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Minor CWC-isms

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These Minor CWC-isms are part of Chris's language not notable enough for their own articles, but are still used in a manner no ordinary human being would use.

5 Main Types of CWC-isms

Basically, there are 5 main types of CWC-isms:

  1. CWC-neologism - a new word or phrase, which didn't exist before, and was first created by Chris.
    Example: Lovehogs, a portmanteau of "love" and "hedgehogs".
  2. CWC-euphemism - a preexisting word or phrase, which Chris for some strange reason gave a totally different meaning than it was meant to.
    Example: Duck, meant to denote a bird, Chris uses it to denote his penis.
  3. CWC-anachronism - an obscure word or phrase which Chris has learned somewhere and now likes to utter pretty often, and which became characteristic for Chris's way of speaking/writing.
    Example: I don't care for smth., a phrase Chris uses almost every time he expresses hate for something or someone.
  4. CWC-misspelling - only the most notable of Chris's misspellings: those, which became characteristic for Chris's way of writing.
    Example: Geinus, what he deems himself to be.
  5. Other shit - or Miscellaneous.

These 5 Main Types of CWC-isms are here to help you determine, if a word or phrase is a CWC-ism. If it fits the first 4 types, it most probably is. If it doesn't, it most probably isn't. Only the most important and notable of exclusions go into the 5th Type.




1. (adjective) Of an adult and mature nature

Originally it was supposed to be like, you know, like ages 7 and up, but then I end up going to the content, uh, it could be considered, be like, be like definitely be considered adulterous.[1]

Origin: usually used to describe people who cheat on their partners (i.e. guilty of adultery), Chris only notices the "adult" component of the word.

2. (adjective) Insult of unclear nature

Heeeeey, folks! It's me, Clyde Cash. I am the ruler of the internet and the internet trolls. I am an adulterous foe, a bastard and a self-righteous idiot who spends his time wallowing and trolling the one Christian Weston Chandler, and making up a whole bunch of dadgum rumors all over the internet![2]

Origin: Chris simply throws out the insult without a clear understanding of the word. Possibly referring to Clyde taking PandaHalo from Chris, though this is technically not adultery.

an' anurr thing

1. (Phrase, transitionary) Signifies that Chris wishes to make another point about a subject he is discussing, and that he wishes he were Peter Falk.

An' anurr thing...CHRIS. Your for real- your real name, as I have been told by Kacey, is only Chris Chandler! No "-tian," no "-topher," just Chris! So, admit that. An' anurr thing, I NAME is NOT IAN! BRANDON!!! SOMETHING!!!!![3]

Origin: a corruption of "and another thing". Used constantly when Chris is angry.

and such

1. (phrase) And additional items; to add to a list.

At least to give you all, my patient, loyal Fans and Trolls, something to quell your pallets until Official Merchandise is sold in Official Stores such as Toys 'R' Us, GameStop, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, etcetera and such.[4]

Origin: Chris understands the term's meaning, but uses it superfluously.

1. (noun) art.
Good evening, but between this and the, uh, oh, and the other clips I would like to present you, uh, a few examples of hand artery.[5]

Origin: Not to be confused with the term for blood vessels. Chris doesn't seem to realize "art" is already a noun and doesn't need the suffix.

as such

1. (adverb) In the manner previously described.

They just hated me because they don't, they did not understand people with autism. And so they tortured me as such.[6]

Origin: Chris overuses this phrase to the point of self-parody. He's either tacking it on to fill space when he can't think of the next thing to say, or he's peppering it into his language in a feeble attempt to sound intelligent.


1. (Noun) Derogatory epithet for women.
Then that B-Dog ripped up my notes and all, dragged me to her quarters and talked down to me very RUDELY AND HOARSELY.[7]

Origin: Retarded censorship of the word "bitch". Bubbles Rosechu is implied to say this in Sonichu #8, when she shouts "BEEE..!!!" at Silvana.[8]

1. (Adjective) Angry.
Oh, and how 'bout this?! I get BLANGRY! [9]

Origin: Given Chris's belief that he has mastered the English language and his speech impediment, it's likely he fucked up saying angry.

