Chris

26 January

Bloom_Tazza93, getting mad at Chris over the Twitter blocks from TF2 Analysis crew saga:

@CWCSonichu Don't ever contact my friends EVER again you monster. You're disgusting don't you dare try to play the victim. You're not a victim YOU ARE scum.

A fan applauded her, to which she answered:

probably not but I just wanted to say my piece. I'm over people harassing my friends it happens way too much.

MagiChan answered:

You Do realize your piece left Missus Chandler on continuing No Sleep, and the sun has likely risen in her time zone. Judging by the more recent Tweets that were deleted, her brain was worse damaged by being referred to as Scum.

To use that term with her; How Dare You, madam?


Promoting Chris's video

13 June 2019

Everyone. My loving Christine speaks; do well to heed her words. Thank you.

He linked to Believe in the OCs and Deities!

Chris finally realizes weens try to impersonate Magi-Chan

14 June

I am aware of those of you who attempt to contact @CPU_CWCSonichu, claiming I have relayed a message through you. For the latter of the time, I am literally right next to Christine, and she listens to me very well verbally and telepathically. Trolling her or not, making the false claim(s) of me talking through any of you to her, especially in attempt to attack her with “News” about Cwcville and within and around C-197 is simply wrong.

I take this moment to personally address the issue in efforts of ceasing and desisting this farce.

Rest assured, I personally verify what is true and false to Christine, and her common sense over the years has improved, but she still is a student in all things. Until next time, wherein I shall be fully tangible to her and all of you, I bid you all a good day. 💜⚡️

As the account was still set to protected, Chris screencapped the messages to disseminate on his main account.

Merge will be completed soon

23 June

Good day, all of you. The time of completion draws near. You all have had ample time to mentally prepare yourselves. You all will see us very soon. Take Care. 💜⚡️

Heart attack

26 June

My wife, @CPU_CWCSonichu, had a heart attack recently, in relation to events around the world in both dimensions. Please, pray to and for her; she is staying strong and holding on with every one of you in mind. Thank you. 💜⚡️

So everyone knows, she went to the ER shortly after the attacks. She stabilized, but the tightening is still happening off and on. She is taking her medicine, aspirin and tylenol, and she is in bed for rest. I, Mewtwo, and the others are watching over her and doing what we can.

This IS the time to Believe in the OCs, and Pray to/for Christine, and to the CPUs and other deities. DO raise your hands in prayer, or pray as you are comfortable doing. Everyone, Christine has been and is doing her best for us; it’s our turn to do our best for her and Everyone.

Christine continues tough and strong under her duress. Thank you all for your prayers, they are helping her and everyone. Please, keep praying to Christine and the other CPUs, as well as your choice Deity of religion. And believe in all of us OCs as well. 💜⚡️


Begging for money

10 July Retweeting this post Please, help my love out today, Everyone. 💜⚡️

Another merge update

10 July I also have an update for all of you: the Merge shall be completed Sooner than you think. Remember the guidelines @CPU_CWCSonichu had written out months ago for all of you. Also, please, be sure to pray to her, the other CPUs, and your favorite Deities of religious choice.

I also wish to express discontent to the Trolls who are bugging Christine with their claims to be knowledgeable of the Merge; Nobody Knows Better than her and everyone else Directly and Personally Involved with it. I will have you all know that Christine has met Emanuel...

..and Jesus personally and talked with them in all of this in spiritual projection, telepathic and face-to-face communications. @CPU_CWCSonichu has also been improving in her own powers as well with better practice. She has shown this in moving her flash drive as well as...

...her chunk of amethyst stone. Can ANY of you Trolls move stone with your mind and aura? Do Not Hate on that which you do not understand; we have warned you of the events as best as we are able to, within the limits of this Dimension 1218 and permitted by Fate and Destiny.

What you all should do, instead, is open your hearts, minds and souls for the effects of the Merge in progress, as well as any and all OCs and Deities from between both 1218 and C-197. Keep the faith in everything working out very well, as well as in all of us individual OCs...

...and deities. You all shall be able to see everyone and everything in the days and moments, becoming more tangible to you, as you all become more tangible to us as well. Keep Heart; Keep Faith; Keep Wits; Be Safe and Well. 💜⚡️


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