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One of Chris's most notorious features is his strange vocabulary. Like many children who don't feel comfortable referring to adult concepts directly, Chris often resorts to creating cutesy euphemisms for a lot of words that anyone else his age would generally use with little reservation, which is common with autistic people. While some of them are understandable โ€” after all, nobody would really relish discussing their diapers โ€” others, such as "tobacky" instead of "tobacco", only serve to turn an otherwise normal sentence into an advertisement for Chris's childish nature. Others are attempts to be clever that fail miserably, for example, he refers to semen as "navy", because semen sounds like sea men, get it? Combine this with the idiosyncratic speech patterns that are common among autistics, and you get his so-called CWCisms.

CWC-isms may be combinations or butchered versions of words or phrases that already exist, entirely new words, commonplace words that he uses repeatedly in a peculiar or obsessive way, or entirely new phrases that Chris often has to explain afterwards because nobody knows what he's talking about.


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