Buddha belly
1. (Expression) Excess fat that gives a person a very round appearance.
Okay, well, I admit I do have a Buddha belly, but I am not lazy, I do get out and about, I exercise, I jog and work out, and I eat healthy.[10]

Origin: "Buddha" is a title given to several legendary figures in Buddhism. In this case, Chris is making reference to Budai, who is often known as "Fat Buddha". Chris presumably picked up the phrase from the Family Guy episode "To Love and Die in Dixie."

buh bye bay nose
1. (phrase) but if anybody knows.
If I knew who you were, I'd give you a kick in da bawls. But I can't, because I don't know who or where you are. Buh bye bay nose the whereabouts of the... jerk... and just happens to be nearby... or within the state? Give him a swick kick for me.[11]


1. (abbreviation) Captain's Log.
C-Log February 4th, 2010. First off, I'm not dead, and I have a few announcements to make.[12]
C Ville (or C-Ville)
1. (abbreviation) Charlottesville, VA.
Look, you're going to back in C-Ville tomorrow, I can meet you at the McDonalds at Forest Lakes, what time is good for our meeting?[13]

2. (noun) Generic term for any city whose name fits the pattern of beginning with "C" and ending with "ville," e.g., CWCville, Charlottesville, etc.

And when you diss Cwcville you disf- you diss every "C Ville" within these United States.[14]
1. (noun) Male orgasm.
...I feel my comeuppance and I come into your mouth, my semen is inside your mouth and you'd swallow every drop. (...) And right after I'd given you my first round, my first comeuppance, you would take, you would reach down, and you would take your face away from my penis...[15]

2. (noun) Semen, usually immediately after ejaculation. See also: Navy

Yeah, and I'm just gonna keep bangin' your breasts over and over again until you get the first dosage of my comeuppance![16]

Origin: Chris uses the sexual slang "cum" as a verb for orgasm, but he may not realize it can also be a noun referring to ejaculate. In his mind, "comeuppance" apparently serves that purpose, viz., "that which has come/cum up."

In the real world, "comeuppance" is an English noun meaning outcome which is justly deserved based upon the common verb "come," i.e., the state of coming forward to receive judgment. He is either unaware of the original definition of the word or does not appreciate the irony of telling women he's going to give them comeuppance.

Note that the contexts of the real word and Chris's version are different. When a woman is rebuked, she receives her comeuppance; when a woman gets Chris's hot load in her face, she receives his "comeuppance."

1. (noun) Those who may steal Chris's intellectual property for malicious purposes. (pl.)
I aways keep my eyes open for crooks who take my Electric Hedgehog Pokemon's name and put it in offensive use![17]

2. (noun) websites, and even words on websites which communicate lies about Chris.

And that ED page is one of those crooks. Every page--every word on the discussion page is a crook.[18]


1. (article) Eye dialect spelling of the word the.
Y'all know me as Jamsta Sonichu, da DJ with da power![19]

Origin: Chris writes "the" as "da" when he intends for his characters (or himself) to sound laid-back and cool. This is most notable with Jamsta Sonichu, who is supposed to sound like a hip radio DJ and/or a black man. Chris may intend at times to do the same thing in his verbal communications, although his speech impediment makes it difficult to tell when he actually means to say "da."

1. (abbreviation) Unexplained, presumably a substitution to avoid the word "dumbass." Most likely not "District Attorney," although equally applicable to Marvey Blaziken.
You are obviously a troll trying to pick on my nerves; nice try, D.A.[20]

Origin: Chris intermittently decides to self-censor his profanities for the benefit of younger readers.

1. (noun) A thing of importance that Chris cannot recall at any given moment.
I do not have the appropriate calm state of mind to make time to READ those numerous upon numerous small-print details, much less memorize them.[21]
2. (noun) Something that Chris does not understand.
There was one I remember from then where the essay had a lot of offensive content, including smoking, and I spoke my mind on how offended I was of it. Plus other details I misunderstood that he was expecting in the assignments. [22]

Origin: Chris's ability to retain information is questionable (unless it's about something he obsesses over). As such, he "misunderstands" and "forgets" a lot of glaringly important things, such as how to live on his own and the fact that he cheated on Ivy.

Did the do, to do the do
1. (verb) To have sexual intercourse, likely under deceptive conditions
Lovely was hot. She mistook me for myself and we went home from work that night, so Lovely and I did the do, and it was awesome![23]

Origin: Childish alteration of the common euphemism for sex, "doing it". Ripped off from an episode of Family Guy.

1. (noun) Marijuana
My name's Inos... wha' chu up to? I am eclectic on this hedge... high on the hog... you wan' som' of this dige, mon?[24]

Origin: Intended to be part of a coded reference to "Sonichu, Electric Hedgehog Digimon". It is not known why he changed the reference from "Pokemon" to "Digimon".

disabled of crafting
1. (phrase) Too apathetic to work
Since last December with the problems (resolved), that has left me with a bad emotional and mental scar. Leaving me feeling disabled of crafting...[25]

Origin: Chris being defensive when a customer asked how he could be trusted to follow through on an order, when he had failed to send out orders from his Etsy shop, which resulted in his seller account getting closed.


"G'Day welcome to Auschwitz"
1. (adverb) A word that indicates that Chris is about to tell someone why he's right. Often not followed by an enumerated list of reasons, despite the implication.
Firstly, Aspergers is NOTHING Similar to Autism; Aspergers pertains to MEMORY, Autism is Social Skills. and I'm High-Functionally Autistic[26]

Origin: Use of "firstly" to begin a list, rather than "first," is a matter of dispute among linguistic fags. "Firstly" has fallen out of common use and tends to sound more formal, perhaps overly so. Chris seems to like this formality, probably because he thinks it sounds smart.

1. (interjection, imperative verb) Parting salutation, akin to "goodbye".
Vessel of my loneliness for the past three years of anguish. I bid you fond...faredoo. Adieu. Fond farewell adieu...[27]

Origin: Accidental portmanteau of "farewell" and "adieu".

1. (adjective) fond
Faithfully yours with fondful thoughts; Chris Chan.[28]

Origin: Chris apparently doesn't understand that "fond" is already an adjective by itself.

for good-like
1. (adjective) final, but with the imagined possibility otherwise.
And in June of 2008, he banned me from the store for good-like.[29]

Origin: Confusing modification of "for good".

1. (verb) To dedicate, as in a monument or building.
I, Christian Weston Chandler, re-foundate this monument that is the PAGE with MY SOLE HONEST TRUTH from my sound mind and heart.[30]

Origin: Likely a portmanteau of "found" and "dedicate", or a bizarre attempt to convert "foundation" into a verb.

four-boomerang-shaped symbol
1. (noun) minced oath for "swastika," especially the Hakenkreuz symbol of the Nazi Party.
Like Most People, I do not care much for Adolf; he was a terrible man, and even in jest, I WOULD NEVER want to portray him, much less, his four-boomerang-shaped symbol (I know what it is called, but I do not wish to type the word).[31]

Origin: Chris was apparently afraid to say the word "swastika," probably for the same reason he used to fear using racial slurs.


give birth, give the birth

1. (verb) To transfer possession of the state of having been born, by bearing as offspring.

My mother and my father are both really nice, old-fashioned-type people who not only gave the birth--gave me birth at their ages...which my mother is sixty-six, currently, and my father is currently eighty. They both just turned that way in the last couple of months. And, uh, I was born in 1982. They gave me the birth...then, and, uh, anyway, it was so nice of--for them to give me the, uh, birth during the early 1980s.[32]

Origin: Chris seems to think that a sentence like "Barbara gave birth to Christian" is grammatically equivalent to a sentence like "Barbara gave Go-bots to Christian."


1. (noun) An original drawn image, as opposed to a facsimile of that image.
I mean, does that look like a printout to you? No! It's a HAND-DRAWING! It's the original hand-drawing of the back cover I constantly used! Among all the other hand drawings on my SHELF! In my BINDERS! IN THIS ROOM! In this house![33]

2. (verb) To sketch without the aid of digital technology, such as a computer.

No, actually, what I thought, is that you skip the hand-drawing and you draw everything on your PhotoShop with your computer mouse.[34]

Origin: Chris's process for producing his drawings is to draw them, by hand, on physical paper, and then scan the paper into his computer and use image editing software to add effects like lettering or (for the purpose of breaking the fourth wall) photographs. He takes comfort in the belief that ownership of the original paper drawings is evidence of his authorship and will frequently cite this in defense against perceived thieves and trolls.

Chris also thinks that drawing on a computer instead of paper is an inferior method of producing artwork; he thinks the results look "blocky and low-resolution," which probably speaks more to his his own experience using MSPaint than the artistic quality of, for example, Asperchu. The fact that a digital artist like Alec Benson Leary is nonetheless using his hands does not seem to have occurred to Chris.

1. (Noun) a sweetheart.
Rosey, as often as birds tweet, will you be my lovely heartsweet?[35]

Origin: Rearrangement of "sweetheart," possibly coined initially to provide more rhyming options in poetry. Chris primarily uses this term in Sonichu's dialogue, as the character's pet name for Rosechu. When speaking for himself, Chris tends to prefer "sweetheart," although the trolls use "heartsweet" in conversation with him.

See also: sweetbolt

Chris does NOT look like Chris Farley
1. (Noun) Stockboy; person employed to move heavy objects and perform other menial labor.
If she gets pregnant and can't work, then I would be working. I would be working VERY HARD AND HEAVILY. [...] If I have to I would be, get one of the heavyweights, that just moves the boxes around the, stock the shelves at a grocery store.[36]

2. (adjective) heavy.

I do not think Chris Farley looks like me at all, plus he was a LOT more heavyweight than me, and he was more wild than me.[37]

Origin: Chris, as usual, has to repurpose words rather than use the existing words that already mean what he wants to say.

hide behind/under his mother's skirt
1. (idiom) To behave in a cowardly, immature fashion.
You come to me now. Come face me like a man. Unless you want to continue being called a cow-a quivelling coward who hides under his mother's skirt.[38]

Origin: An antiquated phrase alluding to children literally hiding behind their mother's skirts when frightened.


I can feel the cosmos.jpg
1. (expression) Abbreviation for "I be a chandler," i.e., "I am a person named 'Chandler.'"
I am so sick of hearing that stupid name that somebody made up back when I had that IBAChandler account, and I be a Chandler. You know, "I" being myself, "B" standing for specifying who I am, and "Chandler" being my last name.[39]

2. (proper noun) YouTube username in use by Christian Weston Chandler during his conflict with Liquid Chris, leading trolls to accuse Chris of being an impostor of Liquid named Ian Brandon Anderson.

3. (proper noun) Name of a Sonichu villain based upon Liquid Chris, ironically named for the real Chris's alias.

I B A Chandler, And I am here to copycatly sieze claim of you hedgehogs and this city from your absent mayor's domain.[40]

Origin: Inspired by Bob Chandler's license plate, "I B MR C" ("I be Mister C.").[41]

I can feel the cosmos
1. (expression) Statement of achievement and oneness with the universe.
I promise, uh, three da—three pages a day, drawn or colored, but, also with the, uh, website, and God/Jesus's support, I feel like... we will be seeing many new—many new thing. The website will be better. I can feel the cosmos! Peace.[42]

Origin: Inspired by a line from the game Katamari Damacy, "Oh, I feel it. I feel the cosmos."


like, you know
1. (discourse particle) Space filler during sentence.
I don't want too much conflict to happen, like, you know. You wouldn't want too much conflict to happen, like, you know. I mean-like, you know, between you and him any further. Yeah.[43]
1. (pl. noun?) lurid acts or motivations (?)

Origin: Chris completely made this word up, presumably based on "lucrid," which may in turn be based on the actual word "lurid." According to Chris, the word "lulz" can mean either "Laughs at my expense" or "Laughs under lucricities," so presumably the two contexts are equivalent.

1. (adjective) obscene, profane, wicked
And promoting the hatred, and...drawing such loose—such lucrid mockeries is not gonna further the story plot or have anything new created, or even gonna help in any way...[44]

Origin: Unknown. Possibly a corruption of "lurid," given the context. Alternatively, it might be a corruption of "ludicrous." Chris has used this word to describe the homoerotic/dickgirl art on the ED page, as well as the fan comic in which he was depicted as a man-baby.


1. (abbreviation) acronym for "laughs under lucricities"

Although, F.Y.I., "LULZ" is short for "Laughs Under Lucricities"[45]

Origin: Chris knows "lulz" is a variant of "LOL" and that it does not actually stand for anything, although he seems to think it must be written in all-caps anyway like an acronym. Originally he would simply say "LULZ" ought to stand for "Laughs Under Lucricities," but he soon began implying that it already does.[46]


1. (verb) to put a label on Chris or any of his creations in a way he doesn't like, regardless of truth

2. (noun) a label of such slanderous nature; see also "misunderstanding"

I am NOT a Dictator. Why are you giving me an even WORSE Mislabeling than the Homosexual Mislabelings? Why do YOU have to be so bored that you have to make up NEW mislabelings to try and deface me over and over again? [47]

Origin: Just about everywhere. He appears to use this term as often as the word "slanderous". Curiously, the redundancy "ill-mislabeling" (as if there were any other kind) has appeared once.[48]

1. (noun) a deliberate view that contradicts Chris; see also "mislabel"

Origin: Misappropration. Note that it is not, as in reality,[50] a mistaken notion (alternatively a dispute) based on faulty information, but a malicious action worthy of tard rage. Apparently a slanderous troll has to actively "misunderstand" Chris. Also, Chris has used the related word "misunderstood" (participle adjective) as an insult, not realizing that if the troll misunderstood (transitive verb) him, Chris would be the one that was misunderstood (participle adjective).[51]


1. (noun) Euphemism for semen.
You know that, uh—first off, uh, the one... with the navy being drunk. Yeah. Som—yeah. A b—a—i—a—it's a good idea somet—uhhh... it's a... it's a good idea. But, uh, you know, you don't have to do it if you don't like it, but, uh... I recycle my own semen[52]

Origin: Play on words, i.e, a navy is a collection of seamen/semen.

See also: Comeuppance

1. (Adjective) Similar.
And so I killed about killed about twenty miles round trip for gas to go find her house. But it turns out that was a troll posing as that girl. [sighs] THE VOICES SOUNDED NEARLY SAME.[53]
Origin: Zombie Nazis. Replacement for homosexuals and homosexuality in the revised Sonichu 10.



1. (adjective) Racist.

But still, call me old-fashioned but, I'd rather be- I would not- I'd uh- I'd definitely wouldn't uh... NOT BLACK. Not black.[54]

2. (adjective) Opposed to miscegenation.

I mean Old Fashioned as in the Classic white-marry-white type of thing.[55]

3. (adjective) Homophobic.

My father is OLD FASHIONED; he NEVER gives thought to homos, and he HATES them too.[56]

4. (adjective) Dating back to the 1980s.

Ah, you can tell this is an old-fashioned Lego set on account of this—the old-fashioned "LegoLand" on the corner.[57]
1. (interjection) Expression of pain in one's axles (the central shafts of rotating wheels or gears in a machine).
Written for Ghost Buggy's cameo in Sonichu #7, based upon the character's tendency to complain about its aching mechanical components.


1. (noun) Someone who disregards you, or otherwise does not accept you for who you are.
So you enjoy it, just do it—don't worry about other people's opi—pinions. Because, uh, compared to the other schools, those people who disregard you are just total peanuts. And I'm not talkin' Charlie Brown; I'm talkin' 'bout the little nuts after the shells. The real peanut gallery. That would be peanuts, wouldn't it?[59]

Origin: Apparently derived from "peanut gallery," a term used to describe the hecklers in an vaudeville audience who would throw peanuts at a performer. Chris's own spin on this concept is to dismiss such hecklers as being insignificant like literal peanuts.

1. (noun) Marijuana
Anyway, eclectic! High on the hedge and high on the hog. You want some of this poke, mon?[60]

Origin: Intended as a demonstration of what "Soni-Chew the Eclectic Heeedge Hog Poke Mon of London, England" would sound like. A coded reference to Pokémon.

1. (???) Unknown.
There's no quote to cite this from, just a logo in which Chris gives the name "Prowldent Virginia Community College" to PVCC.[61]

Origin: Likely combining connotations of "prowl" and "dent" (either to leave an indentation or teeth).



1. (noun) Short for quarter sandwich (i.e. a quarter of a sandwich).

So, mom ignored her and ate the q-sand in front of her.[62]

Origin: Appeared in an e-mail sent to Jackie dated August 5, 2011. Most likely unnecessarily used as a way past cool abbreviation.


1 (adjective) to show more maturity or coarseness than is expected, especially knowledge of honest topics like sex.
Ah, but I am not the weak person they think I am; I am much, much saltier![63]

Origin: Based upon a line from "Bowling Girls", ninth episode of Excel Saga: "But I'm not the sweet little girl I was a few minutes ago! I'm much, much saltier now!" "Salty" in this context derives from naval lingo, since the most experienced sailors would have greater exposure to both the saltwater seas and worldly experiences.

1. (adjective) describing a situation which is epic, and at the same time related to Chris and his various clones.
And I will square-off in the TRULY SELF-EPIC Battle between me, and my Dark Half.[64]
1. (Phrase) Used to announce a change in subject.
Anyway and now for somecummpentydifferent stay tuned for somecummpentydifferent — a bunch of good pushups![65]

2. (Phrase) Used to announce use of Random-access humor.

And now for somecummpentydifferent. BUUUUNG! And now it's Monty Python's flying elephants. Du tu du tu du tu du. Du tu du tu du tu du. Johan, why is people running away? I don't know, Greeg, why is people running away.[66]
Origin: Chris is trying to say "And now for something completely different" like John Cleese does on Monty Python. Suffice to say Cleese's ability to say three multisyllabic words in rapid succession exceeds that of Chris.
1. (adverb) Very, Very much.
Dear Blanca, I am soo happy that you were revealed as my True, Honest Sweetheart-To-Be[67]

Origin: In writing, Chris often adds extra o's to the word "so" to prolong the "o" sound and show added emphasis. However, where most people would add two or more o's, (e.g., "I love you sooo much!"), Chris frequently only adds one, resulting in "soo," which makes the word look like it's supposed to be pronounced "sue". This has the (unintentional?) effect of mimicking the speech patterns of a Valley Girl or an effeminate homosexual.

This may originate from pamphlets published by Channing Bete, short and uninformative self-help pamphlets often handed out at churches, the last page of which often feature a summary headlined by "Soo…" Given his distrust of help from anyone other than Rocky, it is not entirely impossible that Chris has read Channing Bete pamphlets occasionally.

This is one of many recurring jokes in the Sonichu Audiobooks in which the narrator pronounces words like "soo" as they are literally spelled, instead of how Chris intended them to be read.

soup beds
1. (noun) Homeless shelter with beds
I mean, we have soup kitchens and we have soup beds. We should really combine the two into SOUP HOTELS![68]

Origin: Chris tries to distill his "soup hotel" idea into its two components, but he mangles one of them by retaining the "soup" prefix.

sticky dream
1. (noun) A wet dream
After falling back asleep Chris had a "sticky dream."[69]

Origin: Chris claims that a "wet dream" actually refers to wetting one's bed as opposed to nocturnal emission.

1. (noun) Minced oath for "son of a bitch."
Yo, Christian, thanks for saving my sister from that crazy sumbah[70]

Origin: Probably based upon "sumbitch."


1. (noun) Telepathy, i.e. communication through long distances, usually via psychic or supernatural means.
I’ve been communicating with her through telekinesis, and she sounded very lonesome.[71]

Origin: Whereas telekinesis means moving objects from a distance with psychic powers (c.f. kinetic), Chris has never used the term properly. Psychic characters in the comic have both powers of telekinesis and telepathy, but Chris has only used the former to refer to both.

(noun) A male who is into girly stuff; apparently, in Chris's mind, this goes all the way to make-up and crossdressing.
I am Tomgirl.[72]

Origin: analogous to "tomboy", i.e. a girl who likes boy-stuff.

too many crooks
1. (interjection) Expression of dissatisfaction with an overabundance of evildoers.
Well, call it--this was "too many crooks." Too many crooks! Too many crooks! And that ED page is one of those crooks.[73]

Origin: Based upon the idiom, "too many cooks spoil the broth," although that idiom means something, whereas this is just an incomplete sentence.

trollin' stupid
1. (adjective) Very stupid, in a manner pertaining to trolling.
Because that's what you deserve, you God damn womanizing raping... trollin' stupid pickle suited... nigger![74]

Origin: Chris seems to have coined this phrase for his "Boyfriend" lyrics with "trollin'" serving as an intensifier along the lines of "fucking."


1. (preposition) Archaic or poetic form of the word "to".
Now that it has been made fully clear to me, I am now able to devote myself fully unto you, Julie.[75]
I am very devastated, due to my SHATTERED HEART that XXXXX caused unto me!.

Origin: Another one of Chris's autistic ways of sounding smart, possibly in imitation of the Bible. (c.f. Do unto others...) Chris uses this form more frequently than most English speakers of the 21st Century should, even when it sounds unwieldy.


Walter Grisby
1. (noun) A man's name often employed in acts of random-access humor.
"Is this Walter Grisby? Who threw a frisbee? Well you know what? DAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!"[76]

2. (noun) The retconned name of the character formerly known as Wes Iseli.

Origin: Unknown; thought by some to be a reference to the Cartoon Network show Ed, Edd n Eddy. A character in the PC game The Sims 3 goes by the name of Walter Grisby, but the game's release post-dates Chris's first uses of the term by some years.

1. (adjective) Having large breasts.
And her image dawned upon me in my imagination, starting out as the well-breasted pink electric-hedgehog (Pok'emon) with the long Raichu-like tail, I drew her outfit onto her in red and Battery-Charged Blue.[77]

Origin: Confusion between "well-endowed" and "large-breasted".

wooden nickel
1. (noun) Acoustic guitar.
I got the idea of the challenge from him COPYING me playing Boston's "More Than A Feeling" on Guitar Hero on his old Wooden Nickel; if he wants to copy on Guitar, he may as well be challenged in a Sing-Off.[78]

Origin: In real life, a wooden nickel is a now defunct form of currency used during the Great Depression. His use probably refers to the phrase "don't take any wooden nickels" - that is, he is calling the acoustic guitar a semi-worthless imitation of his Guitar Hero controller.

1. (adverb) Severely; extremely, in an adverse manner
IMHO, having Seinor Citizens for Parents throughout your whole life is no picnic; they are WORSE Overprotective.[79]
1. (noun) Great anger or rage. Considered one of the Seven Deadly Sins.
Apparently, my, uh, heed of warning towards Vivian has gone unheard or otherwise SHE DID NOT REALIZE THE FURY OF MY WRATH[80]

2. (noun) Strength sufficient to lift an office chair.



1. (pronoun) indicating second person plural.
"Y'all are free to stay here in one or so of their bedrooms for free, and y'all get fed too. Consider this a second chance for a good life which Christian offers to y'all; seek good employment after y'all get your strength rebuilt. ... I'll go check y'all in, then I have to finish saving the world."[82]
It would be appreciated if y'all can book the flight for me, because I'm unsure about my family's current financial status, and my social's being saved for my own bills."[83]

Origin: Derived from "you all", originating from the dialect of the Southern United States (and found in black communities outside the South). Often considered substandard English, Chris even uses this in formal written situations. Also overused in the comic to the point of absurdity.

y'all should know me by now
1. (phrase) An introduction to complete strangers.
Y'all should know me by now, but if you don't, I am Christian Weston Chandler, the original creator of Sonichu, the Electric Hedgehog Pokémon, back on March 17th, 2000.[44]

Origin: His second message on YouTube, addressed to the ED trolls. He would use it several more times after this, possibly making this into his tagline. The introduction is made under the assumption that Chris is already well-known.


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